Friday, 14 August 2020

Fragrance Friday: Potion Paris - the discovery set, finding my favourite scent

One of my favourite pastimes recently has been discovering new fragrances, especially more niche ones, those that aren't as easily accessible in beauty department stores. I like to have a set of samples, get myself a cup coffee or glass of wine and spritz away different fragrances discovering their notes and their stories. 
I was delighted to receive the discovery set from, very new to me, brand Potion Paris, a sustainable luxury fragrance brand creating cruelty-free products, made from high quality,  ethically sourced, and sustainable ingredients. 
The brand proud themselves in reinventing the tradition of perfume fountains born in the 18th century by producing 10ml refillable fragrances that slot inside their iconic vials. One vial, seven fragrances, simply choose your perfume and slot in your vial. Once you've finished 10 refills you can send them back and receive a free refill set. Brilliant! 

Also, in association with their partner, One Tree Planted, they promise to plant one tree for every purchase of their starter packs or vials. 

Potion Paris has 7 different fragrances at the moment and I've tried and tested them all :) 
They're EDP concentration and, in general, I find them all smelling like good quality, high-end fragrances, they last on my skin 3-5 hours and longer on clothes. Bear in mind that the longevity of any fragrance is very much dependent on your skin's chemistry, my skin eats up all the fragrances like there's no tomorrow, LOL! I usually overspray myself with perfumes and only the most potent would last past the 8-hr mark without re-applying. Hence I never even buy EDT concentration because it's simply pointless for me as I would use up a whole bottle in no time. 

Back to Potion Paris perfumes :) 



Top notes: pink pepper, bergamot, pear, red currant 
Middle notes: damask rose, jasmine, peony, violet 
Base notes: bourbon vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean, patchouli, woody notes, ambroxan, nutmeg 

Addiction opens up with fruity, sparkling notes, the pink pepper gives it that tingly kick. It soon transforms into a soft rose on a bed of warm vanilla and woody notes. Feminine, sensual fragrance. One of my favourite from the set, perfect to wear in the evening, on a date or in colder weather as it wraps you in a warm, cozy but also sexy scent. 


Top notes: orange, pear, green notes 
Middle notes: white flowers, orchid, toffee 
Base notes: vanilla, praline, musk 

Creation opens up with delicious juicy, pear, and sweet orange, the toffee and praline notes give the scent the sweet, gourmand touch without being overly sweet. The orchid adds an elegant touch to this scent, while vanilla and musk make sure the dry-down of this scent is warm and sensual. Another gorgeous evening, night out/date scent. You must like sweet, gourmand fragrances to appreciate this one. 


Top notes: ginger, rose 
Middle notes: jasmine bud, rangoon creeper, tuberose 
Base notes: patchouli, musk osmanthus 

This is a heady floral fragrance, with a kick of the ginger, adding an interesting aspect to the scent. Very similar, in my opinion, to Gucci Bloom perfume, if you like heavy florals, you would love this scent. Feminine, a bit more grown-up perfume, ever so slightly powdery, it makes you feel like you're sitting in a garden full of blooming jasmine and tuberose around you. 


Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, pear 
Middle notes: jasmine, orange flower, chypre accord 
Base notes: vanilla, benzoin, patchouli, cedarwood, musk 

This is a beautiful floral Summer scent, with fruity, zesty notes adding some freshness to it, and woody, warm notes to give it sensual dry-down. I can see myself wearing it all year round and it would probably adjust the scent slightly depending on the temperature and weather. I can clearly smell the jasmine which is subtle and not overpowering so even those who aren't a fan of that flower in their fragrances could like Devotion. 


Top notes: citrus, plum, bergamot 
Middle notes: vanilla, toffee, tonka bean, coumarine 
Base notes: musk, almond, praline, amber, balsamic 

This is a delicious scent, definitely in the gourmand family. It makes me instantly think of a plum pie sprinkled with almonds, straight from the oven, that heavenly aroma in the air. Despite being a sweet scent, this isn't syrupy or overpowering, just simply yummy. Amazing date-time fragrance if you'd like your partner to not be able to resist you ;) 


Top notes: lime, plum, saffron, rose 
Middle notes: agarwood, incense, amber, lavender 
Base notes: cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, musk 

This is a woody, smokey rose scent, a bit on the oriental side, easily unisex. Sensation is an Autumn/Winter evening scent for me, absolutely stunning if you are into those woody scents. The rose here is very present but it's a fresh rose with a bit of smokiness from the incense. This is not a mass appealing fragrance but I love it and it's one of my favourites from this range. 


Top notes: pomegranate, bergamot, peony 
Middle notes: rose, jasmine, peach 
Base notes: 
sandalwood, vanilla, musk 

A beautiful concoction of peony and rose with sparkly opening and creamy, musky dry-down. Feminine, sophisticated scent, perfect for day and night, and all year round. There's a note of juicy peach in Temptation and it adds a playful character to the scent without being it immature or too fruity/sweet. 

My favourite scents from the Potion Paris Collection No1 are Addiction, Devotion, Sensation and Temptation. If you'd like to try this range for yourself, you can find the discovery set here
The samples come in a beautiful box with a £20 gift card redeemable against your future purchase :) 

Would you be tempted to try Potion Paris? 



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