Wednesday, 6 February 2019

I'm back! What kind of content to expect from my blog this year?

Welcome back all! I hope you're still around here!
It's been the longest blogging break I've had since my first post 5 years ago and one I wasn't sure how long it would be. I just needed some time off to regain my love for blogging. Last year I reached a point when I didn't enjoy blogging anymore and it felt more like a chore then a hobby which what it should be. So instead of struggling every week to come up with a new post I've made the decision to take a break as long as needed.
I'm finally feeling like I'm ready to jump back in. I'm not going to lie and say that I missed blogging so much, it was actually the opposite, I enjoyed the time off, but I did miss being part of the blogging community, Instagram is just not the same, although I am enjoying it, even with the annoying algorithm changes and poor engagement.
Blogging setup
I am not setting myself un-achievable goals as my life is currently busier then ever before but I am aiming for weekly post on my blog, hopefully I will manage to stick to the same day (Wednesday) and I will re-gain the love for blogging once again as I am feeling much more refreshed after the break.
What kind of content can you expect from me?
Well, not surprises here, same as usual, skincare, makeup, in general beauty.
Although I dabble with some fashion content on my Instagram page I won't be becoming fashion/lifestyle blogger anytime soon. I don't tend to buy new clothes on weekly basis and when I do buy some I like to get them in sales if possible, so I would be recommending products not longer available, haha! Not what you would expect from a fashion influencer :) And I'm not one for setting new trends either, just stick to what I like and feel good wearing it.
So, for my blog in 2019, I want to focus on beauty content that will bring my readers not only some sort of entertainment but also useful information. I will be writing in depth reviews of products that have particularly well worked for my skin and I can highly recommend them, I will try to share with you tips on how to look your best at any age and I hope to incorporate some makeup looks/tutorials as well because they were a big part of my blog back in the days when I didn't work and had plenty of time on weekends to create those posts. Now I struggle to find a few hours to play with makeup and my usual makeup routine seems to be just the same these days and takes no longer then 30 minutes :)
But I do want to challenge myself again and create some looks for my blog.
Any of my long time readers remember my 'makeup through the decades' posts or 'makeup inspired by nature' ? They were so much fun to research and create!
Granted, I don't have now the luxury of spending half of my Saturday or Sunday creating makeup look but I will try my best to come up with something for my blog if you want to see that, of course!
As I've been trying to cut back my spending on beauty, with quite a success I might add, I won't be reviewing all the new releases or tempting you to buy new stuff every week :)
I think we all can agree that there's no need for new beauty products every month and we can actually start using up what we already have in our collections, so 'shopping my stash' will be frequent on my blog as well.
I'm not saying that I won't buy anything new because I will certainly treat myself to something every now and then but my beauty buying has been so much more mindful. I have thrown away lots of products in the last year that were too old, opened for too long, not really suitable for me and it just opened my eyes to how wasteful with money I used to be.
And to be honest I am enjoying having a smaller collection of products which are well loved and used frequently.
And the last thing, there's been lots of talking about the new ASA guidelines for bloggers/influencers so I'd like to be clear with you how I will mark my posts. I've always been completely transparent with products that have been sent to me or, on the very few occasions, I was paid for a post and that will continue.
If the post is marked as AD/sponsored it means I was paid to create the content for the brand/campaign.
Products sent to me for consideration/possibility of a feature on the blog will be marked as usual as gifted/PR sample.
If a product was bought with my own money but I had previously worked with a brand/had received products from them I will mention it as well, although in my opinion it is completely unnecessary.
Just as always, I wouldn't recommend a product if it didn't work for me just because it was sent to me and you don't need to worry about it affecting my judgement.
So that is it for now, I needed to ease myself into the blogging world with easy, chatty post and I will be back next week with my first of 2019 beauty post.
Hope to see you then!


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