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Dior Forever Undercover Foundation - review

Foundation is one of my favourite and most important makeup items because a good makeup starts with great base, am I right? And as my skin is far form perfect I rely on foundation to even out my skin tone and hide/blur imperfections. I have quite a few foundations in my collections and some I really like but there's always some box un-ticked, whether that's shade tone, longevity, blend-ability or coverage so I'm still looking out for the holy grail of base products. I try to be sensible and not to buy every single foundation available on the market but every now and then I fancy trying something new. Seeing as many brands brought out new foundations lately, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Huda Beauty, Fenty, to mention just a few, I've decided to try one of them and the Dior Forever Undercover 24H Full Coverage Foundation caught my attention the most. I love full coverage foundations and I really enjoyed a Dior foundation in the past so the purchase was made.
I bought the foundation only a week ago but I have worn it 5 times for a minimum of 8 hours a day so I think I have a pretty good opinion on it already and I'm excited to talk about it on the blog, so why wait? :)

Dior Forever Undercover Foundation

Dior Forever Undercover 24H Full Coverage Foundation, 40ml, £34

The foundation comes in a plastic squeezy bottle with nozzle kind of dispenser which makes it practical as you can really control the amount of product being used and it's travel friendly but it doesn't look nor feel as luxurious as a glass bottle with a  pump would. The bottle contains 40ml of product which is 10ml more then usually you get at the same price point as other Dior foundations so that's a bonus.
There are 26 shades available but 9 of them, which include the darkest shades, are exclusive to Dior website which is quite not fair to be honest.
I picked shade 020 Light Beige which was a really good match for my skin tone when I had the Dior Star foundation couple of years back but I wish I went for 021 Linen which is slightly warmer toned and it would match me better but I don't have too much issue to make the shade 020 work for me.

Dior Forever Undercover Foundation

Dior Forever Undercover Foundation
 Dior Forever Undercover Foundation, shade 020 Light Beige

Dior claims:
" This fluid, 24-hour* full coverage foundation combines maximum complexion control with a natural matte finish for a result that is "Kiss-Proof. Touch-Proof. Life-Proof. All Night. All Day." 
"Incorporated in a very fluid texture, the high concentration of pigments ensures perfect blemish correction. What’s new for such a high-coverage product is how you don’t feel or see it. The finish is fresh, and matte enough that you don’t need powder." 

Are these claims true? How has the foundation worked for my skin?

Dior Forever Undercover Foundation, before and after photos

To start with, the formula is water based and kind of liquid-y for the high coverage it promises, it has subtle scent, characteristic to Dior foundations, which dissipates pretty quickly once the foundation is applied to the skin, but it might be a concern for people with very sensitive skin.
I was expecting a very full coverage foundation but, in my experience, you get medium coverage with one thin layer of product, buildable to full-ish but there's still some skin peeking through which I like. The finish is semi-matte, very natural and skin-like. Large pores are smoothed over, I didn't notice any major clinging to dry patches, it does settle lightly in my smile lines and forehead wrinkles but it doesn't exaggerate them.
I find the foundation easy to blend into the skin, whether you use beauty sponge, brush or your fingers. The beauty blender soaks up quite a bit of products so you need much more foundation to achieve the same coverage as you would while using a brush. Surprisingly I really like how the foundation looks on my skin when I use my fingers to apply it, it melts right into my skin becoming almost undetectable and that way it looks the most blurring on my skin. On the photos above I used brush to apply it and my largest pores weren't as smoothed out as if I had used my fingers.

I love the finish of the foundation, it makes my skin look healthy without being too dewy, it gives me good coverage but it feels absolutely weightless and it doesn't look heavy or cakey. It needs 5 - 10 minutes to set to dry finish so if you want to skip a powder you can do so and apply powder bronzer, blush on top of it without a problem. I did tested the foundation without setting it with powder but because my skin is a bit oily in the T-zone I got quite shiny after about 3 hours but, in general, I always prefer to set my foundation to ensure it lasts better throughout the day and helps to keep my oils at bay.

As for the longevity, it's a pretty well lasting foundation, on weekend I wore it for 12 hours a day and I had only a very little signs of wearing it off around my nose after about 8 hours of wear. Around the 12th hour mark I did noticed a bit of separating on my nose and chin but the rest of my face looked perfect, blush, bronzer were in place and even my forehead, where I get the most oily during the day, didn't show any major signs of the foundation wearing off.
So I'm pretty pleased with these results, not quite the claimed 24 hours but I don't need my foundation to last that long anyway.

As for oil control, this foundation doesn't claim to be more suitable for any particular skin type so I can only assume it will work well for everyone as long as you prep your skin properly. For me, as I have combination/dehydrated skin, I need to moisturise my skin well and then apply mattifying primer in my T-zone to reduce the shine throughout the day. Even with my makeup primers I do need to blot my skin around the 6th hour mark but the foundation doesn't break out nor slide off.

As for the "Kiss-Proof. Touch-Proof. Life-Proof" claims they're not totally true for me, I find the foundation to be pretty good if I just lightly touch my face but if I need to properly blow my nose (glamorous, I know but we're right in the middle of a cold season, lol!) it will come off on the sides of my nose. But to be honest I would be pretty surprised to find a foundation which wouldn't.

Overall, I'm really liking the new Dior Forever Undercover Foundation, it's still early days but it might be becoming one of my favourite foundations. I have tried it without a primer and with a few different ones and the only 'issue' I had with it is that I get a bit shiny in my T-zone throughout the day and the foundations stops looking perfect after 10 hours of wear time. Not bad in my opinion.

Are you tempted to try the new Dior foundation?

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