Friday, 21 July 2017

My way to unwind after a busy/stressful day

Taking the time to unwind and relax after a busy or stressful day is very important and, in my books, essential. I make sure I have some time to myself most evenings when there's no more work and the kids are asleep so I can really zone out and recharge my batteries for the next day. I feel really sorry for people who can't stop working till the moment they just fall asleep from exhaustion. Our mental health is as important as anything else so taking even half an hour in the evening to completely relax should be one of our priorities.
Everyone is different though and everyone relax in their own way but for me is all about peaceful moments, awaking my senses with beautiful scents and giving my body a bit of a pamper.

Living Sea Therapy body wash and hand lotion

As soon as my kids are asleep there's time for me to relax, so it doesn't matter if there's a pile of ironing to do, the floors need scrubbing or I need to write a blog post, I have to take some time to myself. And right after removing my makeup and cleansing my face (check my night time skincare routine) is the time to hop under the shower. I know lots of people associate taking baths with relaxing but for me is shower all the way. Refreshing and invigorating but at the same time calming and relaxing. I like to use products that are not only good for my skin but also smell amazing to add to the pleasure. And lately I've been using products from Living Sea Therapy with beautiful, fresh scent which makes me think of SPA and they care well for my skin too.
Living Sea Therapy Body Wash*, £17 for 200ml
Rich gel-like body wash contains patented Living Sea Complex which combines distilled Cornish Sea Salt Minerals and a trio of wild Cornish Atlantic seaweeds abundant in vitamins, minerals and amino acids known to help increase hydration and improve skin elasticity. Added combination of grapefruit and eucalyptus pure aromatherapy oils is all about stimulating, energising and uplifting. The gel lathers very well and leaves my skin clean, subtly fragranced and not stripped from moisture.

Beautifully lightweight, fast absorbing formula which contains seaweed, with its high concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants combined with Living Sea Complex to renew the skin’s natural barrier whilst leaving it super smooth and soft.  A blend of mandarin, cedar wood and linden pure essential oils releases a sea fresh fragrance. And although this is specifically aimed at hands I use this lotion all over my body and it works perfectly well to keep my skin hydrated and soft. It leaves subtle fresh scent on my skin which lingers for a while.
Arum London Candle
Once I'm all clean and fresh it's time to set up the mood for the next step of relaxation, so I make myself a cup of herbal tea or pour a glass of wine, depending on the stress levels, haha and light a candle so it will fill my room with beautiful aroma. And the one I've been enjoying the most in the last few weeks is the  Arum London Candle*, £34, in Fig + Cassis scent.
Arum London is a small company who brought out new candles to the market. Hand poured, they contain blend of perfumes and essential oils, free of any parabens and 100% natural, paraffin-free wax.
I love the simple yet elegant frosted glass jar with pink and rose gold details, very blogger-like.
The scent is cosy and sweet-ish without being overpowering, makes me think of a warm, balmy Summer evening in Italy. The fragrance is quite subtle but you can definitely feel it's a natural candle as there's nothing artificial about the scent. The wax burns off evenly and the candle should give you up to 40 hrs of burning time. I don't splurge on candles but having one that is definitely more luxurious adds a special touch to my evenings.
To take my relaxing evening to another level I like to apply a face mask or do my manicure. I have recently talked about products I use during my pamper evenings so I don't want to repeat myself but will mention two new face masks in my stash which I've been loving using lately.
Merumaya Mud Marvel Mask, £19.50 for 50ml
It contains activated charcoal and ground volcanic ash which draw out impurities, deeply detoxify and purify the skin. Natural AHA Complex (Lactic, Citric, Malic, Glycolic Acids) gently exfoliates the skin for smoother and more luminous complexion.
Complex of nourishing oils including: Oat Oil( rich in skin identical lipids including ceramides),   Sweet Almond Oil (rich source of Vitamin E) and Cocoa butter support the skin’s natural lipid barrier, keep it moisturised, soft and smooth. I absolutely adore this face mask, it's like a quick facial at home, it leaves my skin clearer, smoother, pores appear smaller and it's not drying like some clay masks can be.
Enriched with marine micro-algae (eliminates oxidised proteins and improve skin radiance), this Refining Facial Polisher refines texture, and brightens tone (thanks to Lactobionic and Exotic Fruit acids), cleanses and purifies (Hungarian Moor Mud, rich in calcium and magnesium) while natural pumice exfoliates dead skin cells, smoothing and helping regenerate the skin.
This is a super quick yet effective mask which leaves my skin smoother and more radiant without stripping it out from moisture. I have only a deluxe sample but might need to start saving to buy a full size in the near future, haha!
While having my mask on, sipping on wine or tea I usually catch up on blog reading or watch some YouTube videos, anything that makes me feel relaxed and takes the stress of the day completely away.
What's your unwind routine like? Is it similar to mine?
*PR sample


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