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Super Facialist Retinol range - review

Retinol (more commonly known as vitamin A) is one of the best skin transforming and rejuvenating ingredients. Its effects include minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores, improving uneven skin tone, it helps the skin look firmer and more glowy thanks to boosting collagen production, speeding up cell turnover and unclogging pores. Retinol is basically best friend of aging skin.
Retinol also can be broken down into other forms of vitamin A, such as retinyl palmitate, retinaldehyde, retinyl retinoate, and retinyl proprionate, which are often found in skincare products. They're not as powerful as pure retinol but gentler to use on regular basis yet they still work their magic on the skin, just a bit slower.
I've tried couple of products with Vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) and liked how they worked for my skin so I was very excited to start testing the whole Retinol + range from Super Facialist. I've tried a few products from the brand before (post) and really liked them so I had high hopes for the new range.
Super Facialist Retinol range

Both, the day and night creams, include Retinyl Palmitate, milder version of retinol so they're most effective when combined with the serum from the range.
The day cream has a very subtle fresh scent and lightweight texture, it feels very hydrating on the skin but gets absorbed quickly creating a perfect base for under makeup.
It also contains hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, moisturising Shea Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil, anti-oxidant rich White Tea extract to help stimulate cell regeneration and boost collagen production, White Lupin seeds extract helps to improve skin's firmness and elasticity, Vitamin E - powerful anti-oxidant.
I was a bit concerned with the Shea Butter as it can clog my pores if it's in high concentration in a skincare product but I haven't experienced anything major while using this day cream, apart from that odd breakout which could be caused by anything, from having bad diet days to monthly hormonal changes.
Overall I'm really enjoying this day cream, it's the perfect mixture between lightweight and nourishing, without being greasy or taking ages to sink in.
The ingredients list of the night cream is similar to day cream with a few differences, there's no Shea Butter but there's Sweet Almond Oil, a highly moisturising, firming and skin protective ingredient.
It also contains Retinyl Palmitate.
It's a richer cream then the day time one but it still gets absorbed by the skin well without being greasy or heavy. It has the same subtle scent. It makes my skin feel very well hydrated, soft and plump.

Super Facialist Retinol range

The serum from this range, apart from similar ingredients to the night cream, contains Retinol which is the more powerful form of Vitamin A. It comes in a air-tight tube with a pump which is the ideal packaging for products with retinol which can be broken down when exposed to sun light and air.
The texture of the serum is very lightweight and it gets absorbed immediately without leaving any residue.
I've been using the whole range of products for about a month, starting slowly with the day cream for a few days, then adding night cream and then the serum which I use only at night time before applying the moisturiser. The brand advices to start using products containing retinol only a few times a week, then progressing to every other day and eventually use them every day when the skin gets used to active ingredients.
My skin has got used to some forms of retinol before already so I went straight to using the products every day. I haven't had any bad reaction to this range, no irritation or peeling associated with using products with retinol. The range is quite gentle in my opinion and great for beginners but also good people who are used to retinol.
I haven't used the range for long enough to see the real anti-aging benefits, also, I don't have lots of wrinkles to see the difference but what I have noticed after using these products for 4 weeks is that my skin is very well hydrated and plumped, it looks nicely glowing and my pores appear slightly smaller.
Considering the very wallet friendly price of these products and a nice list of ingredients backing up the anti-aging and firming claims I think it's a great range to try for all of you seeing the first signs of skin aging.
Do you use products with retinol?
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