Friday, 9 November 2018

My current winding down/pampering routine

Taking time to yourself to relax/wind down should be your daily priority, whether that's a whole evening or just 15 minutes to have your cup of coffee/tea/glass of wine in peace without stressing over your job/motherhood challenges/any other problems. Slowing down for a minute and just enjoying your own company can do lots of good for your overall well being. I make sure to have some time to myself every evening, once the kids are in beds I need my 'me time' to regain my sanity, haha!
Some evenings it will be reading blogs/watching YouTube, others binge watching something on Netflix with husband and some nights when I feel particularly stressed or run-down I would take a relaxing bath, put a face mask on, have a glass of wine (remember to drink responsibly!) and just forget for a few minutes about the world behind the bathroom doors.
Bath time essentials/pampering routine

I much prefer to take a shower then a bath on regular basis but when I want that proper pamper session I would make a bubble bath and immerse in very warm water to let it take away all the tension in my muscles.
I was recently sent a beautiful package from the lovely people at M&S Beauty containing a complete set of body pampering products from their new line called Lifeology* which has three scent variations: Waterlily & Pink Pepper (the one I have), Orange Flower & Vanilla and Lemongrass & Thyme.
There's everything you'll need for your body from hand wash to lip balm and the price range is between £3.50 - £8 so very affordable.
I don't find any of the body/hand washes stripping and the body lotions/butters really moisturising and not greasy. The scent of the Waterlily & Pink Pepper is quite uplifting and invigorating so after using these products in the bath I feel not only relaxed but like a new woman :)
The scent lingers for a little while on the body as well which is nice as many bathing products smell amazing while you're using them but you don't detect any scent once you're dry and dressed.
I also find the packaging cute with the funny notes different on every product like 'no troubles when there's bubbles' on the body wash or 'time out for you time' on the bath foam.
M&S Lifeology range Waterlily & Pink Pepper
While I'm relaxing in a bubble bath I like to apply face mask and hair mask (sorry, forgot to include it in the photo) to get the whole spa-like feeling.
The famous Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley has been a real life, or should I say hair, saver at restoring my dry, dull and coarse hair (result of highlighting it last Summer), it makes it soft, shiny and manageable again, it really is as good as everyone says.
For my face I use different masks as I have so many in my stash (check out my other recommendations here) but my recent favourite duo is from Glamglow. The Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment contains AHAs and BHA (chemical exfoliators), Kaolin and other ingredients to fight congestion, blemishes and texture which all I've been battling in recent weeks thanks to bad reaction to some skincare products and maybe excessive chocolate eating, LOL!
After intensive exfoliating, decongesting treatment I always follow with deeply hydrating face mask and the Glamglow Thirstymud has been my 'go to' for an overnight deeply hydrating, nourishing and plumping treatment, and it smells amazing too.
Bedside essentials, this works deep sleep pillow spray, Ren &now to sleep pillow spray, Apothaka skincare cuticle oil
Once I'm in bed, which usually is couple of hours after my bath time/pamper routine, I have another little ritual that I do every single night which lets my body and mind get the message that is time to switch off and rest. I don't have problems with falling asleep thankfully but I still like to take some steps to ensure that my night sleep will be as restful as possible and spraying my pillow with one of the sleep sprays helps me get in that night time zone. Both sprays, This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray* and Ren &Now to Sleep Pillow Spray*, have very calming and relaxing scent of lavender with added different herbs/florals like chamomile and vetiver or Frankincense to help relieve the stress and anxiety.
I can't go to sleep without applying hand cream and lip balm and the latest Lifeology products have been living on my bedside table, they're highly nourishing so perfect to keep my lips and hands in good condition.
For many months I've been also applying at night time cuticle oil to my nails to help them grow stronger and my latest one is the Apothaka SOS Recovery Nail & Cuticle Oil which contains organic jojoba oil to deeply moisturise and add flexibility to the nails so they don't break easily, and other ingredients to strengthen and nourish nails. I've been following Natasha, the creator of Apothaka skincare, on Instagram for a while now and have been amazed by her beautiful, healthy nails and some fantastic reviews of her products so decided to give the oil a go, there's also cleansing oil which I had the pleasure to try and I'll be getting it once I've finished couple of cleansers I have in my current rotation. And I think it's always fantastic to support smaller businesses whose owners put all the heart, tears and sweat into every product they create :)

Megan Hess books

Some nights if I don't feel completely knackered I will reach for a book, not necessary something complicated to read before sleep but something to help me relax even more. If you follow me on Instagram then you should know that I am a massive fan of Megan Hess illustrations and her books, I absolutely adore looking at the illustrations, reading about some fabulous women and fashion designers, admiring beautiful dresses and just letting my mind wander into chic cafes in Paris.
After an evening like this I pretty much have guaranteed good night sleep (unless one of the kids decides to wake up in the middle of the night, that is, LOL!) and feeling restful and energised the next morning.
Do you take time to yourself every day?

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