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One brand makeup look: Rosie for Autograph

Trialling new makeup is one of my favourite pastimes, hence the excessive makeup collection I own, LOL!
Although I've been trying to be more sensible with my makeup purchases in the recent months, shop my stash on regular basis and start using up the products that I already own.
So you can imagine my excitement when I was sent a box full of new makeup to test from a brand that has been on my radar for a while but somehow I hadn't gotten around to trying - Rosie for Autograph, makeup range exclusive to Marks & Spencer, developed in collaboration with Rosie Huntington Whiteley - model and actress.
As I was playing with all the bits I thought it would be fun to show you a makeup look created with some of these products highlighting those that are real gems. So here we are today with a  quick overview of the brand, my experience with products I've used, my recommendations of what's worth picking up and the makeup look I created.
I have done similar post on Maybelline makeup look last year if you fancy having a look.
Rosie for Autograph makeup products

First off let's start with the overall aesthetic of the brand, everything looks very premium and high end even though the brand is very much from a high street. All the products have rose gold/copper packaging and come in equally beautiful outer boxes, everything look well made and have that feeling of expensive makeup. As for the prices they are higher then your usual drugstore offerings but still more affordable then high end options.
Now on to the overall quality of the Rosie for Autograph makeup, I have found some amazing products and some quite average so it's definitely a mixed bag, like many other ranges form different brands. But we have to agree that there isn't probably a one makeup brand whose all products are amazing for everyone. The key is to find those hidden gems and spread the love about them :)

Let's get to the products I used to create the makeup look I'm sharing with you today.

As I was picking all the products online chances were that I get my foundation shade wrong and that's exactly what happened, haha! Shade Beige of the Amazing Skin Secret Foundation (£20) is too dark for me right now but it has the right undertones for me so it was easy for me to lighten it up a bit using my NYX Pro Foundation Mixer (£8). There are 8 shades available so not so great but if your skin is pale to medium tan you should be able to find a match. The foundation gives solid medium coverage and it leaves beautiful dewy finish to the skin, it needs to be set with a powder as it stays quite wet on the skin. As my skin is slightly oily in my T-Zone I need to use a mattifying primer with this foundation otherwise I get too shiny throughout the day. The foundation is not the longest lasting on my skin but with the right primer and powder I can easily wear it for 8 hours without the need for touch ups.
I've been sent three different concealers and while the Miracle Concealer (£14) didn't work for me I do enjoy the Amazing Skin Secret Concealer (£14), it's a nice creamy formula which provides medium coverage, it doesn't feel drying under my eyes and, once set with powder, doesn't crease on me. The only downside is that there are only two shades available, one more pink toned and the other yellow toned, I could make them work on my skin tone but that's not enough to cater for all the people.
To set everything in place I used another brand's powder as I didn't have one form Rosie for Autograph.

Rosie for Autograph makeup products

Rosie for Autograph makeup products
From the top: Eyeshadow Palette 'I Feel Like A Million Dollars', Bronzer 'Bronzed Beauty', Cream Blusher 'Natures Blush'
I've been addicted to bronzing my face and even on very minimal makeup days I can't skip the bronzer, it just gives life to my pale face, haha!
And how beautiful does the Rosie for Autograph Bronzer (£18) look?!
I picked it shade Bronzed Beauty which adds lots of warmth to my skin but there's also lighter version called Magic Contour which should suit paler complexions more and be more suitable for light contouring.
This bronzer feels silky soft and it blends nicely on the skin but you need a very light hand with it as it's very well pigmented which is not an issue per se but you need to learn which brush to use with it. My favourite one is a duo-fibre fluffy brush to lightly dust my face with the bronzer, the first time I used it with my usual bronzer brush I ended up looking way too orange and it took me ages to blend out the excess, LOL!
I had two cream blushes to choose from, one in the Anniversary Makeup Palette (£25) and the single compact Cream Blusher (£14) in the shade Natures Blush which I used in my makeup look. I'm not the biggest fan of cream blushes personally but I did enjoy this one as it adds beautifully youthful flush to the cheeks, it blends out easily and it lasts well throughout the day. I think it would be perfect for those of you with dry skin who don't set your foundation with powder as it looks beautifully radiant on the skin.
I also used the cream highlighter from the Anniversary Makeup Palette which is very subtle but, again, it adds very natural luminosity to the skin.
For my eyes I used as a base Cream Eyeshadow Stick (£12.50) in shade Movie Star Crush, beautiful mauve pink which can be easily sheered out for a very subtle wash of colour on the lid or built up for more opaque finish. The Cream Eyeshadow Sticks are fantastic quality, they blend out easily but once they set they don't budge. Then I applied the eyeshadows from the Eyeshadow Palette 'I Feel Like A Million Dollars' (£18) from the lightest shade in my tear duct to the darkest in the outer corner and blended them out in the crease using the bronzer powder because I needed some matte shade to define my crease. Overall the eyeshadows are nicely pigmented but need building up on the lids, the shimmer is subtle and it would suit even mature lids as it doesn't accentuate lines and beautifully reflects the light. The eyeshadows create a bit of fallout, especially the darkest shade but building up the intensity slowly decreases that issue.
The eyeshadows in the Anniversary Makeup Palette are quite powdery and while you can definitely create pretty eye look with them they're not my favourite to work with.
To define my lash line I used black Gel Eyeliner (£12.50) which is absolutely fantastic, so easy to apply, without dragging the skin, and smudge for a smoked out effect but once dry it stays on all day! I somehow lost it and I'm very sad because it's a really good pencil eyeliner!
My mascara was the Insta Lash (£15) which I'm not a fan of purely because of how much product comes out with the brush, it feels like there's no proper stopper in the tube to control that. I had to wipe off the excess mascara from the wand to be able to use it so it's a massive waste of product. Once I had the right amount of mascara on the brush I did like how it was easily buildable to add volume to my lashes without clumping them and making them all hard and crispy.
I had to use another brand's brow product as I didn't have anything from Rosie for Autograph.
Rosie for Autograph lipsticks, Rosie for Autograph stick eyeshadows

Rosie for Autograph lipsticks, Rosie for Autograph stick eyeshadows
From left: Cream Eyshadow Stick in shade Sparkle & Magic, Movie Star Crush; From top: Lipsticks in shade Rose Lace, Silk Rose, Sturstruck Lip & Cheek Colour in shade Pale Blush
Lastly I used the Rosie for Autograph lipsticks (£14), the darker shade (Silk Rose) all over my lips and the lighter shade (Rose Lace) in the centre of my lips to create a bit of an ombre effect. I am a big fan of these lipsticks, they're beautifully creamy, very pigmented, feel hydrating on the lips and stay on for  a good few hours even with some light snacking and drinking involved. And they smell like chocolate-y goodness!
I have also received the Starstruck Lip & Cheek Colour (£15) in shade Pale Blush which can be used as a sheer veil of colour on your cheeks or lips, I do prefer the proper cream blusher as my cheek colour but I've been using this as a quick and easy lip product and I really like it.
And this is the finished makeup look which I enjoyed wearing, very daytime appropriate but made me feel well put together and a bit more glamorous :)

Rosie for Autograph - makeup look

Rosie for Autograph - makeup look
Overall I think Rosie for Autograph beauty range is well worth looking at when you're next time shopping at M&S, all products look beautiful, and there are some real gems.
My favourites would be the Lipsticks which are fantastic quality, Cream Eyshadow Sticks which won't disappoint you, Cream Blushers if you're fan of them and the Gel Eyeliner as it is one of the best I've tried.
I also have my eye on the Insta Glow Blusher because it looks just beautiful!
Have you tried Rosie for Autograph makeup range?

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples sent to me for consideration.
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