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New skincare products I've been enjoying using lately

If it wasn't for blogging I wouldn't have discovered so many brands, fantastic products and online beauty retailers, which would have made my husband and bank balance happy but it would have been such a shame for me and my skin. Ever since I've started blogging over three years ago I've discovered so many amazing skincare products and have learnt so much more about what's good for my skin so even though I'm not getting any younger my skin just looks its best.
And today I want to share with you my recent skincare discoveries, products I'm enjoying using currently and hopefully you'll find something interesting for yourself too.
New skincare on trial, Bio-essence, Proaura, Clarol

I wasn't familiar with Bio-Essence brand until a few months ago when their products started appearing on some of my favourite beauty blogs. And I was instantly intrigued, I mean Asian brand, products with 24K Gold, there must be something extraordinary about them, right? :)

24 Karat Gold it is the softest and most malleable metal, and thus can be made into flakes. Once these flakes are absorbed by the skin, they release active gold ions rich in trace minerals which then improve skin’s metabolism by promototing blood and oxygen circulation. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to keep skin firm and youthfully bouncy. It also has anti-oxidant properties so help to protect the skin from harmful free radicals.

I was kindly sent two cleansers from the 24K Gold range and have been using them for the last 2 or so weeks, they're not miraculous but I do enjoy them.

The Day Cleanser comes in a tube and has a thick cream-like consistency. Only a little bit of it is needed to massage it all over the face, then I add a bit of water for it to emulsify while still keep massaging it in circular movements into my skin and then rinse it off with water. I like how it leaves my skin very clean yet not stripped from moisture. It contains 24K Bio-Gold, Bio Mineral Amino Acid, Bio Rice Fermentation Essence, Sodium Hyaluronate and some herbal extracts (Aloe Vera Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract, Ampelopsis Japonica Root Extract, Perilla Frutescens Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Nut Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract) to keep skin supple, hydrated and radiant.

Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Day and Night Cleanser

Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Day and Night Cleanser
From left: Night Cleanser, Day Cleanser

This cleanser is definitely my favourite out of the two, simply because: first, has a pump, second, has an amazing, sort of citrusy but warm, scent, much more intense then the Day Cleanser and third, it feels silky on the skin. The consistency is more of  a gel, but not like an oil based gel/balm kind which I mistakenly took it as and applied two pumps of it to my hands the first time I used it and I was left with way too much foam on my face which took ages to rinse off properly, haha!
So yes, this gel lathers and it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) so I feel like it could dry out the skin after using it a frequently for a prolonged time but I'm perfectly happy with using it 3-4 times a week. It doesn't leave my skin stripped from moisture, frankly, just the opposite, soft and plumped, ready for the next steps in my skincare routine. I use it as my second cleanse after removing my makeup with an oil based cleanser. It also contains 24K Bio-Gold and some herbal extracts (Ecklonia Cava Extract, Hizikia Fusiforme Extract, Codium Tomentosum Extract, Gelidium Cartilagineum Extract), alongside Olive Oil to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.

Proaura Vitamin C Serum
Proaura Vitamin C Serum

I've been very much into products with Vitamin C lately as that was missing in my skincare routine, so when I was offered to try the Proaura Vitamin C serum I agreed without hesitation.
I wasn't familiar with the brand but a quick look at their website and the ingredients list of the serum re-assured me that the product should be good quality.

Aqua, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Glycerin, Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract, Astaxanthin, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Xanthan Gum, Butylene Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, DMDM Hydantoin, Ethylhexylglycerin

The serum comes in a dark glass bottle (to protect the ingredients) with a pipette and has a 6 months lifespan so you need to be sure not to use it longer then that as it won't be as effective and it might irritate your skin. The consistency is very liquid-y and there's no much scent to it.
The serum claims to contains 20% Vitamin C which is one of the highest I've come across and Astaxanthin which has been clinically proven to be almost 60 times more powerful anti-oxidant then Vit C. Both help to stimulate continuous production of collagen in the skin which is responsible to maintain skin elasticity and firmness. Vitamin C and Astaxanthin diminish age spots, hyperpigmentation and freckles by reducing melanin production.
The serum also contains Sodium Hyaluronate to keep skin hydrated and supple and some herbal extracts to soothe and protect the skin.

I've been using the serum as a part of my morning skincare routine for over 3 weeks and I'm happy to see that my skin is loving it, it hasn't caused any irritation and I can see some of my very persistent hyperpigmentation on my forehead getting less visible and my skin more radiant.

If you want to add Vitamin C serum to your routine then I think the Proaura offering is definitely worth checking out.

Another brand and products I was not familiar with at all before being introduced to by a PR company.
Skin Flora Re-Balancing Serum contains MicroSilver ™, a smart natural anti-bacterial agent that destroys bad acne bacteria without damaging good skin bacteria, leaving skin clearer, stronger and healthier. As the name suggests, the serum re-balances the skin flora (bacteria which reside on the skin in normal conditions) to maintain its healthy state.
I don't suffer with acne but, like most of us, get some breakouts every now and then so I thought I could see how effective the serum would be for me on those days when I wake up with some un-wanted friends on my skin. I've been using it most evenings for over a week as I've been getting some pimples, probably due to hormonal changes, (thanks mother nature!) and I think the serum helps to calm down the redness and inflammation and speed up the healing process.

Clarol Skin Flora Re-Balancing Serum, Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash

Clarol Skin Flora Re-Balancing Serum, Clarol Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash

This gel wash also contains anti-bacterial MicroSilver ™ but also Birch Bark which is rich in an equivalent of Salicylic Acid - chemical exfoliant (BHA) helpful in treating breakouts and acne.
To further exfoliate the skin the Wash contains Pumice Stone and Rice Bran which gently yet effectively remove dead skin cells and smooth out the skin without being harsh.
I like that the gel doesn't leave my skin dried out or irritated but soft, smooth and perfectly prepped for the next step in my skincare routine. It also contains Tea Tree Oil, Grape Seed Oils, Bladderwrack and White Nettle which all help to calm down any inflammation/breakouts on the skin.
Have you tried any of these products? Do you like discovering new brands and products or prefer to stick to your well known favourites?

Disclaimer: this post contains gifted products/PR samples, all opinions are my own.
Some of the links might be affiliated as I'm using Skimlinks on my site, check my full disclaimer for details.



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