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Healthy, shiny hair with Grow Gorgeous

I said before many times on my blog that taking a good care of my hair is not my strong side but in the last several months I've been kindly sent some fantastic hair care products which made me want to try different things and, more importantly, I've noticed a difference in how my hair looks and behaves (read my post here) so I'm motivated to look after it better then before.
Grow Gorgeous is a brand who has developed a range of products to activate, protect, cleanse and nourish your hair. They don’t believe in simply giving the appearance of healthy hair, their products work with your hair to unlock its full potential, and to enable hair to grow at optimum speed. I've been trialling some of their bestselling and newly launched products and I want to share with you my thoughts on them.
Grow Gorgeous hair products

Firstly I need to point out how pretty the packaging of Grow Gorgeous products is! Simple yet chic with pretty colour scheme, from beige to pink with copper/rose gold accents, very on trend but not over the top. Also all the hair products I've tried have a subtle, warm floral scent which lingers on my hair making them smell nice. All the details count, am I right? :)
Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox* (190ml), £28 

This is the first product from the brand I came across on Instagram which caught my attention, I've heard of deep cleansing shampoos but never about scalp exfoliators. So I was supper happy to see it being sent to me.
This unique formula combines natural Castor Oil Beads, White Willow Bark extract and Pomegranate Fruit Enzymes to gently exfoliate the scalp and eliminate clogging impurities, product build up, dry skin and dandruff to create the ideal environment for hair growth.  
A potent blend of minerals helps keeping the moisture level while absorbing excess sebum, extending time between washes, with Bean Bio-ferment working to neutralise UV light and free radical damage for optimum hair protection.
You use the Scalp Detox as a pre-wash treatment massaging a generous amount of the product, which has a consistency of a cream/gel with beads, onto your scalp after wetting your hair. I leave it on for a few minutes while I take a shower, then rinse off the treatment from my hair and wash it as usual. It takes a bit of effort to rinse off all the little beads from the hair but it's definitely worth it.
I have noticed a difference in my hair/scalp after the very first use of the Scalp Detox, my hair looked fresher then ever and it lasted in that state till the next day which was not heard of me as I used to wash my hair every day for years. I use the Scalp Detox once a week and it has made a big difference to my hair. I'm no longer desperate to wash it every day, my scalp doesn't feel greasy and I've not experienced any dandruff since I've introduced the treatment over a month ago.
If you pick only one product to buy from Grow Gorgeous make it being the Scalp Detox, I'm sure it will benefit your hair!

Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum* (60ml), £22

Very lightweight leave-in treatment that enhances hair’s natural light reflectivity for a multi-dimensional shine. The advanced serum combines essential moisturisers with uncharged silicones that don’t cling to each strand, ensuring glossy and weightless results free from excessive product build up and sticky residue.
I apply about 5 drops of the serum to the palm of my hand, rub it between both hands and smooth it over the lengths of my hair, starting from the middle till the ends. My hair is left smooth, frizz free and beautifully glossy without being weighted down.
Even though it's not a greasy product if you apply too much of it or too close to your roots your hair will look a bit greasy, learnt from my mistake, so do as it says on the tin :)

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox, Supplements, Serum

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients* (120 Capsules), £30

Even though I try my best my diet is far from perfect and probably I don't supply my body with all the nutrients it needs every day so I'm a fan of taking diet supplements every now and then.
Hair Density Nutrients focus on achieving longer, denser, gorgeous hair with a higher concentration of Biotin, which contributes to maintaining healthy hair. Biotin is thought to be crucial to healthy hair growth and helps the body convert food into energy, so in essence you’re feeding your hair with the supplements for fuller, longer looking locks.
Hair Density Nutrients also contain N-Acetyl L-Cysteine - an amino acid that’s naturally found in the body. It helps strengthen the hair and improves hair’s natural ability to hold moisture, which in turn helps maintain thickness so hair can grow long without looking or feeling weak, brittle and fragile.
Hyaluronic Acid, another component of the supplement, offers much needed moisture to the scalp and roots so hair is soft and manageable.
I've been taking the supplements most days for the last month and while I haven't noticed if my hair has grown faster or it's thicker I definitely can confirm it's stronger, I find I lose less hair daily and it looks much healthier then some time ago.
A little 'side effect' that makes me very happy is that my nails got so much stronger, I've been suffering with weak, brittle nails for years so have them long and strong is a big benefit for me and I'm sure the supplements played a big role in this improvement as Biotin helps to keep the nails healthy as well.
Grow Gorgeous Full Bodied Volumising Shampoo* (190ml), £15 and Leave-in Conditioner* (120ml), £16

Grow Gorgeous Full Bodied Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner
New range from the brand, focuses on limp, lacklustre hair in need of a boost.
Enriched with a unique blend of proteins, the volumising shampoo helps to plump-up the appearance of fine hair, it combines Pea Peptides with a lightweight active micro-emulsion to help the hair looking fuller and shiny.
The lightweight, serum-based conditioner combines Pea Peptides with a synergy of Amino Acids to help plump up the look of flat, fine hair whilst nourishing, conditioning and enhancing shine.
Both products utilise touch-to-style technology for easy styling and full-bodied volume.
And how gorgeous the packaging is!? I'm obsessed!
My hair is not fine but it does need some boost to look more voluminous so I was very excited to try this new range of products. I've only had it for two weeks but I wash my hair every other day so I've used them quite a bit already.
I really like the shampoo, it does add some volume and structure to my hair. It lathers well, although you do need a bit more then your traditional shampoo, and gets rinsed off effortlessly.
The Leave-in Conditioner, on the other hand, doesn't seem to work well for my hair. I don't find it nourishing enough so my hair feels a bit coarse and dry, when I use more of it my hair seems to look a bit un-fresh. I didn't notice it adds much volume to my hair either.
I've been experimenting with it a bit so I've used my regular conditioner in the shower to deeply nourish my hair, rinsed it off and then applied a small amount of the Leave-in Conditioner through the lengths of my hair, this way it works best for me but it still didn't give me the 'wow' factor I was looking for.
Maybe just my hair is not fine enough to see the benefits of this product. I will keep trying though and will update you in the future if I have changed my mind on the conditioner.
Overall, I'm very happy to have discovered the Grow Gorgeous brand and their products, most of them work very well for my hair and I would highly recommend checking them out if you want your hair not only look but be healthy right from the roots.

*PR sample

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