Friday, 27 October 2017

Recent beauty favourites

I've not been talking about beauty favourites regularly on the blog but I have discovered pretty great products lately so decided to gather them into one post and let you know why I like them and why you might want to treat yourself to some of them :)
There's lots to talk about so let's get started!

Beauty favourites

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Microneedle Treatment at home with Swiss Clinic

I had heard of microneedle treatments done at beauty salons in the past but never paid much attention to them as I'm, in general, not a big fan of any invasive facial treatments if they're not absolutely necessary. Having said that I am all about aging beautifully and taking best care of my skin and body so I can look my best no matter at every age.
After being contacted by Swiss Clinic I made a little research on the products they were offering to send me for a review, to make sure if I'm fine with testing them out. I have found the concept of microneedle treatment quite intriguing and not as scary as it sounds so here I am, ready to share my thoughts on it.
Swiss Clinic Microneedle Treatment

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The '7 Skin Method' - what is it and how has it worked for me?

Earlier this year I heard about this new skincare trend from Korea called '7 Skin Method' which got me really intrigued. Basically you apply up to 7 layers of your hydrating toner (skin stands for toner in Korean language), one after the other, waiting for each of them to get absorbed, to deeply hydrate the skin without overloading it with heavier lotions, creams or oils. The '7 Skin Method' was at first tested by people with oily, combination skin types but since then many people tried it and it seems all skin types benefit from this routine. The key is to use the right toner/essence which contain hydrating ingredients and avoid anything with alcohol or very active ingredients like acids or fruit enzymes.
Klairs Facial Tonner, 7 Skin Method

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Celebrating Merumaya's 5th birthday with free gift with purchase

If you're a regular reader of my blog then I'm sure you know that I am a big fan of Merumaya's products and have featured them on my blog several times. Most recently I have reviewed the Retinol Resurfacing Treatment, perfect for even sensitive skin and those starting their journey with retinol, one of the best anti-aging skincare ingredients. I also talked about the Mud Marvel Mask which is like a facial in a tube because it gently exfoliates, deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin without stripping it from moisture. And their Melting Cleansing Balm is one of my all time favourite cleansers which I have repurchased a few times.
On 15th October the brand will be celebrating their 5th birthday and I've decided to join in for the celebration and to help spread the word about the brand because if you still haven't heard of it or haven't tried any of their products then you're missing out :)
Merumaya skincare

Monday, 9 October 2017

No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation - your perfect Winter foundation

Testing out new foundations is one of my favourite things when it comes to makeup, the excitement of trying a new formula with a hope of finding the absolute best for my skin. More often then not the initial excitement is quickly followed by disappointment due to either the shade not matching me perfectly, the foundation not blending seamlessly or not lasting well throughout the day.
Even though I have some brilliant foundations in my stash like Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation (review) there's always some un-ticked box that makes me want to keep looking for the perfect holy grail.
So have I found one yet? No, not yet, but I have a pretty great foundation to talk about today :)
No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation


Thursday, 5 October 2017

New skincare products I've been enjoying using lately

If it wasn't for blogging I wouldn't have discovered so many brands, fantastic products and online beauty retailers, which would have made my husband and bank balance happy but it would have been such a shame for me and my skin. Ever since I've started blogging over three years ago I've discovered so many amazing skincare products and have learnt so much more about what's good for my skin so even though I'm not getting any younger my skin just looks its best.
And today I want to share with you my recent skincare discoveries, products I'm enjoying using currently and hopefully you'll find something interesting for yourself too.
New skincare on trial, Bio-essence, Proaura, Clarol

Monday, 2 October 2017

CoverFX Prime & Set sets, perfect way to try out the brand's products

Don't you just love when brands bring out mini products or sets of minis available to purchase so we can try different products without breaking the bank or committing to full size before knowing if we'd love them? I'm all about the minis! Especially as being a beauty blogger and beauty junkie means I have an extensive makeup and skincare collection and love trying out new products hence rarely finishing off a full size product, especially makeup.
A few months ago one day I was browsing SpaceNK website, as you do, and these two CoverFX sets caught my attention. I had not tried anything from the brand but heard good things about their products so decided to get both sets and see if I find any new favourites within them.
They're also currently available on BeautyBay.
CoverFX Prime & Set sets
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