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Recent beauty favourites

I've not been talking about beauty favourites regularly on the blog but I have discovered pretty great products lately so decided to gather them into one post and let you know why I like them and why you might want to treat yourself to some of them :)
There's lots to talk about so let's get started!

Beauty favourites

Wiktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume, 30ml, £51
Buy here: FeelUnique, Debenhams, Boots

I love my perfumes and have quite a few of them but that doesn't stop me from buying more. I love smelling nice even if I'm just at home. I had some samples of Flowerbomb and loved the scent so when I saw it on offer on FeelUnique one day I had to get it. I'm pretty sure many of you know this scent as it's quite popular in the blogosphere but if you don't I urge you to check it out. It's a floral scent but with a woody base which is the kind I usually gravitate towards. It's feminine but it has some depth and warmth without being too heavy. Perfect for day and night and I can see myself wearing it most of the year. It also lasts really well on my skin and clothes which is just another bonus!

Missguided Babe Power perfume travel set*, 2x15ml, £15
Buy here: Missguided

Another perfume, this time I was kindly sent this Missguided offering. I had never tried their fragrances so I wasn't sure what to expect.
Firstly the packaging is super pretty, very blogger-esque being rose gold, it comes in a travel/handbag friendly 15ml container with another 15ml glass refill, perfect to have it 'on the go'.

As for the scent I really like it! It's slightly sweet but not overly so, makes me feel warm and cosy and, surprisingly it lasts very well on my skin. In some way it reminds me Flowerbomb, although it's less floral.

Top notes: grapefruit zest, sour cherry, pink pepper, crisp apple, pineapple and rhubarb
Heart notes: orange blossom, peony and jasmine
Base notes: vanilla, candy floss, sensual musk, amber crystals

Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask*, 50ml, £90

I have reviewed this face mask in more details (post) so won't be repeating myself too much. But in short this is my perfect face mask to keep my skin blemish and bumps free. Every time I stop using it regularly my skin gets more congested, especially on my forehead and chin and in general more bumpy.
The face mask, alongside other fabulous ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate for keeping skin hydrated, Copper Gluconate to regulate sebum production, Sand Lily to reduce hyperpigmentation, contains Salicylic Acid which gently exfoliates the skin, helps to unclog the pores and keep blemishes and congestion at bay. Despite having Alcohol Denat. high up on the ingredients list I don't find the face mask drying at all, but I don't use it more then twice a week.
I know it's an expensive face mask but a little goes a long way so I'm sure the whole jar can last easily 3-4 months with regular use.

Blossom Jeju sheet masks*, £5 each
Buy here: Skinsider

Blossom Jeju sheet masks

Another face mask, these time sheet masks, I have talked about them already in my K-beauty haul post but I had to mention them again, especially that they're finally available to buy individually from the Skinsider website.
These are the very first sheet masks that I am loving and I have tried quite a few but wasn't as wowed by them to go through the whole faff with the actual sheet, haha!
The Blossom Jeju sheet masks fit my face very well, they're very well soaked in essence but what makes them really unique is the Camellia Oil which is to be applied to the face before following with the sheet mask.
Camellia oil is rich in Oleic Acid and vitamins A, B, D and E as well as nourishing Omega 3, 6 and 9. The molecular weight of the oil is almost identical match for skin, so it's being absorbed quickly and effectively leaving skin nourished and hydrated.
And that's exactly how my skin feels after using these face masks, hydrated, plumped, soothed, soft, and glowing. I don't even need to apply anything else afterwards as my skin feels so nourished.

CND Vinylux nail polishes and top coat*, £6.95
Buy here: NailPolishDirect

I love having my nails groomed and painted and finally, after years of struggling with how weak they were, they're growing strong and healthy (let me know if you want me to share what I've been doing to strengthen my nails) so doing my weekly manicures is such a pleasure!
I was recently sent couple of CND Vinylux Nail Polishes from their new Autumn Spellbound Collection, together with the matching Top Coat. These are a hybrid between the ordinary nail polish, with the ease of applying and removing it, and the longevity of a gel manicure. They claim to last on the nails for a week without chipping and I have to agree. My mani lasts 7 days, and probably could more but I'm just eager to apply fresh nail polish every week, with very minimal tip wear. I am very impressed!
The only negative about the nail polishes I have is that they require three coats for the opacity I like and they tend to apply a bit patchy so require some extra effort but the shades are beautiful and dry quickly so definitely worth it, especially the shade Eternal Midnight which is a beautiful navy with purple shift to it (see my manicure here and here).
I have now used just the Top Coat over my regular Rimmel nail polish and the manicure has been 7 days on my nails looking almost perfect so the Top Coat is a real game changer in my opinion and worth getting for sure!

Emile Cordon Lip Pots*, $42
Buy here: Emile Cordon

Emile Cordon Lip Pots

My lip balm obsession is real, I literally feel anxious if there's no lip balm around me, haha! I have them scattered around my house and in every handbag, I even converted my husband and he has one in his car, also my boys remember to apply lip balm every day, told you, obsessed! LOL!
When I was offered to be sent these gorgeous lip pots from Emile Cordon I hesitated because, you know, $42 is a lot of money for a small jar of lip balm. The second time I was contacted I said yes because I just wanted try them and see how much better they are then my trustworthy Carmex and let my readers know if they're worth the splurge.

Firstly, the lip pots look stunning, in their glass jars with golden lids and truly are the queens amongst lip balms, they also come in a protective carton boxes.
Formulated with natural emollients, Evening Primrose Extract and Vitamin E, they keep my lips beautifully hydrated, plumped and soft. They're rich yet not greasy, silky and a consistency of a hybrid between balm and gel. They feel so luxurious and make me feel fancy every time I use them. Apart from using them as a lip treatment you can apply them to your nails and cuticles, brows to keep them in place or over any part of your skin that needs protection or soothing.
I have the lip pot No1 Lisa which is the pink one, although it's just transparent on the lip. It has notes of Rosé Champagne, Fresh Tea Rose, Strawberry Leaves and it smells so beautiful yet subtle so it's not overpowering.
The white lip balm is No72 Coco with notes of White Coconut Cake, Vanilla Accord, Powder Sugar smells quite yummy but, again, very subtly.
If you ever feel like splurging on a lip balm then Emile Cordon Lip Pots would be the right products to spend your money on.

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe eyeshadow palette, £37
Buy here: BeautyBay

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe eyeshadow palette

If you're one of my regular readers then you know that I love my eyeshadow palettes and even though I haven't been buying as many as I used to, (I guess having over 30 is enough, LOL!) I like to treat myself to something new and exciting every now and then. I wasn't really fussed about the new palette collaboration between Jaclyn Hill and Morphe until it landed on BeautyBay so I decided to snap it up. And I am so glad that I did because it has become one of my favourite palettes!
I used Morphe eyeshadows before and thought they were good quality, especially considering the low price point but this palette is above that level. I have been using it most days for the last 4 weeks and I haven't found one single dud shade and I have had most of them on my eyes at this point.
They're very well pigmented, they blend effortlessly on the eyes, don't create much, if any, fallout and I just adore the shades selection!
The only thing I would change if I could, is to swap one of the light shimmery shades for matte white/cream shade as that's what I use to clean up the edges of my eyeshadow, highlight my brow bone and set my primer with.
Also, even though Jaclyn named all the eyeshadows which she talked about in her video, the names are not printed on the palette and I haven't got even the sheet with the names together with my palette which is a shame.
Anyway I let you see the swatches of the eyeshadow, neatly done using stencils from SwatchPerfect :)
Some of the eyeshadows might feel a bit drier and swatch slightly patchy but they all perform really well on the eyes, (I'll have post with some eye looks created with this palette next week so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested).

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe eyeshadow palette swatches

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe eyeshadow palette swatches

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe eyeshadow palette swatches

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe eyeshadow palette swatches

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe eyeshadow palette swatches

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray* 
and Touch Up Stick*, £20 each

Rita Hazan Root Concealer

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Light Brown

Last but not least is this Root Concealer which have been such a welcome discovery and quite a life saver for me. I regularly dye my hair but you know how it is, not always you get to go to your hairdresser or do it at home before your roots start showing up. In my case they're lighter then my dyed hair so as soon as they're a bit longer they're very visible. I had never used this kind product to disguise the outgrown roots but now I am a convert!
I use the spray to 'conceal' my roots in larger areas and the stick, applied over the brush/wand to mask the little hair around my hair line. The effect is very natural, you can hardly tell if I've painted my roots, the shade match is really good for me, and it lasts till the next wash, (I wash my hair every other day). The products don't make my hair feel sticky or greasy and are easy to wash off yet stay put throughout the wear time. Perfect solution for the time when you're due hair dying but haven't got time to do it.
There's a few more shades to choose from so those of you with darker and lighter hair should find something suitable too.
Have you tried any of these products? Anything caught your eye?
*PR sample
Some of the links might be affiliated as I'm using Skimlinks on my site, check my full disclaimer for details.



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