Friday, 28 August 2020

Fragrance Friday: Boucheron Jaipur Bracelet perfume - the hidden gem


In the last few months, I have bought some new perfumes and considering the pandemic situation there were some blind buys, meaning I didn't smell the perfume before buying it so basically took a gamble based on the notes and some reviews I could find online. I know what kind of fragrances I like, I'm fairly familiar with notes and also like experimenting with different fragrances so blind buying it's not so scary for me. But it has happened that the fragrance didn't meet my expectations in one or another way. 

But not the Jaipur Bracelet by Boucheron, I absolutely love it and had to share it with you because I never hear anyone talk about it and I think it deserves some attention, especially considering how affordable you can find it online. 
I bought it from Fragrance Direct for less then £30 for a 100ml bottle! And what a beautiful bottle it is! 

If you're not familiar with Boucheron, it's a French family dynasty founded by Frédéric Boucheron in 1858. Best known for its beautiful and unusual high-end jewelry, it was one of the first jewelry companies to open a boutique in famed Place Vendôme, in Paris. The company made its initial foray into the fragrance world in 1988, with a women's fragrance, Boucheron. 

Jaipur Bracelet was launched in 2012 and it's a floral fragrance, in my opinion, a bit on the more mature side, not really vintage smelling but I can't personally see a very young person appreciating this scent. 

Top notes: violet leaves, bitter orange, basil, lemon verbena, petitgrain 
Middle notes: hyacinth, lily of the valley, carnation 
Base notes: iris, cypress, cashmere wood 

Jaipur Bracelet opens up with fresh, zesty, almost aromatic notes, I can detect the bitter orange, soon after hyacinth and lily of the valley take the stage with some spiciness to them and zestiness in the background. I can imagine a dewy floral garden with some herbs, it's Spring in full bloom and it had just rained. 
Fresh, floral scent, elegant and sophisticated, still feminine and romantic but not in a childish way. 
The dry-down of this perfume is warmer thanks to the cashmere wood, ever so slightly powdery due to iris but still floral with that sharpness to it. 
It's a fresh scent but still warm, it smells clean but not soapy, just a beautiful blend, floral without being generic and overdone. 

I like to use this fragrance during the day, and in Spring/Summer but I can easily see it being a signature scent used all year round. 
There are thousands of floral scents from different brands, some of them smell like just like one another, Boucheron Jaipur Bracelet stands out in my opinion. If you love floral, feminine scents with a little twist you should definitely give this fragrance a try :) 



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