Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Easy smokey eye look created with The Balm Nude Beach palette

Another month, another makeup for the blog :) It is something I really enjoy doing and it also pushes me to play a bit more with my makeup stash, even if it's only couple of times a month and then I mostly stick to super quick, neutral, work-appropriate or very minimal, eye looks. Today I'm bringing you easy smokey eyes created with The Balm Nude Beach palette (only £19.95 at the moment) which hasn't been in my collection for too long but it's quickly become one of the 'go to', it's a beautiful palette with great quality eyeshadows and the packaging with it's graphics always makes me smile and think of holidays :)
Just as last time, I will focus on the eye makeup and explain you step by step how I created it.
The Balm Nude Beach palette

The Balm Nude Beach palette

For this eye look I used mostly 4 eyeshadows from the second and third column (person on the photo). What I really like about the Nude Beach palette is that the eyeshadows are perfectly paired to create easy eye looks without the need to think if they go well together, which can be helpful for those people who aren't very adventurous with makeup or on days when you can't be bothered with too much effort for eye makeup.
As always, before applying eyeshadows, I primed my eye lids with a bit of concealer and set it lightly with powder.

Easy smokey eye look created with The Balm Nude Beach palette

1. Using fairly large fluffy brush (Sigma E40) I blended shade Bright, matte dusty pink, into my crease and slightly above extending it towards the end of my brow, to give my eye a bit of lifted look.

2. To get the smokey effect I applied shade Brave, deep purple matte with pink micro-glitter, to the outer part of my eye bringing it up towards the end of the brow, I used smaller, denser blending brush Sigma E25) for this and once the colour was deposited the way I wanted I blended out the edges very lightly keeping it neat and tidy, to ensure that both shades are blended together seamlessly I reached out for previous brush and blurred the lines between eyeshadows even further. You might need to do this step couple of times until you're happy with the intensity of the outer corner and the gradient between the colours.

3. I applied shade Brave to my lower lid concentrating on the outer corner and then blended it out using shade Bright, I used small blending brush (Zoeva 231) for this step.

4. For the centre of my lid I used shade Brainiac, metallic red-ish copper, I always use a bit of glitter glue before applying metallic/shimmery eyeshadows as I find the adhere better and look more intense, and I use just my finger for that step.

5. For the inner corner I used shade Buff, shimmery peachy pink. I always make sure every new colour blends seamlessly into the next one by lightly blurring the edges with small brush or my finger.

6. To finish off the eye look I lined my upper lashes with black eyeshadow to help the lashes look more defined, lined my water line with deep brown eye pencil, applied mascara and added natural looking false lashes. I also highlighted my brow bone with shade Brilliant, matte cream, and inner corner using The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter.

You could totally pair this eye look with nude lipstick or just a gloss but I wanted to add a bit more colour to my lips and used The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in shade Charming, beautiful deep mauve-y pink, if you still haven't tried liquid lipsticks that you truly like you might need to get one of The Balm ones as they're very comfortable on the lips yet long lasting.

Easy smokey eye look created with The Balm Nude Beach palette

Easy smokey eye look created with The Balm Nude Beach palette

Do let me know what are you thinking of this eye look? Do you like to experiment with your eye makeup on daily basis, or just tend to stick to the same one?


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