Friday, 28 July 2017

Trialling... Klorane hair care products

I've gone from rarely talking about hair products on my blog to having new ones every month :) I'm guessing my hair might be in a disastrous state so people keep trying to rescue it giving me a chance to try their fabulous products, haha!
Jokes aside, I've been testing for the last few weeks some products from Klorane and today I want to talk to you about them.
Klorane hair care products  

Klorane is a French brand specializing in hair care for over 30 years who designs all their products to be in harmony with nature. Made from carefully selected pure plant extracts their products provide gentle, natural solutions to every type of hair care and scalp problem you may have.

Klorane Soothing and Anti-irritating Shampoo with Peony
Because of me washing my hair almost every day my scalp gets a bit itchy at times and while I don't have a major problem with dandruff I do find my scalp gets irritated every now and then. After testing SLS free shampoo a while back and seeing how well it worked for me I've decided to use it more frequently, especially after dying my hair, but I still wanted to give the Klorane products a go. And 'hello peony', the perfect blogger cliché products :)
Both products are very gentle and have subtle peony scent which unfortunately doesn't really linger on my hair. The shampoo cleanse my hair thoroughly and gets rinsed off effortlessly.
The conditioner surprised me with how runny it is because I'm used to thicker formulations. It does have gel-like consistency and I literally apply it directly onto my scalp and run it through the lengths of my hair. I was worried that it will make my hair looks greasy or weigh it down but that doesn't happen. It's not as nourishing as my other conditioners but it still leaves my hair soft and tangle free.
Together with the shampoo it really helps my scalp to feel comfortable and I haven't had those embarrassing moments when you just need to desperately scratch your head, haha!
The conditioner contains Lactic Acid so it works mildly exfoliating on the scalp which I think it's one of the reason why it helps with the itchiness and irritation as it restores the healthy skin on our head.
I've been also sent another conditioner which is perfect for the whole family, with soothing and protecting oatmilk extract which ensures that the hair is well moisturised, whilst also respecting the natural balance of the scalp. I use this conditioner only though the lengths of my hair, it has a bit richer consistency then the other one but it's still very lightweight yet it adds moisture to my hair leaving them soft and shiny.
Seeing as this range is very gentle I will buy the shampoo to use it on my boys' hair as they have curly, unruly hair :)

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
I've said many times before that I am not a dry shampoo fan, I've tried some in the past and really disliked them, I rather wash my hair. But I am also trying to train my hair to go longer between washes so a good shampoo would be a godsend.
I was excited to be sent two different dry shampoos from Klorane range, which award winning formulations are made up of beneficial botanical extracts and powerful oil absorbing micronized powders, and have been testing them out.
They're both very gentle, have very light subtle scent, don't feel heavy or sticky and do really leave my hair feeling and looking refreshed. I like to spray my roots with the dry shampoo just before going to sleep and let it stay on my hair throughout the night and brush it out in the morning.
I have to say though that even the Dry Shampoo for the dark hair still leaves a bit of grey-ish residue in my hair if I apply too much in one place. So even though I'm still not completely sold out on the dry shampoo idea I think these two are one of the best I've tried.
All Klorane products are currently on offer on Escentual website so if you want to stock up on your favourites now's the perfect time :)
Have you used Klorane products?

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