Monday, 6 November 2017

My journey to healthy, strong nails

I had battled weak, brittle nails for years, had tried many different products, supplements, tips and tricks to strengthen them but the effects weren't impressive and not long lasting. Not only my nails wouldn't grow longer before breaking but also would peel easily meaning none of my nail polishes wouldn last longer then couple of days before chipping. I pay lots of attention to my hands and look after them on daily basis, use hand cream multiple times a day, wear gloves when doing housework etc. so having my nails being in a bad condition was very frustrating. About 4 months ago they reached the bottom line, would break and peel constantly and I knew it's time for a very intensive treatment.
I know many of you struggle with weak nails so I thought I would share with you how I managed to achieve healthy and strong nails and products which helped me with that.
Products for healthy, strong nails

Firstly, I cut my nails super short, filed any sharp edges and put away nail clippers. Ever since I would just file the nails down using nail files because I found that every time I actually cut my nails they would just start peeling afterwards. I use simple paper nail files (like these ones) which I replace regularly so they're nice and sharp. I have used glass nail files in the past but found them loosing the quality (sharpness) very quickly and because they're not exactly cheap I now stick to the more affordable options.
I also use wooden nail cuticle sticks to push away my cuticles, basically I stay away from metal nail tools apart from nail cuticle nipper which I use to gently remove any overgrown cuticles.
Secondly, I needed some nourishing nail products which would help my nails to grow stronger. I came across Eveline nail products a while back (it's a Polish brand but you can easily buy their products on Amazon) and found them quite good so I decided to get couple of conditioners and hoped for the best. Luckily they've been working miracle on my nails and they're very affordable so I highly recommend them.
Revolutionary formula with active Strong Nail ™ complex that penetrates nail structure, effectively regenerating and reconstructing it. Tightens, maximally hardens and stimulates the growth of nail plate. Improves flexibility making nails more resistant to mechanical injuries. Protects against cracking, braking and splitting. Helps to restore smooth surface and gloss shine to damaged and matt nails. As soon as after 10 days of treatment, all your problems will disappear and you will enjoy beautiful and healthy nails.
Whatever the Strong Nail ™ complex is it's definitely effective, it took much longer then 10 days to notice a real difference in my nails but I'm sure it helped. I applied it every day (removing old coats after 2, 3 days before applying fresh ones) for over a month and then used it as my base coat. Every now and then I let my nails 'rest' between manicures and in that time I apply the nail conditioner to keep them healthy and strong.
Eveline 8in1 Total Action Intensive Nail Conditioner, Eveline Cuticle and Nails Multi-Nourishing Oil
The oil formula is a unique composition of avocado oil and sweet almonds oil, additionally enriched with A, E and F vitamins cocktail in order to provide optimum daily care for dry, damaged cuticles and weak, brittle nails. The oil intensively moisturizes delicate cuticles around nails, prevents their tearing and growing onto nails. Makes hands look neat and nails perfectly smoothened as well as properly nourished.
This product has been a real game changer in the health of my nails! I never used regularly cuticle oil, maybe right after removing my cuticles or after freshly applied nail polish but I wasn't consistent with it. But this time I stuck with applying the oil to my cuticles every single night before going to sleep, 4 months down the line I still religiously do it and my nails have benefited from it immensely. They're so much stronger, healthier looking and my cuticles are not as overgrown as before. The oil has a delicious fruity scent so it's such a pleasure to use it. If you have problem with weak nails but you're not using good cuticle oil I highly recommend you try it and I'm sure you'll notice a difference.

365Vitamins Advanced Collagen Complex

Last but not least taking supplements also helped my nails to grow much healthier. I talked about the Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients in this post, even though they're created to strengthen hair I noticed a big difference in my nails as well.
While I don't like taking supplements constantly I do reach for them every now and then to help boost my body health. Currently I'm taking Collagen Complex which contains Hydrolysed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C and E for healthier looking skin, hair and nails.
Collagen is a protein that naturally occurs in our body and it makes up a large part of our skin, hair and nails making them look healthy. But as we get older our collagen production declines, hence our skin doesn't look as plumped and firm, hair and nails shiny and strong so taking collagen supplements can help boost the production of our own collagen and reverse/improve those signs of aging.
To notice a real difference in my nails health took me 2-3 months of intensive nail therapy but I couldn't be happier with them right now. They grow fast, they're much stronger then before, I rarely have a problem with breaking or splitting nails these days. My nail polish applies better and lasts way longer then before.
Although I might have just jinxed it and will have broken nails tomorrow, haha!
Do you struggle with weak nails? Or are you a lucky person to have perfectly healthy and strong nails?
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