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New makeup products on trial

As a beauty junkie I love trialling new makeup, it's one of my favourite things to do, hence the excess makeup in my collection, oops! And even though I definitely buy less products these days then I used to, there are still a few treats every month to keep my excitement levels high :) Due to having less time for blogging this year I've found that many products get easily forgotten/replaced by something new and never get to be featured on the blog so I've decided to do more often those collective posts when I talk about new products I'm currently trialling. Some may deserve a separate post, some may end up in favourites and others will be talked about in this kind of posts.
New makeup products on trial, Charlotte Tilbury, Iconic London, Pixi, GWA

Iconic London Illuminator, Iconic London Pigment Foundation Stick

Not long ago I was sent couple of products from Iconic London, a brand that I got to know through Instagram and some of my favourite bloggers. Their products are available from their website but also well known online retailers like Cult Beauty.
One of their iconic products are the liquid illuminators and I received one of them in shade Shine, pearly pink champagne. I'm not one for using cream/liquid highlighters but I was excited to give it a go and I have to say I'm loving it.
The illuminator is very pigmented and you need literally a drop to apply it to the tops of your cheeks for a beautifully illuminated/dewy effect. I just dab a tiny bit with my fingers for a very subtle highlight, although you can build it up for higher intensity. I find it really easy to work with, it applies equally well over only foundation or on top of a powder without disrupting the makeup underneath. It stays on without fading for up to 8 hours on my skin and it doesn't accentuate texture on my skin as much as some powder highlighters can do. I love how it melts into the skin looking very natural.
You can also mix a few drops of the illuminator with your more matte foundation for an all over luminous look, I'm yet to test it this way, simply because I do prefer my base to be more on the matte side and only highlight high points of my face.


Iconic London Illuminator, Iconic London Pigment Foundation Stick
From left: Iconic London Illuminator in shade Shine, Iconic London Pigment Foundation Stick in shade 2.2
I was also kindly sent Foundation Stick in shade 2.2 which match my skin very well. I had never tried stick foundation before so didn't know what to expect really.
The Iconic London Foundation Stick comes in 18 shades and you get 8g of product housed in a sleek looking tube.
The foundation is nicely creamy but not waxy or greasy and it's well pigmented. The coverage will depend on the amount of the foundation applied to the skin, you can easily customise your coverage from light to medium/full. I usually end up with medium coverage after applying a thin layer of the foundation. The finish is very natural looking, not too matte and not dewy.
Even though I usually prefer to apply my base products with beauty blender I found it quite difficult to do it with the Stick Foundation, so I use a densely packed buffing brush to blend the foundation into the skin.
Despite being a creamy foundation upon the application I found the formula a bit on a drier side, I guess that's what it is with stick foundations, and unfortunately it accentuates dry patches and my pores. I need to take my time to buff the foundation well into my skin so it doesn't look horrendous over my pores.
Bare in mind that I'm in my late 30s and even though my skin is not dry, more often then not it's slightly dehydrated and many 'drier' foundations tend to accentuate my pores and dry skin.
I do get a bit shiny when wearing this foundation and need to powder my T-zone around 4 hours after applying it and I see some signs of wearing it off from my nose and chin around 6 hour mark.
Overall I think it's a nice foundation for younger people with normal/combination skin who don't have issues with large pores or dry skin. I personally prefer other foundations that are more smoothing and forgiving on my more mature (oh dear! LOL!) skin.

 Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder
After hearing some of my favourite bloggers raving about this face powder I was very curious if it's really that amazing as they say and after finishing my beloved Laura Mercier Translucent Powder last month I have finally treated myself to the Charlotte Tilbury offering.
Just like all CT products the powder comes in a luxurious packaging which is expected for the price. I'm not going to lie, £33 for a small powder compact is a lot of money. Is it worth it though?
I'm going to say that, while I'm really enjoying using this powder I don't see myself repurchasing it unless I win the lottery in the meantime. It's a beautiful powder, I just have used powders as good as this one but less expensive.
The Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder is super finely milled and silky to the touch, it does blur the skin leaving almost airbrushed finish while being un-detectable on the skin. It mattifies the skin without looking or feeling dry. You can re-apply it throughout the day and it never looks cakey.
My little issue with it, apart from the price tag, is that it doesn't keep my T-Zone as matte as the Laura Mercier powder or CoverFX one which I also love.
If you're looking for a powder that blurs the skin without looking ever cakey but it's much cheaper, I highly recommend the No7 Airbrush Away Translucent Powder which I talked about in this post.

When I bought the CT face powder I got quite a few samples with my order, this mascara being one of them. I wasn't expecting much from it but I have to say I really like it.
It has quite a large brush wand which I don't mind even though I usually prefer smaller brushes and the formula is right in the middle of being nicely creamy without being too wet or dry.
It gives my lashes lots of volume without clumping them together, it keeps them curled and I don't have any issue with it smudging on me.
I have quite pathetic lashes but this mascara really gives them the boost they need to look their best, see on the photos below.  

Pixi Makeup Fixing Spray
Last month I was lucky to win Jasmine's (Jasmine Talks Beauty) Summer giveaway with lots of gorgeous products, the Pixi mist being one of them. I had wanted to try it since they launched a few months ago so started using it straight away.
I like the pretty packaging and the subtle rosy scent, the mist feels quite refreshing and hydrating on the skin. What I don't like is the actual mist action which is not very fine and if you don't keep the bottle at the right distance from your face you can end up with quite a wet face, not a problem if you're using it over bare skin but not as ideal when wearing full face of makeup.
Apart from that issue I think the face mist really helps my makeup to blends into the skin better making it to look more flawless and last longer. I usually use it before applying my makeup and then afterwards to set it in place.


Girls With Attitude Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette
Girls With Attitude is another brand I wouldn't have any idea about if not for Instagram, they're quite popular on there and I've been following them for some time.  Yet I had not tried any of their products until one evening when I saw this eyeshadow palette on their page and the next thing I knew I was checking it out on their website, haha!
It looked beautiful, full of warm, Autumnal tones and it was just under £10. I certainly didn't need any new palettes but I must have felt like treating myself to something new that evening :)
Girls With Attitude Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette swatches
The palette comes in a fancy looking cardboard yet sturdy packaging, gold and shimmery, very pretty. Inside there is a small mirror and 12 eyeshadows with different finishes, from matte to metallics.
As soon as I saw this palette in person I knew it looks like something I already have in my collection, the Makeup revolution New-trals vs Neutrals palette (review) which was released 2 years ago.
And I was right, the shades are just the same!
GWA Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette vs MUR New-trals vs Neutrals palette

The MUR palette has more shades but 12 of them are 'duped' in the GWA palette.
I found the GWA eyeshadows slightly smoother but in general I'd say the quality is very similar if not the same.
No idea what's the deal with these two palettes but I feel disappointed with my impulse purchase because now I have two palettes with the same shades.
If you don't have the MUR palette then I'm sure you would enjoy the GWA one because it's a lovely palette, the eyshadows are well pigmented and they blend nicely with very little fallout.
I thought I include couple of photos of me wearing all the products mentioned in this post, so the foundation, powder, illuminator, mascara, the GWA eyeshadows. On my lips I'm wearing NYX Matte Lipstick in shade Tea Rose.
Look at that highlight! :)

Have you tried any of these products?

Disclaimer: this post contains gifted products/PR samples, all opinions are my own.
Some of the links might be affiliated as I'm using Skimlinks on my site, check my full disclaimer for details.



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