Monday, 3 July 2017

Testing out new makeup tools from BrushWorks and new beauty website to check out

If you're a beauty junkie like me, chances are that you spend majority of your free time browsing beauty websites and what's better then discovering new ones that offer you a good selection of beauty products with free delivery on every order! ( I hate delivery charges, haha!)
Face. is a new website worth checking out if you want to get some new makeup tools from brands like Real Techniques, So Eco, Beauty Blender, false lashes from brands like Eylure, Koko Lashes, House Of Lashes, or explore products from brands like Violet Voss which aren't widely available in UK.
I was kindly sent a few product, which you can find on the website, and after giving them  a good test I'm ready to share my thoughts on them with you.
makeup brushes and sponges from BrushWorks

makeup brushes and sponges from BrushWorks

I had wanted to try those hairbrush-like makeup brushes since forever but seeing as the original Artis brushes are very expensive and having not the best experience with some of the 'dupes' from eBay it took me a long time to finally get my hands on some of them.
This set of 3 brushes seemed perfect for me to explore the different technique of applying my makeup products.
The large brush, extremely dense and soft, with very solidly made handle works perfect for applying liquid foundation, especially those with thicker consistency as it distributes it evenly with very little effort in literally seconds.
I don't think I will replace my beauty blender with this brush anytime soon but I do actually reach for it when applying my full coverage foundations as I like how quickly the brush blends them into the skin, sometimes I like to go over with my makeup sponge just to erase any brush streaks but overall it's a good makeup brush.

I was excited to try the small brushes even more, the long thin one intrigued me the most as it seemed like it would be perfect to contour my nose with it and I was right, it makes contouring small areas super quick and easy.

The least exciting is the small round brush, it claims to be good for applying eyeshadows with it but I won't be replacing my traditional eye brushes with it for sure. But I did find a use for it, it works well at blending concealer over blemishes or any other imperfections.

makeup brushes and sponges from BrushWorks

makeup brushes and sponges from BrushWorks

Original Beauty Blender will forever be my most loved makeup tool for applying my foundation and concealer but I'm always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives as £15 for a sponge, which I usually need to change every 3 months, is not exactly cheap. So I thought I will test this set of sponges to see how they compare and if I'm satisfied with their performance.
I have to say that they're really good makeup sponges, I use them in exactly the same way I would Beauty Blender, dampened and using stippling motion when applying products. They expand a lot when under the water, are very soft and bouncy and what's the best is that they're the right size to not only apply foundation all over the face with them but also absolutely perfect to blend concealer under the eyes.
The purple one is my favourite out of the 4 simply because the bigger end works very well to apply the foundation with and the small end fits incredibly well under my eyes so blending out my concealer is a doddle. I've used the sponge almost every day for the last month and although there is a little crack in the sponge, caused by my nails as I am not super gentle when washing them, it's still going strong.
If you're looking for some new makeup sponges that are a bit more budget friendly and are perfect for under the eyes then I highly recommend checking out this set.
Have you tried the hairbrush-like makeup brushes? Do you use any other makeup sponges that are good alternative for a Beauty Blender?

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