Thursday, 25 October 2018

Trio for glowing complexion, Kate Somerville ExfoliKate range

I heard about Kate Somerville skincare a few years back on some US beauty channels but because the brand wasn't readily available in UK I wasn't bothered trying anything. I was intrigued though as many people raved about Kate Somerville products so when earlier this year Cult Beauty has become an official UK stockist I eagerly placed an order for the Introductory Kit of her ExfoliKate range, one that has gained many praises. It took me while to finally start using these products but once I've tried them I was immediately hooked.
Kate Somerville Exfolikate skincare set

Friday, 19 October 2018

Feline Fierce with Boots, easy Halloween cat makeup look (AD)

(Post in collaboration with Boots)
I have not shared a makeup look on the blog in a long while, mostly because I just stick to my quick and easy work makeup look and I haven't had much time to be creative on the days I don't go to work. So when I was contacted by Boots and asked to take part in their Halloween campaign I thought it was a brilliant idea and a challenge for myself to play with makeup a bit different then on my usual days.
Also creating a feline Halloween look has been always on my mind as I think there's a bit of a cat's characteristic in many women, fierce, independent, playful, affectionate, the list could go on :)
For my Halloween look I've chosen leopard as they're just absolutely beautiful animals and if you follow fashion trends you know that this season is crazy about leopard print so why not extend it from clothes to your face :)
The look I've created is very simple and easy to follow, I'm sure you'll have all the products needed already and if not they're easily accessible in your local Boots and affordable.
Feline Fierce With Boots - easy Haloween feline makeup look


Thursday, 11 October 2018

New vegan, cruelty free brand worth checking out: Ecooking

I've said it many times and I will say it again, blogging has given me the opportunity to discover and try products and brands I wouldn't have probably otherwise so every time I am contacted to try out something new I'm very excited and grateful.
Ecooking is a new to the UK market Danish skincare brand founded by Tina S√łgaard who started out by hand-mixing raw ingredients at her kitchen table to create skincare for herself. Soon enough the results were so noticeable that all of her family and friends were desperate to get their hands on her homemade concoctions. As Tina perfected her formulas, Ecooking was born, combining ‘eco’ ideals (with its natural, environmentally friendly outlook) with ingredients so pure that some can even be used in ‘cooking’.
With simple, apothecary style packaging, labels which show exactly what product it is and what ingredients in it, without any gimmicks, the brand is definitely intriguing.
I've had the chance to try out some products from the range and I want to share with you my thoughts on them.

Friday, 5 October 2018

A few products I've been loving lately

I've not done beauty favourites post in the longest time, mostly because of me blogging much less these days so I try to pick carefully which products I want to review in depth on my blog and, unfortunately, many don't get to be featured. So I thought I will share with you a few products that I've been truly loving lately and they deserve the mention on my blog.
Beauty favourites
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