Thursday, 22 November 2018

My dream Christmas holidays if money wasn't an object (AD)

(Post in collaboration with Lottoland)

I think most of us have dreamt of winning lottery and being able to afford the things we can only dream of or are difficult to justify spending money on, or traveling the world and experiencing all the different cultures, cuisine and beautiful nature.
When I think of winning a big lottery bet my imagination can easily go wild, of course there are the sensible ideas like buying big house, investing money in a business, securing my children future, supporting some fantastic charities. But let's be honest, if I won a really big bet I would totally got a bit crazy and made some of my dreams come true, even if they're not exactly the wisest way to spend your money but creating amazing memories with your family is priceless :)
As we're approaching Christmas I can't stop but think about my dream Christmas holidays so let's have a drink and let our imagination transport us to beautiful Finland and the magical land of Santa Claus aka Father Christmas - Lapland.


Santa Claus in Lapland
I mean, who wouldn't want to experience a real white Christmas, with reindeer sleigh rides, fun snow activities during the day, meeting 'real' Santa and snuggling up in front of an open fire in one of those cosiest woods cabins in the evening? I know I would totally loved that!
Just imagining the peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by loved ones (as we would definitely take our parents with us, who are never together with us at the same time as they live in different countries) with kids joyfully playing without fighting (a mum can dream, eh?) with their new toys or realistically new video games (LOL!), make me feel all happy.
There are other beautiful places in the world where it would be lovely to spend Christmas but while my boys are still small and believe in Father Christmas I think the experience would be truly magical and unforgettable.

As we're talking Christmas we can't forget presents, right? Even though being a well grown up woman creating beautiful memories with my family and experiencing new adventure have much more meaning then actual things but, you know, winning the lottery means you have some spare money to get some bits and bobs, right? :)
I wouldn't mind getting some beauty bits like new Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette or some Tom Ford makeup because everything it looks so luxurious but I just can't justify the prices right now, or Chantecaille eyeshadow quad which is rather impractical but absolutely stunning and a collector piece.
And as I've been a very well behaved girl this year I would probably ask Santa for a dreamy bag as well :)
Hope you enjoyed this different post from me which, hopefully, left you in a dreamy mood :)
I almost never bet my money but my husband is a true believer in saying 'you need to be in it to win it' so there's hope and a chance of becoming a millioner :)


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