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The '7 Skin Method' - what is it and how has it worked for me?

Earlier this year I heard about this new skincare trend from Korea called '7 Skin Method' which got me really intrigued. Basically you apply up to 7 layers of your hydrating toner (skin stands for toner in Korean language), one after the other, waiting for each of them to get absorbed, to deeply hydrate the skin without overloading it with heavier lotions, creams or oils. The '7 Skin Method' was at first tested by people with oily, combination skin types but since then many people tried it and it seems all skin types benefit from this routine. The key is to use the right toner/essence which contain hydrating ingredients and avoid anything with alcohol or very active ingredients like acids or fruit enzymes.
Klairs Facial Tonner, 7 Skin Method

Klairs Facial Tonner, 7 Skin Method

I've been trying the '7 Skin Method' with Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner*, available on Skinsider website, which is almost a hybrid between tonner and essence, it feels very soothing and hydrating on the skin.
The idea behind applying thin layers of tonner is to deeply hydrate the skin using products with ultra lightweight formulas. Sometimes layering all the lotions, creams and oils can left our skin feel overloaded and unable to absorb all the nourishing and hydrating ingredients which defeats its purpose.
Especially those of you with oilier skin types might find richer formulas a bit too clogging so you're tempted to avoid them resulting in having your skin often dehydrated yet still oily.
Those of you with dry and/or dehydrated skin probably often struggle to balance the skin out despite using deeply hydrating and nourishing products.
If you're in any of these groups then I highly recommend trying out the '7 Skin Method' treatment.

I have combination skin which tends to get dehydrated pretty frequently so I was eager to try the new skincare trend and I'm glad I did as it's a real life saver :)

I love to use my acids, retinols and facial oils at night so I decided to trial the '7 Skin Method' as a part of my morning routine.
As usual I cleanse my skin with a facial cleanser and straight after I apply a small amount of the Klairs toner to my face using palms of my hands and pressing them gently, starting from the cheeks, going through my T-zone and patting the rest of the tonner on my neck. As soon as I feel the toner has been absorbed I apply another small amount in the same way, going up to 7 layers.
You want to avoid using cotton pads for this method as, firstly, they absorb some of the liquid, second, rubbing your skin with a pad several times might cause some irritation.
With every layer of the toner my skin feels plumper and bouncier, it's a pretty amazing feeling as you actually can tell how much more hydrated your skin gets.
The first time I used this method I skipped my usual serum and moisturiser but my skin felt a bit tight so next time I applied a lightweight moisturiser on top to seal in all the hydration and it was just perfect, my skin was plumped and glowing. I have used the '7 Skin Method' 4 days in a row and my skin was beautifully hydrated.

Of course not every morning I have the time to do the extra steps in my skincare routine but if I feel like my skin is getting a bit dull or dry, or if some days I wasn't drinking enough water or had too much wine one evening then I make sure the next day I always apply the extra layers of my toner to give my skin extra boost of hydration. It's such a simple way of making your skin look its best without having to invest in any additional products. And even though it seems like it would make your routine extra long in reality you need only 3-5 more minutes.

You can start at applying 3 layers of your hydrating toner, which I do now most mornings, to see how your skin reacts, if it 'drinks' it all and work up to 7 layers, which seems to be the optimum amount for the skin to get all the benefits from the treatment. But if your skin still easily absorbs more toner you can add some more layers, as long as you're using very gentle product you should be fine.
If your skin is oily you might find that the 7 layers of toner gives you enough hydration so you can just stop your morning or evening routine at it. For dry skin types I would recommend following with moisturiser and/or facial oil to seal all the hydration in and add something richer on top.
Have you tried the '7 Skin Method' tonner routine?
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