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Feline Fierce with Boots, easy Halloween cat makeup look (AD)

(Post in collaboration with Boots)
I have not shared a makeup look on the blog in a long while, mostly because I just stick to my quick and easy work makeup look and I haven't had much time to be creative on the days I don't go to work. So when I was contacted by Boots and asked to take part in their Halloween campaign I thought it was a brilliant idea and a challenge for myself to play with makeup a bit different then on my usual days.
Also creating a feline Halloween look has been always on my mind as I think there's a bit of a cat's characteristic in many women, fierce, independent, playful, affectionate, the list could go on :)
For my Halloween look I've chosen leopard as they're just absolutely beautiful animals and if you follow fashion trends you know that this season is crazy about leopard print so why not extend it from clothes to your face :)
The look I've created is very simple and easy to follow, I'm sure you'll have all the products needed already and if not they're easily accessible in your local Boots and affordable.
Feline Fierce With Boots - easy Haloween feline makeup look

Step 1
Apply your base products (foundation, concealer) and focus on bronzing your face and contouring your cheeks, nose and jaw line for more definition.
I used my usual foundation and concealer, set my base products with powder and used the Smashbox cheek palette to add lots of warmth to my face but also heavily contour my cheeks and nose.
Step 2
Add bushy brows.
Using Maybelline Black Eye Pencil I created bushy brows filling in my own brows and adding lots of hair-like strokes for that extra volume.
Feline Fierce With Boots, easy Haloween leopard makeup look
Step 3
Create smokey cat eye look as glamorous or simple as you like.

Feline Fierce with Boots, makeup products used in tutorial
Using dark brown and black matte eyeshadows like those from NYX Ultimate Eyshadow Palette - Smokey add definition to your crease and extend it towards the tail of your brows for that cat eye effect.
Add a kohl black liner to your bottom waterline and under your eye for a dramatic eye look. Then with black liquid eyeliner, create an extreme flick extending down to the inner corner of your eye. Then create similar flick underneath the black line with white liquid eyeliner. I added a bit of shadow underneath the white liner using contour shade from my cheek palette.
For the lid you could use just brown eyeshadow but I used the beautiful NYX Prismatic Eyshadow in shade Gilded for a bit of glamour.
If you'd like the eye look to be very glamorous you can add false lashes but I decided to only apply mascara to my lashes. I like the Bourjois Eye Catching one as it's easy to build up the volume without clumping the lashes.
Feline Fierce With Boots, easy Haloween leopard makeup look

Feline Fierce With Boots, easy Haloween leopard makeup look
Step 4
Create the cat-like nose and lips.
Using black liquid eyeliner draw a nose that covers the tip of yours and extend the line down to your top lip. Fill in your top lip with black eyeliner. To your bottom lip apply liquid gold eyeshadow or liquid lipstick in light beige shade.
Draw a few dots in between your nostril and top lip and create whiskers on your cheeks.

NYX eyeshadow, Bourjois eyeshadow
Step 5
Add some leopard print makeup to your face.
Feline Fierce With Boots, easy Haloween leopard makeup look
Draw rough C shapes with the soft black pencil whether on your forehead or cheeks, I chose an area underneath my cheek bone on one side and above the cheek bone towards the forehead on the other side. I filled in some of the shapes with the gold Bourjois Satin Edition 24H eyeshadow in Beige-seller and topped it up with NYX Professional Makeup Prismatic eye shadow in Gilded to match the shade on my eyes.
And this was my finished look :)
Feline Fierce With Boots, easy Haloween leopard makeup look
Feline Fierce With Boots, easy Haloween leopard makeup look

Feline Fierce With Boots, easy Haloween leopard makeup look
Feline Fierce With Boots, easy Haloween leopard makeup look
As I grew up in a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween, (we have something similar to Dia de los Muertos known in Latin countries), I never truly enjoyed the whole Halloween dressing up etc. until I had my children. And because they love having fun dressing up for Halloween and going 'treat or trick' my attitude towards that day has changed as well and I want to share with them the fun that comes with it. Hence I've been trying to dress up creating different looks (you can check my previous years here and here).
If you're planning on creating some Halloween makeup looks and need more inspiration then you can find on Boots website some  Halloween makeup looks and Halloween Cat Looks which are all really good but easy to follow especially if you watch one of the Boots Cat Halloween makeup videos, my favourite being the Leopard makeup look :)
Are you a fan of Halloween? Are you planning on dressing up? Perhaps getting feline fierce? :)
This post is in collaboration with Boots but all thoughts are my own.
This post contains PR samples


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