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CoverFX Prime & Set sets, perfect way to try out the brand's products

Don't you just love when brands bring out mini products or sets of minis available to purchase so we can try different products without breaking the bank or committing to full size before knowing if we'd love them? I'm all about the minis! Especially as being a beauty blogger and beauty junkie means I have an extensive makeup and skincare collection and love trying out new products hence rarely finishing off a full size product, especially makeup.
A few months ago one day I was browsing SpaceNK website, as you do, and these two CoverFX sets caught my attention. I had not tried anything from the brand but heard good things about their products so decided to get both sets and see if I find any new favourites within them.
They're also currently available on BeautyBay.
CoverFX Prime & Set sets

CoverFX Mattifying Prime & Set
Even though my skin is not as oily as it used to be I still like to use mattifying products to keep my T-zone in control and extend the wear time of my foundation. This mattifying set includes Mattifying Primer (15ml), Mattifying Setting Spray (30ml) and Matte Setting Powder (4g).
The Primer has quite slippery consistency, but it doesn't feel greasy on the skin, it smooths out the skin nicely but it's not overly blurring and it doesn't fill in large pores as well as some of my other primers do. What it does though it really helps my oils to stay at bay. It contains 1% Salicylic Acid and fruit extracts to mildly exfoliate the skin, help blemishes to heal and prevent new breakouts. I don't use this primer frequently enough to comment on its skincare benefits but the ingredients list looks really promising so if you're someone who suffers with breakouts and are looking for a primer to be good for your skin then I think this is a nice option.
CoverFX Mattifying Prime & Set
From left: Mattifying Primer, Setting Powder
The Setting Powder is talc free, very finely milled and silky soft. It mattifies the skin without looking cakey or heavy and it's almost undetectable on the skin. It leaves a nice soft focus finish which makes the skin look more flawless. I've been using this powder regularly, especially on those days when I want my makeup to stay in place for many hours, and it helps to keep my zone shine free and my foundation last longer.
Lastly the Mattifying Setting Spray is a fantastic way to finish off your makeup to ensure that it will last all day without you getting too shiny. The mist action is not the finest I've tried but still fine enough not too disturb your freshly applied makeup. The Spray contains Kaolin which is excellent at absorbing excess oil and it doesn't contain alcohol which could dry out the skin. I love this setting spray and use it very often, especially with my more dewy foundations to be sure that I won't get too shiny during the day. I normally use it across my T-Zone as I don't need the mattifying effect all over my face.
CoverFX Illuminating Prime & Set
This set is perfect for those of you with normal to dry skin or/and those who like to have a beautifully glowing complexion. It includes: Illuminating Primer (15ml), Custom Enhancer Drops – Moonlight (2.8ml) and Illuminating Setting Spray (30ml).
The Illuminating Primer is silicon free and it feels almost like an illuminating moisturiser, the skin is smooth and soft to the touch with beautiful glow from within effect after applying it. The primer contains some good for skin ingredients, like Sodium Hyaluronate (hydrating) and Vitamin C and E (antioxidants). Crushed, ultra-refined pearls add a beautiful soft focus finish to this primer making it perfect for those of you who suffer with drier and dull complexion. I like to use this primer with my more mattifying foundations to make them look less flat and to be sure that my skin don't feel suddenly dry which can happen when I reach for all matiffying products.
CoverFX Illuminating Prime & Set
From up: Illuminating Primer, Custom Enhancer Drops – Moonlight
Custom Enhancer Drops are a cult product from CoverFX, formulated with a high concentration of pearls that produce a lit-from-within glow without looking too glittery or over the top. They're liquid illuminator which can be used as a highlighter, dabbed on the high points of the face or mixed with your foundation or primer for a luminous complexion. They remind me a lot of the Iconic London Illuminator which I talked about in my previous post.
The shade Moonlight of the Enhancer Drops is a beautiful champagne gold which look stunning blended on the top of my cheeks, you can achieve a very subtle, natural highlighted look or you can build them up for higher intensity, and you really need only a drop as a little goes a long way.
The finest setting mist I've ever used is the Illuminating Setting Spray, literally you've no idea you're setting your makeup with a mist because all you feel is almost like a gentle breeze on your skin. This setting spray locks makeup in place but also adds glow to the skin and the more you spray them more glow-y you will look. I only tend to use one spray on each side of my face to add a bit of luminosity to my cheeks leaving my T-Zone more matte. If you have dry and/or dull skin you will love this setting spray!
Overall, I'm very impressed with both sets and loved discovering all these products from CoverFX. I will be definitely repurchasing a full size of the Mattifying Powder and both Setting Sprays as they work very well for my skin.
Don't be put off by the small sizes of products in these sets as they're perfect to give them a good try, I purchased mines over 2 months ago, use them quite often and I still haven't finished anything yet, even those mattifying products which I reach for more frequently!
Have you tried anything from CoverFX?


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