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1 palette - 3 eye looks: Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette

I used to experiment with my makeup quite  a lot but lately I've been sticking to similar eye look  almost every time because I know it doesn't take ages to create it and is appropriate for work, school run and anything else. As I have much less time to play around with my makeup palettes it took me a while to put together another post in my '1 palette - 3 eye looks' series (check out my previous posts using Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette, Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, ABH Modern Renaissance palette, Zoeva Caramel Melange palette) but finally it is here and I hope you'll enjoy it and find some inspiration to play with colours on your eyes.
I was not planning to buy the latest Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette, even though it looked tempting, because I have enough palettes to last me a lifetime and I want to make the most of them before they're too old to safely use them on my eyes. But my lovely friends Dorota, Siobhán  and Leanne got it for me for my birthday and it quickly has become one of my most used palettes recently!
Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette

When you first look at this palette it's easy to see all the bold shades, lack of matte eyeshadows and generally dismiss the palette as an everyday one. But. surprisingly, I have gotten so much use out of it that it rivals with my other most used palette, the ABH Soft Glam (review). Despite not having many matte shades there is off white, amazing black and two crease shades which works perfectly as transition and to deepen up the crease/outer corner, which makes the palette complete and I never need to reach for any other palette when I decide to create an eye look with it.  I've been using the 4 matte shades very often for a simple daytime/work eye looks with a touch of something sparkling in my inner corner if I fancy.
As far as quality goes this might be one of the best Too Faced palettes, the matte shades are silky, very pigmented and blend beautifully, the shimmery shades are gorgeous, most of them feel extremely buttery and almost foiled, they're very metallic and although they look pretty applied with a flat brush I prefer to use my finger to apply them to my lid as that will give them the best finish.
Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette

Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette swatches
As you can see the swatches look amazing and the quality is truly fantastic with these eyeshadows. I have almost no fallout when working with this palette although if you use dry brush to apply the metallic shades you might end up with a bit of fallout on your cheeks so bare that in mind.
I always prime my lids with a bit of concealer when doing my makeup and these eyeshadows last on my eyes a full 12 hours day with very minimal creasing by the end of it.
For my post I decided to create three completely different looks with this palette using some of the bolder shades as well as the neutrals to show you how versatile this palette is.
1. Bold greens and gold
Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette makeup look
For this eye look I used the emerald green shade, Money Bags, as my main inspiration, I applied it in my outer V so the corner, crease and lower lid, I built up the intensity of the eyeshadow slowly while lightly blending it out, to help blur the lines in the crease I used shade So Boujee, light neutral brown, to transition the emerald green into the shade of my skin.
Then using my finger tip I applied the bright gold shade, Chocolate Gold, in the centre of my lid, and on the lower lash line and followed by light gold, Gold Dipped, in my inner corners blended into the darker gold.
To line my lashes and create small, smoked out wing liner I used the black shade, Decadent, which is absolutely perfect for that softer liner look or you can use it wet for almost liquid liner look.
To finish off my eye look I lined my upper and lower waterline with dark brown eye pencil from Makeup Geek and applied mascara to my lashes.
Side note: I'm so happy with my lashes at the moment after the NYK1 Lash Force Serum treatment I've been doing (review) that I'm comfortable not to wear any false lashes even when taking photo of my eye makeup and that was unheard of me before :)
I paired the eyes with nude lips using my favourite lip liner Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury and a bit of gloss by Pixi. I also picked more nude-y blush for my cheeks.
Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette makeup look

Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette makeup look

2. Purple and silver halo eye.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette makeup look
As soon as I swatched the silver eyeshadow, Drippin' Diamonds, I knew it would look great as a spotlight in the centre of the lid and I decided to pair it with the purple shade, New Money, for a cool toned eye look. I started off by applying the purple shade in my inner and outer lid and through the crease, leaving the centre of my lid bare. To blend out the edges and add some depth to my crease I aaplied shade So Boujee and a bit of Cocoa Truffle into my crease. I also mimic the shades application on my lower lid.
Next I applied shade Drippin' Diamonds to the centre of my lid and inner corner. I lined my waterline with eye pencil by Pixi and applied mascara to my lashes.
Very quick and easy eye look yet it seems like you need an hour to just complete an eye makeup. The key is in blending seamlessly the shades into one another.
For my lips I chose mauve shade, Cher, liquid lipsticks by Gerard Cosmetics and kept the cheeks very subtly pink.
Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette makeup look

Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette makeup look

3. Subtle daytime glam.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette makeup look
This is the kind of eye look I go for most days when wearing makeup, sometimes opting for all matte lid, some days choosing a bit of shimmer.
I actually did some Instastories on my Instagram when doing my eye makeup that day and saved it to my makeup highlights so if you want to have a look how I do my eye makeup check out the stories :)
This eye look is very simple, all I did was blended shade Cocoa Truffle into my crease, outer corner of the eye and lower lid, blurring the edges using shade So Boujee and then applying shade Classy & Sassy to my lid and shade Rich Girl to the inner corner. Then I created soft, smoky eye liner using the black shade form the palette, lined my upper water line with black eye pencil from Pixi and lower waterline with off white eye pencil form Pixi to make my eyes appear more awake and brighter.
A few coats of mascara finished off the eye look.
To complement the eye look I applied blush in soft pink shade to my cheeks and rosy lipstick by Dior in shade Paris to my lips on top of Pillow Talk lip liner.
Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette makeup look

Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette makeup look

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post I am really enjoying using the Chocolate Gold palette even though I didn't think it was the most everyday-friendly shades selection, the quality is really good and there's everything you might need to complete an eye look. I very much appreciate the matte off white shade as I use it with every eye look to brighten underneath my brows and/or brighten the inner corner of my eye. I also love having intense black eyeshadow in my palettes to line my upper lashes with. There's great selection of more neutral shades for daytime eye looks and some intense, bright shades to get you inspired to play with them for an evening/going out makeup.
Do you have Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette? Which of the makeup looks I created is your favourite?

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