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5 things I've been loving /January edition

I've decided to re-introduce favourites posts on my blog, I will try to keep them regular, hopefully monthly, as long as I have 5 things to share with you which I've loved. I will be mixing beauty with lifestyle and fashion just to spice things up a bit, I hope you'll find it interesting!
I've been feeling less motivated then ever to do my blogging so while I don't aspire to become a lifestyle or/fashion blogger I just want to add something else to my blog to make me feel more inspired.
January favourites, Pixi Rose Caviar Essence

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence*, 45ml, £26

I have talked in more detail about this essence/serum in this post and I'm still very much in love with it, from the pretty packaging, the cute looking formula with the 'rose caviar' beads which are full of antioxidants thanks to encapsulated oils of macadamia seed, bergamot peel, sunflower seed, jojoba seed, grape seed, olive fruit and aloe barbadensis leaf oil, to the way it works for my skin. It literally melts into my skin leaving it instantly hydrated and plumper. I'm almost out of this essence which speaks volume as I have so many skincare products in my stash and often move to something new after using/testing product for 3-4 weeks but I've not stopped using the Pixi offering since I got it in December!

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner in shade Pillow Talk, £16

Max Factor Color Elixir Velvet Matt Lipstick in shade 05 Nude, £7.99

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Liner, Max Factor Velvet Matt Lipstick in shade Nude

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Liner, Max Factor Velvet Matt Lipstick in shade Nude

As much as I love my liquid lipsticks for their staying power, regardless of formula, they can be a bit drying after wearing them for all day, so on a day to day basis I opt for something more hydrating on my lips and this lip combo have been my 'go to' for the last few weeks. The iconic Charlotte Tilbury lip liner is just my perfect nude shade, not too pink and not too brown, basically my lips shade just better, the formula is really nice as it's creamy but it stays on the lips for a good few hours without being drying.
To top it off I reach for the Max Factor lipstick which is basically the same shade as the lip liner just in a creamy lipstick formula. Although marketed as a matte lipstick it's far from it, very creamy, hydrating and with satin finish.

Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips Lip Plumper*, £12.50
Buy here: Lloyds Pharmacy

Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips Lip Plumper

I was recently sent some makeup products from a brand new to the UK market, Know Cosmetics, which has been available in US Sephora and while I am still testing some of them, one has quickly become a part of my makeup routine.
While I'm not one to care much about having bigger lips I want them to look plumper as at my age they don't look as they used to, LOL! And this lip gloss helps to plump out any lines and make my lips appear smoother and slightly fuller which makes any lipstick look better on. It's also hydrating so that's a plus too.
I apply the lip gloss on my lips when I start doing my makeup and by the time I want to apply my lipstick my lips are perfectly prepared. I wouldn't say the gloss make my lips bigger but they definitely look plumper. On the application you will feel gentle tingling sensation thanks to Rapid Plump Complex, a blend of sensory ingredients and menthol, which creates a cooling sensation and supports blood flow to the lips. I don't find the tingling too intense and it lasts only a few minutes so it's totally worth for me.

Megan Hess 'Paris Through a Fashion Eye', RRP £12.99
Buy here: Amazon (£7.89), WHSmith (£9.09)
Megan Hess Paris Through a Fashion Eye

I've been following Megan on Instagram for quite a while now and I've always loved her illustrations so finally decided to get one of her books just to look on the pretty pages all day :) And use it as a prop for my blog and Instagram photos because the book is too pretty to hide it!
Megan talks about well known French fashion and beauty brands, Parisian restaurants, caffes, hotels and places to visit, all accompanied  by her beautiful illustrations. I just love flicking through the pages of this book and planning a visit to Paris. If you want a new coffee table book, love beauty and fashion then I highly recommend Megan Hess books.

Uber Sonic Electric Toothbrush*, £19 starter pack
Buy here: Uber Sonic

Uber Sonic Toothbrush

From the glamorous book of Paris to an ordinary toothbrush, haha, but, you have to agree, an essential part of our not only oral health but also beauty routine, there's nothing like a beautiful smile revealing set of pearly whites :)
I wanted to update my electric toothbrush to the sonic one for a while now so when the people behind the Uber Sonic contacted me to see if I wanted to review their products I happily agreed.

The Uber Sonic toothbrush is made of lightweight piece aluminium which look stylish and modern and it's a pleasure to hold. Sonic high speed movement with 35000 vibrations per minute ensures plaque and bacteria is removed seven times more efficiently than when using a regular toothbrush.
I remember switching to electric brush years ago and it was amazing to feel how much cleaner my teeth felt, now after using the sonic brush I have to say that it cleanses the teeth even more thoroughly! I'm hooked!
The brush heads come with protection travel cases, the toothbrush charges is no time and the charge lasts for a long time, I charged my brush when it first arrived, around mid January and it's still going strong!
Once you switch the brush on it starts pulsating and it buzzes every 30 seconds to let you know it's time to move to another section of your mouth, after 2 minutes it switches it off.

To get your Uber Sonic Electric Toothbrush you need to sign up to subscription, with the first payment being £19.99 for the brush, two spare brush heads and whitening kit. Then you'll be charged £9 every two months for two brush heads which will be delivered to your door for free. Also, every year you remind a member you'll receive new Uber Sonic toothbrush and whitening kit free of charge. You can unsubscribe at any time without a problem.

I think that's a brilliant idea!
Who's guilty of not changing their toothbrushes or brush heads frequently?
I know I am and not just because I don't want to, I just keep forgetting to do it but having them delivered every two months would be the perfect reminder!

I still haven't used the whitening kit but it comes with two teeth trays and whitening product, I'll update you how effective it is once I've used it.

If you want to update your oral hygiene then I recommend you checking out the Uber Sonic! I will be getting one for my husband!

Are there any products, things, events that you have been loving lately?

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