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I've been passionate about fragrance since I was a young girl, always spending my little pocket money on different body sprays and mists, then buying Avon fragrances and finally getting into the designer category when I could afford it. 
If you've been a follower of my blog for a while you probably know that I love perfumes, I often mention that I wear them even to bed and for me a perfume it's the ultimate accessory. I change them depending on the season, time of the day, weather, and mood. Apart from loving to smell good, perfumes/fragrances are amazing at bringing back memories of places, time, and people. 
Sense of smell is absolutely extraordinary and I would never stop being in love with fragrances. 
Hence I've decided to start a new series on the blog where I will share some perfumes with you, hopefully on a weekly basis. 
I will try to focus on less known fragrances so you might be able to find a rare gem amongst them for yourself. 
Of course, fragrance is very personal to everyone, we all like different things and on top of that, the same perfume might smell differently on different people, depending on their skin chemistry. But despite that, if you're a fragrance lover like myself, I hope you'll enjoy reading about the perfumes. 


Lalique is a luxurious brand of fine glass/crystal homeware and jewelry, its name was taken after the artistic genius and master jeweler and glassmaker René-Jules Lalique who poured all his creative enthusiasm into the brand. 
Lalique opened his jewelry and glassware shop in 1905. His art deco and art nouveau creations often incorporated natural elements and inspirations both in terms of materials and shapes. The perfumer François Coty was so impressed by his work he proposed a collaboration that resulted in the production of gorgeous perfume bottles. 
Lalique has always been connected with the world of fragrance, even though they only introduced their first own perfume in 1992. All the Lalique fragrances are now characteristic for their unique bottles and the exquisite quality of ingredients as well as the aroma itself. 

I was first introduced to one of Lalique perfumes through a fragrance discovery box from Perfume Society and loved it so much I had to explore the brand more. 
Lalique fragrances are available stationery in Harrods in the UK but as there isn't one near where I live I basically bought blindly some fragrances from the brand relying on other people reviews :) 
Luckily, some of the fragrances can be found heavily discounted on websites like Fragrance Direct or Perfume-Click

LALIQUE RÊVE D'INFINI, RRP £100 for 100ml 

Top notes: Bergamot, Freesia, Lychee
Heart notes: Cedarwood, Peach, Rose Absolute 
Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla 

Can I just start the review by pointing out how beautiful the bottle is? It's glass, heavy, with the gradient matte effect and it reflects the fragrance itself. The design of the bottle, as well as the delicate composition of the fragrance, were created in honour of eternal femininity, beauty of a woman. 

The opening of the scent is a sparkling juice of a Lychee, Bergamot and Freesia, it reminds me of champagne, bubbly, fruity, delicious yet refined and elegant. 
Soon after you get the notes of fresh peach and rose with hints of cedarwood which gives the scent a bit of a masculine tone, not enough to make it smell like a man but enough to make it more interesting and complex. 
The dry-down is silky and sensual with notes of soft vanilla, creamy sandalwood, and captivating musk.  

The scent lies in the floral, woody category and it's very feminine. It smells elegant, classy but also a bit flirtatious. It's not a sweet fragrance but there's definitely some sweetness and warmth to it. The notes of peach and rose stay all throughout the time of wearing the perfume, slowly taken over by the woodsy, musky notes but they never disappear. 
I can wear this fragrance all year round, it's a beautiful blend of notes that will take me from day to night and it would not feel out of place. 
I wouldn't necessarily wear it in the heat of a Summer day but would totally enjoy it in the evening. 

If you like soft floral, sensual, feminine scents I think you would love Lalique Rêve d’Infini. 
On my skin this perfume lasts for hours and even longer on clothes. The projection of the fragrance is also really good, it stays around me for good 2-3 hours and then closer to my skin for another 3-4 hours. 
Many perfumes don't last long on my skin, despite the EDP concentration, which stands for Eau de Parfum and indicates a higher concentration of perfume oils in the composition, but this one is one of the longer-lasting for sure. I can still smell it on myself after 7-8 hours, although it's more of a skin scent at that point. 

I absolutely love this fragrance and I can see myself wearing it even more in colder weather. 

Are you familiar with Lalique brand? If so which of their fragrances would you recommend? 



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