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Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1 eyeshadow palette - do you need it? Review + makeup look


I'm pretty sure that most of you interested in beauty and makeup knows Tati - the YouTube beauty guru, and have heard about her first makeup product release - the Textured Neutrals eyeshadow palette, and if  you haven't, then go and check out Tati's chanel :)
I've been watching her videos for years, I started when she had much, much smaller following and have been fan of her ever since. I like her personality and how she stayed true to herself all these years and despite the success and fame that came with growing her chanel. I can relate to her experience with beauty a bit more as she's closer to my age and I always appreciate her recommendations and trust her opinion.

When I heard about her first palette being released I knew I would order it straight away, firstly, because eyeshadows are my weakness and secondly, because I was certain she wouldn't put her name on a product that wasn't great quality. 

Were my expectations met or have I been disappointed?
Let's find out :)


Availability, price, ordering process and shipping to UK

Textured Neutrals palette is only available on Tati Beauty website, it costs $48 for 24 eyshadows (pressed glitters weigh 0.75g each and the rest of eyeshadows weigh 1g each). 
It's currently sold out but you can pre-order it and it's guaranteed to be shipped before 15th of December. 

I ordered the palette on the day it launched, the 25th of October, I was kind of expecting the site crashing, not loading etc. because it was clear that this palette will be popular and with Tati's massive YouTube following there will be thousands of people ordering the palette at that very moment. Fortunately the ordering process was very smooth, there was a few minutes waiting queue to checkout but nothing causing any trouble.

Shipping to the UK was just under $10, there weren't different options available for international shipping. All the taxes were calculated at the checkout (they came under $10) meaning there were no extra/surprise fees upon arrival of the palette.

Around 5 days after ordering the palette I received a despatch email together with tracking number which unfortunately didn't work so I wasn't able to check the journey of my palette. Luckily just under a week later the parcel arrived to my house. 

The palette was safely wrapped with tissue paper (I appreciate there wasn't excessive plastic wrapping) and the outer box has a beautiful image of Tati inside. I love all the details and you can see there was lots of thoughts put into everything, not just the actual product.

Quality of the palette, shades selection

The palette is made of plastic and it has black matte, kind of rubberised finish, with simple Tati Beauty writing on the front. It feels weighty and like a premium makeup product. The palette opens up completely flat and there's a large, high quality mirror inside.

There are 24 shades in total, divided by colour story and finishes, there are no individual shades names. There are 6 colour stories: Memory, Ritual, Story, Soothe, Aura, Poet, and 4 different finishes: Matte, Sequin, Metallic, Glitter.

Apart from basic neutral shades there are a few pop of colours in the Story and Poet columns.

I absolutely love the layout of the eyeshadows and the unique way of having different finishes of the same colour story. I feel like it makes creating eye looks easier, obviously, you can mix and match different shades from different colour stories but the whole layout makes everything looks organised and cohesive.

My perfect palette needs to have matte white/cream, black and some sort of mid tone brown shades as I use them pretty much in every eye look, from super simple to super glam, so I was thrilled to have them in Tati's palette.


Swatches by color story 

Memory - column of black and grey shades 

Ritual - selection of deep brown and bronze shades 

Single swatches transferred on my dry arm, without any primer. 

Story - column of warm, burnt oranges 

Soothe - mid tone brown with rose golden tones 


Aura - selection of cream shades with pink undertones 

Poet - column with maroon and purple shades 


My thoughts on the quality of the different eyeshadow finishes 

Matte - the matte eyeshadows are silky soft and very pigmented. Just a touch with a brush is enough so don’t try to dig the brush in the pan as there will be some kickback of powder plus the more you’ll have on the brush the bigger the possibility of fallout during application and harder it will be to blend the shade out. Which brings me onto the next point which is the blendability of the eyeshadows, I find them very easy to blend out, even the deeper shades, they look smooth and blown out without being patchy, but, again, a little amount goes a long way and I would advice to build the intensity slowly instead of going with heavy hand and have a harder time to blend the eyeshadow out because of the deep pigmentation. There’s literally no fallout during application of the matte shades, even the black, if you apply little by little and tap off excess from the brush. I’m very impressed by the matte shades, the formula is fantastic and they look on the eyes true to what they look like in the pan.

Sequin - this is the finish I wasn't really sure about, it's a matte eyeshadow with tiny specks of micro-glitter, I've seen this kind of finish in some other palettes, Too Faced for example, but always found it pointless because the glitter never transferred properly to the lid so it was mostly matte eyeshadow. The Tati's formula is definitely perfected because the tiny specks of glitter are visible on the eyes, especially if patted on the lid as opposed to sweeping them with a brush. Once you start blending out the sequin shade some of the glitter will fall out but it's hardly visible on the face so you don't need to worry about glittery fallout with these shades. The matte base is very pigmented, soft and smooth, just like the matte row. I've used the sequin shades on their own on my lids and I really liked how they made my eyes look with just a subtle sparkle but overall matte look. 

Metallic - these shades are not as intense as metallic shades can be these days, they're very elegant, grown up shimmers, very smooth on the lids, nicely pigmented, beautifully reflective without being chunky. If you want to make them more metallic just apply them with damp brush. My favourite way of applying any shimmery shades is with my fingers but these metallics perform really well with a brush as well. I don't experience any fallout with these shades. 

Glitter - these formula is what makes this palette so special, in my opinion. These pressed glitters are not only beautiful, super reflective and look smooth on the eyes but they adhere to the lids without any problem and don't cause any massive fallout which is basically unheard of glitters unless they're liquid eyeshadows, like the Stila or Pixi ones. I don't experience much fallout throughout the day either, there might be  a few specks of glitter on my face but nothing too noticeable or messy. I would usually use some glitter glue to apply any sort of high shimmery eyeshadows, mostly to make them appear more vibrant and keep them in place as my eye shape causes those eyeshadows to transfer easily to my crease and above, so I've been using it with Tati eyeshadows as well but I've worn them without glitter glue and they performed just as good. 
I'm obsessed with these glitters, they transfer beautifully to the lid, you can build them up for high shine or just scatter tiny amount for a bit of sparkle.  

Eye makeup created with Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals palette 



For the above eye look I created the eye cat wing using Matte Ritual, deepening it with Matte Memory and then softening the edges with Matte Soothe. I applied Sequin Aura all over the lid and then on top of it Glitter Aura, highlighted my inner corner with Metallic Aura (which is the most beautiful shade for that inner corner highlight) and lined my lashes with black liner, including the inner eye rim for the cat eye effect. 

If you'd like to see my other eye looks created with the Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals palette follow me on Instagram where I share new makeup looks two times a week :) 

If you haven't figured out already I'm very impressed with the first Tati Beauty eyeshadow palette. From the outer packaging, to the formula of the eyeshadows, the quality is fantastic, and just what you would expect from Tati and at this price point. 
There are a few tiny niggles, like the sequin formula to be a little bit trickier to apply without loosing all the sparkle or the high pigmentation of the eyeshadows making them possibly harder to blend out. But, again, I didn't really find them an issue because they still perform beautifully on the eyes and don't require extra hard work, just careful approach. 
The most I'm impressed with the glitter formula and how very little to none fallout there is during applying any of the shades to the eyes. They look smooth and blended on the eyes, even with minimum effort, the eyeshadows apply one on top of another without any issue and can be packed for high intensity or blended out for a wash of colour. The shades selection might be basic but it's versatile and you can create endless looks with all these colours and finishes.
I always prime my eyes before applying makeup, that can be just a bit of concealer or an eyeshadow primer, and the eyeshadows last very well on my eyes, no creasing, no fading and only very minimal fallout with the glitters throughout the whole day. 
I've been using this palette every day for the last week and I'm still not bored with it and I'm not tempted to reach for any of my other favourite palettes. 

Have you treated yourself to the Tati Beauty palette? Are you planning to? 



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