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Omorovicza The Cure - better looking skin in only 9 days?

This post contains gifted product, it is, therefore, unpaid AD 
Omorovicza The Cure

Omorovicza is a luxurious brand I've been very lucky to receive some products from over the last few years, I have also purchased some of their products myself because once you do try them you want those little bits of skincare luxuries back in your life :) 
Omorovicza is known by their high quality products, their formulas contain a dose of Omorovicza’s patented Healing Concentrate™ and are rather gentle yet effective. 
I have reviewed many of their products in the past if you'd like to check them out by searching Omorovicza label (find it at the end of this post) on my blog. 

Today I wanted to share my experience with their latest launch: the 9-day intensive skin treatment controversially called The Cure. Is it really that good to cure our skin's imperfections in such a short time?
Read on to find out my thoughts on it. 

The Cure - 9-day ampoule treatment to renew and reset tired, stressed skin, £195

The treatment is designed in three 3-day stages to intensively renew, regenerate and nourish the skin so you can see improvement in your skin's appearance in a short time. 
There are 9 glass ampoules with daily dose of the treatment. You need to apply them in the evening after cleansing the skin, let it absorb and follow with your moisturizer. 
I kept my skincare routine pretty simple during the treatment time, focusing only on hydrating products, I didn't use any other exfoliators nor more intensive treatments like retinol, the only extra product I used it was a clay mask after day-4 as I felt like my skin needed some pore purification. 

PHASE 1, days 1-3 

To resurface and brighten the skin. 

Key ingredients: 
Glycolic acida powerful AHA (Alfa-Hydroxy-Acid) resurfaces skin while stimulating the production of collagen.
Mandelic acidgently exfoliates and targets inflammation while reducing the appearance of pigmentation.
Vegetable collagenenhances the absorption of acids by creating an invisible shield upon the skin. 

My experience: although my skin is well accustomed to exfoliating acids I did feel a bit of tingling upon application, nothing too worrying though as my skin didn't get irritated nor red. I had a few breakouts during these three days, almost as if they were brought out to the surface by the deep exfoliation, they didn't develop much and healed quite rapidly. I have definitely noticed my skin being more glowy after this phase. 
PHASE 2, days 4-6 
To remineralise and revive the skin. 
Key ingredients: 
Caffeine - calms inflammation, promoting a tighter, brighter and more youthful-looking complexion.
Ginseng - stimulates lymphatic drainage while boosting hydration and improving skin texture.
Supercharged dose of Omorovicza’s patented Healing Concentrate™leaves skin firmer, supple and youthful in appearance. 

My experience: I found the formula of this phase really soothing on the skin, just what you could need after an acid peel, nothing much more though. My breakouts disappeared during this time and my skin looked brighter overall. 

PHASE 3, days 7-9 
To reconstruct and replenish the skin.
Key ingredients: 
Barbary fig & kahai nut oilsboost the lipid content of skin to rebuild and renew the complexion.
Raspberry & chia seed oilsstimulate collagen and elastin production while deeply nourishing skin
Squalanereconstructs the skin’s lipid barrier, preventing trans-epidermal water loss and restoring suppleness
Tocopherol, a derivative of Vitamin E, - protects against free-radical damage while targeting the visible signs of aging. 

My experience: the blend of this phase is very nourishing, I find the oil to be a bit too rich for my skin, I felt like it wasn't absorbed for hours but because it was used at night I was fine with it. It was definitely needed as my skin felt soft and supple in the morning. The amount of the product in each ampoule was similar/the same but, for me, it was way too much oil for one time use (I used all the oil on the first night and OMG, I spread it right to my tummy I think, LOL!) so I used half the ampoule at the time and decanted the rest to a tiny, clean jar and used the rest of the oil the 9-day experience finished. 

My bare face before the 9-day The Cure treatment (no editing, both photos were taken in the morning after my usual skincare routine)
Omorovicza The Cure before treatment
At the moment of starting the treatment my skin was in fairly good condition although I was battling some decongestion and few spots, especially on my forehead. It was looking a bit dull. 

My bare face after the 9-day The Cure treatment (no editing) 

Omorovicza The Cure after treatment
Before I compared the 'before and after' photos I wasn't sure if there was much difference in my skin's appearance even though I definitely saw an improvement in the clarity and smoothness of it. 
But as you can see in the photographs, which weren't edited in any way, my skin looks brighter, more glowy and just overall healthier. 

My final thoughts: 

I know you're wondering if the effects of the Omorovicza The Cure treatment are worth the high price tag. 
My answer is, if you can afford it then I think you will really like the results, I really enjoyed the evening routines and liked seeing my skin looking better with each day. The results have also lasted days after I finished the treatment, although I felt the need to use my usual acid exfoliator 2 days after the last ampoule. It will be all down to personal needs, your skin type and what's your normal skincare routine is like. I think this treatment would be perfect before a special occasion as it really makes your skin looking its best. It is not advised to use it more often the every 3 months though. 

But... I won't encourage you to take a loan to buy The Cure, because while I had good results with it I think you could use similar products you may already have in your skincare stash to revive, regenerate and nourish your skin. You could even 'steal' the idea of the 3-day phases and use your favourite acid exfoliator three days in a row, then intensively soothing, hydrating and brightening serum for the next three days and finish off with deeply nourishing facial oil. 

Of course, Omorovicza formulas are unique to them and the whole treatment is created in a way that all the phases complement each other perfectly making the treatment more effective in such a short time. Overall I'm quite impressed by The Cure and would buy it myself if I had a big event coming up, knowing that my skin reacts well to it and it gives me good results. 
Yet I want to emphasise that  a good solid, consistent skincare routine, which includes a variety of good quality (not necessarily expensive) products, should keep your skin clear, hydrated, glowy and healthy. 



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