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My Christmas gifts recommendations, #1: for skincare junkies

It's that time of year again, when I buy more gifts for myself then for others, haha!
Joking aside, we're half way through November and I'm sure many of us have started planning their Christmas and gathering gift ideas for your family and friends.
I love this time of year for all the Holidays new launches in the beauty world but also for all the great gift sets which are usually good value for money. I always buy a few for myself because they're the perfect way to try new products, explore new brands or just stock up on old favourites.
There will be plenty of gift guides on different blogs, there are tons of gift sets and gift ideas in shops and online retailers to help you pick something for yourself or for someone close to you. So I won't bore you with a lengthy post showing you what's available, instead I want to share with you 5 skincare sets which I have tried myself and I think they're great and will make a perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves beauty or you could put them on your Christmas wish list.
I won't be reviewing all these products in detail as that's not the point of this post but will give you my first impressions on them and tell you why I think they're worth buying amongst all the others.
Christmas skincare gift sets

111Skin Holiday Journals The Glow Edit*, £50

Buy here: 111Skin, Harvey Nichols
111Skin Holiday Journals The Glow Edit

111Skin is a brand I had the pleasure to discover thanks to blogging and spoke about their Neck Serum a few months ago on my blog. They create luxurious, highly effective, innovative skincare products.

I found the story of how the brand has started very fascinating, I guess my background in science (I have a degree in chemistry) has a role in this, LOL! Anyway as much as I appreciate natural skincare I do believe in the power of scientific studies and products as their outcome. We should take advantage of the technology and knowledge we currently have, shouldn't we?

When Dr Alexandrides started his practice, it was difficult for him to find skincare that would help heal the skin more efficiently after cosmetic procedures. Patients complained that certain skincare products were too harsh for their sensitive skin after treatment.
Dedicated to continuous research he discovered that skin ages faster in space because of environmental extremes. For that reason he sought collaboration of space scientists responsible for the wellbeing of astronauts. Together they created the patented NAC Y² formula.
Key ingredients in the NAC Y² formula were used by astronauts in extreme space conditions where accelerated ageing is proven to occur. Astronauts travelling to space are exposed to extreme radiation and no gravity, causing rapid skin ageing. The most advanced supplements, topical treatments and medications need to be given to them to reverse the damaging process.
From the very beginning the 111SKIN products were created to stand up to extreme conditions – to protect against environmental damage at high altitude, varying temperatures and the polluted urban setting. The knowledge gained from space research helped to create a complete anti ageing range of products to provide maximum protection from daily exposure to sun, stress and pollution.

But let's get back to the actual skincare set :)
Firstly, it comes in a gorgeous box with a velvety feel to it which looks like an old fashioned journal, perfect to keep it as a shelf decoration or as a keepsake box.
Inside there are 4 products in very good travel sizes which easily let you try them out for 4-8 weeks, of combined retail value of over £200!


All these products aim to hydrate, nourish and brighten the skin for a rejuvenated, glowing, youthful looking complexion. Both, day and night, moisturiser are quite rich but not heavy, the day one leaves my skin truly glowing but not greasy. I'd say these products are targeted more towards normal to dry and/or mature skin. After using them daily for 3 weeks I found them a bit too much for my combination skin. They didn't break me out but my skin got clogged up a bit more then usual which happens to me when I'm using products too rich for my skin too often. So I switched up my skincare routine but still reach for 111Skin offerings 2-3 times a week because I really want to rip benefits of all those amazing ingredients included in their products.

I think this is a fabulous skincare set from a luxury brand that any skincare junkie over 30s would highly appreciate!

Murad Environmental Shield Starter Kit, £29.50

Murad Environmental Shield Starter Kit

This is a set I bought for myself several months ago and actually used up all the products, hence no photos of them, but kept the outer box because I knew I want to include it in my 'gift guide'.
Murad is another brand that creates highly effective products and even though I haven't tried a lot from them I was rather quite impressed with those I did try.

This set consists of 4 travel sized products from the Environmental Shield range, which contains Vitamin C and helps to protect the skin from damaging and aging UV rays, worth over £60.


I loved using all these products, especially the serum and day cream, they left my skin smoother, brighter and more radiant. The moisturiser doubled up as my daily SPF, I ensured to apply it generously to my face and neck, didn't feel heavy and worked well under makeup. I will be repurchasing the whole set or the day cream for sure as it was brilliant.

This set is perfect for younger and older people, most skin types, maybe with exception of oily because everyone needs to protect their skin and products with Vitamin C should be in everyone's skincare routine.
If you're not tempted by this set they have many others here, suited to different skin types and addressing different skin concerns.

Omorovicza Moor Mud Set*, £48

Omorovicza Moor Mud Set

Omorovicza is another luxurious skincare brand I had the pleasure to try out this year, their Midnight Radiance Mask is one of my favourite skincare discoveries this year!

I was kindly sent one of their Christmas gift sets  and it's one that I'm sure it will be their bestseller.
For the price of the Cleansing Balm you get:
The mitt is really tiny and a bit pointless in my opinion but the set is still brilliant and good value for money. If you've been wanting to try some Omorovicza products and the Cleansing Balm in particular then you need to treat yourself to this set.

The Thermal Cleansing Balm is as amazing as everyone says, very gentle, yet effectively remove all makeup and dirt from your skin leaving it super smooth and nourished, just as you would remove a hydrating face mask not a cleanser.
The Deep Cleansing Mask is lovely as well, maybe not groundbreaking and not my ultimate favourite cleansing mask but it's gentle, does a good job at drawing out excess oil and impurities from the pores and it's not drying at all.
The Refining Facial Polisher is one of my favourite products for a quick 'pick me up' pamper session (I talked about it in this post) as it gently exfoliates the skin leaving it super smooth and brighter.

Overall, perfect skincare set, in a beautiful box, for everyone wanting a bit of luxury in their everyday life.

Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil Set, £80

Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil Set

Once I saw the Omorivicza Christmas sets I had to treat myself to another one and this one particularly caught my attention as it contains products I was very keen on trying.

MIRACLE FACIAL OIL, 30ml (full size)
ELEMENTAL EMULSION, 30ml (travel size)
QUEEN OF HUNGARY MIST, 30ml (travel size)

For the price of the facial oil alone you get a very good size of the Elemental Emulsion (worth over £45) which is a super lightweight yet deeply hydrating moisturiser, perfect for anyone with oily/combination skin or as a hydration booster for dry skin, and a small size of the facial mist (review) which is such a luxurious treat for the skin.
I haven't used the emulsion and facial oil long enough to review them but so far I am really enjoying using them, the Miracle Facial Oil is very lightweight, doesn't make my skin look or feel greasy so I can use it at night or in the morning if my skin needs extra hydration and nourishment.

Another fantastic skincare gift set if you want to treat yourself or your loved one to some luxurious products. Suitable for anyone with dry to oily skin types.

Perricone MD PRE:EMPT SERIES Travel Set, £59

Buy here: Perricone MD UK (currently only £43), Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic

Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series Travel Set

Last but not least is a skincare set from another premium brand with highly effective and innovative products. I was rather impressed with the products I've tried from them in the past (check out my review of the OVM Day Treatment and H2 Elemental Energy range) so was really keen on trying more form the brand.
The PRE:EMPT Series Travel Set sounded ideal for my skin and with the price tag being reasonable considering the sizes of products I had to get it.


PRE:EMPT SERIES™ features a proprietary NRF2 antioxidant support complex, which is comprised of naturally derived phytonutrients to help boost antioxidant response and keeps skin looking and feeling youthful.

I've been using this set only for the last 2 weeks and will review it in depth in a future if you're interested but my first impressions are really good. These products have been working well for my skin and I'm really excited to see how effective they will be. The sizes of products are good enough to use them daily for 4-5 weeks for sure.

If you're in your late 20s and over, have normal to oily skin type and have wanted to try out some Perricone MD products then this set is well worth putting it on your Christmas wish list.
And if you struggle with dehydrated skin then the H2 Elemental Energy Collection will be fab for you!  
I don't need anymore skincare anytime soon, still have some sets from last year, LOL!, but that doesn't stop me from lusting after a few gift sets and these are on my Christmas wish list:
Have you treated yourself to any skincare sets lately? What is on your Christmas wish list?

*PR Sample


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