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K-beauty haul and first impressions on products

I've been intrigued by Korean skincare for a while now and have tried some products here and there (check out this post)  always being quite impressed with them, so when Karolina from Skinsider contacted me to ask if I want to try some products from their new online shop which stocks some Korean skincare brands, I agreed without hesitation.
Karolina says:
"As someone who has experience skincare issues caused by allergies in the past, I always strived to use effective and functional cosmetic products. My passionate journey in obtaining healthy, smooth skin was full of ups and downs; I was experimenting with a vast range of products, from medicines purchased in pharmacies to cosmetics containing only natural ingredients.
As a passionate traveller, I had the chance to visit parts of Asia. One of the most intriguing things I discovered was the amazing skin Asian women have, which inspired me to start my adventure with South Korean cosmetics and the K-Beauty routine.
Research, testing, and an increasing knowledge of the K-Beauty skincare routine resulted in an idea to create Skinsider Cosmetics. A vision to create the very best beauty rituals through skincare products and helping people to improve their skin was the incentive to bring this idea to life."
Korean beauty haul from Skinsider UK

The online shop stocks products from some well known Korean brands like: Klairs, Dr.G, Blossom Jeju, DermaBUD, which have been tried, tested and approved by Karolina and her team. The website looks very professional, it's easy to navigate and you can find lots of useful information regarding Korean skincare products and routines on their blog.

I've been very kindly sent several products to try which I've been trialling for a few weeks, some of them longer then others. I've not used anything long enough to write  a full review but I will share my first impressions  on these products, some of them have already became a staple in my skincare routine.

Dr.G korean skinacre products

Dr.G products

Super lightweight gel-like moisturiser which deeply hydrates the skin without leaving any residue, it's quickly absorbing and although this kind of gel creams sometimes make my skin feel a bit tight I've not experienced anything like this with this offering from Dr. G. It feels soothing and cooling on the skin and it works perfectly well under makeup. It contains low molecular Hyaluronic Acid which keeps hydrated deep layers of the skin making it look plumped and healthy. The moisturiser is perfect especially for those with normal to oily skin types but I think even those of you with drier skin would enjoy it if you want something ultra light to use during the day.

I've been using eye creams since my early 20s and it's always hard for me to tell how well they work for me but as long as they keep my under eye skin hydrated and firm then I'm happy. This Dr.G eye cream contains lots of ingredients which help to lift and smooth the under eye skin by stimulating collagen production, it's also deeply hydrating to restore the youthful look of the delicate skin under our eyes. I've been using this cream for over 3 weeks and my skin looks smooth and plumped, obviously not free from all the fine lines but at the age of 38 I'm not expecting miracles from an eye cream :)

Brightening Peeling Gel (120ml), £20

This is a very gentle peeling which uses natural cellulose to remove dead cells, it contains Willow Bark Extract, a natural source of Salicylic Acid (BHA) which helps to deeply clear out and unclog pores, Vitamins E and C to brighten the skin and Honey to soothe and nourish.
You massage a small amount of the product all over your skin for a few minutes until small pellets form, it feels like you're rolling off the skin with your dead cells, haha!
I didn't find this peeling as effective as some of my other exfoliators which contains AHA and BHA but I like to use it on some mornings when I want my skin to be extra smooth and perfectly prepared for makeup application.

Dr.G Pore+ BB Cream

I've wanted to try Korean BB creams for the longest time but the few times I did buy some of them I found them looking too ashy on my skin tone. The Perfect Pore Cover is slightly too pale for my complexion but nowhere near as ashy as some others I've tried so I'm sure I will enjoy it a lot during Winter time. The BB Cream provides really good medium coverage and it looks very natural on the skin having smoothing effect over my pores and fine lines. It is also quite long lasting on my skin but, even though it claims to be sebum absorbing I do get a bit shiny in my T-zone while wearing it so I need some mattifying primer to use underneath or touch up with powder couple of times during the day.

Wrinkle Snail Mask, 1 use sheet mask, £3.50

I have to be honest, products with the snail secretion filtrate do make me feel a bit un-easy even though I know they're highly popular in Korea due to amazingly healing and regenerating properties of it. Anyway, I did give the sheet mask a go and enjoyed it but didn't find it very impressive. Obviously I am not expecting miraculous effects after using a face mask just once but to start with I don't think it was as hydrating as some other sheet masks I've tried, but, of course, there might be other long term benefits wile using these face masks regularly like reduction in hyperpigmentation and wrinkles appearance.

Blossom Jeju face mask, Klairs Facial Tonner

I had heard great things about this tonner so was really excited to give it a go and it was the first product I started using it after receiving the package from Skinsider. Formulated with plant extracts this tonner balances the skin’s pH level while nourishing and hydrating the skin and fighting any inflammation. For me it feels almost like an essence as it's slightly thicker consistency then your traditional tonner, I apply it by pressing it all over my face using the palms of my hands. The tonner is truly fantastic and I'm currently testing it in the 7 Skin Method which is basically applying 7 layers of hydrating tonner, one after the other, for extra suppleness and firmness. I will update you on this 'experiment' if you're interested.

Blossom Jeju White Camellia Soombi Brightening Essence Petal Mask

Now, this sheet mask I absolutely love and found it extremely hydrating and nourishing. It's a 2-steps face mask where you apply the Camellia Oil to the face first and follow with the sheet mask soaked in essence. Camellia Oil easily penetrates the skin without clogging pores, it's full of essential fatty acids and lipids that are similar to those found in our skin. After using the face mask my skin feels incredibly soft, smooth and deeply hydrated. On one occasion I skipped the rest of my skincare product after removing it and my skin felt perfectly happy, supple and soft throughout the night.

The Blossom Jeju face masks will be available  to buy from the Skinsider website hopefully some time in October but until then they add three different ones to every order so if that's not a good excuse to shop then I don't know what is :)
Have you tried any of these products? Are you familiar with these Korean brands?

Disclaimer: this post contains gifted products/PR samples, all opinions are my own.
Some of the links might be affiliated as I'm using Skimlinks on my site, check my full disclaimer for details.


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