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Loving lately

So this post was supposed to be published a week ago but I didn't manage to write it on time, I was very busy and with the heat wave last week in UK I just couldn't motivate myself to sit down and blog. So the impromptu blogging break happened. Anyway, with a little delay, I'm here today to tell you what I've been loving lately.

latest beauty and lifestyle favourites

I have to start with something that it's a big deal for me, I have gotten myself a job, first time after having my children (my older son is 6 already). I always knew I want to be with my children at home until they start full time education so I'm not regretting any of that time and I appreciate the fact I was able to do that. But with my younger son starting school in September I knew it's time for me to find some job that will not only bring some extra income for my family but also be something I will enjoy doing. I have a degree in Chemistry and I used to teach back in my country, and even though I thought I will pursue my teaching career here in UK it didn't happen and, frankly, I don't feel like doing it anymore. In the last 3 years, thanks to this blog, my passion for beauty has grown significantly and I had been thinking of doing something in that area. I wasn't sure what could it be but after searching for any possible part-time jobs I came across beauty advisors vacancies and I realised that this kind of job would be perfect. So, even though I had never worked in retail before, I got myself a job as a No7 beauty advisor in my local Boots and it made me so happy and excited. It's a small store so apart from being the No7 advisor I need to look after the self selection makeup stands (Rimmel, L'Oreal, Maybelline, etc.), fragrance and beauty electricals which make the job busier and more fun. I have to say that so far I'm really enjoying it, I love talking to my customers, advising them on skincare and makeup, doing little makeovers.
So even though my life has gotten busier and I have less time for blogging and just 'me time' I'm really loving this new chapter in my life!

Sun Chlorella 'A' Food Supplement*, 20 sachets, £21.95

Sun Chlorella 'A' Food Supplement

I don't take food supplements regularly, I do believe that most of the time, with healthy diet, we are able to get all the nutrients and vitamins from our food. But there are times when I feel I need something extra and with starting my job and basically having no days off (I work mostly weekends) because it's either school runs, errands and housework or the actual work, I had been feeling very tired. So when I was offered to try Chlorella supplements I agreed without hesitation. My husband is  a big fan of these supplements and have been taking them every now and then for a few years and always comments how much more energetic and just better in general he feels when he's taking them but I actually never tried them before.

Chlorella is the most popular green food supplement taken in Japan - one of the healthiest nations on Earth.
Sun Chlorella® ‘A’ is a natural and nutritious single-celled green algae food supplement. Whole foods, such as chlorella, contain a broad spectrum of nutrients perfectly designed by nature, not science. This means that your body receives small amounts of complete nutrition, nourishing all systems within the body, as opposed to a large dose of a specific synthetic supplement designed to target just one or two functions. That is why we call it whole food for your whole body.

Chlorella is a fresh water single-cell green algae, a natural whole food that contains a spectrum of nutrients including Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Folic Acid. If you're interested in reading more about Chlorella I direct you to this article which is quite interesting.

I have been sent a sample of 20 sachets of daily dosage of the supplement to be taken ideally with the food so the nutrients are well absorbed. If you like having smoothies then this form of the supplement is perfect to add to the mixture, I don't do them every day so I'd prefer to take tablets as they're just easier. The Chlorella has a specific smell and taste, it's  not horrible but it's not amazing neither, it just tastes like green food, haha, I know, not very helpful. When mixed in with a green/fruit smoothie you can hardly feel anything but if you try it on its own then it doesn't taste very nice.

Anyway, I have finished my supplement already and I have to say that I've been feeling a difference, I'm not as sluggish and tired all the time and I will definitely repurchase the Sun-Chlorella but in a tablets version this time. I just wish the supplement would help me manage my time better, haha, as it's something I've been struggling with since starting the job.

If you're looking for some good, natural food supplement to improve your overall health and wellbeing then I highly recommend trying out the Sun-Chlorella.

I'm hand cream obsessed, use them multiple times a day and have to have them around me all the time or I get really anxious, haha! So when the lovely Megan from Pure Public Relations asked if I want to try some hand creams I agreed without hesitations.
Dr Ceuticals hand creams are formulated with aging skin in mind and are boosted with anti-ageing Coenzyme Q10 and a Pro Collagen peptide to help to intensly moiturise and replenish lost moisture and suppleness to hands.
De-Age Cream contains SPF 15 to protect the skin from sun damage and brightens any dark spots.
Both creams are rich in glycerine which is highly moisturising and protective. They are not greasy and sink into the skin in seconds without leaving any residue.
If you take a serious care of your hands, and you should as they're the first body parts showing the sign of our age, then you might want to invest in these hand creams to not only keep your hands soft and hydrated but also looking younger for longer.

Megan also sent me these cute hand creams which not only are looking adorable, have the perfect size for having them in my handbags but are also deeply moisturising and smell incredible. I want to get a perfume that smells like the Orange Blossom & Mandarin cream :)
Formulated with Glycerin, conditioning Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut and Sweet Almond oil blend to help nourish, protect and smooth hands.
They're both not greasy and fast absorbing and leave a subtle scent on my hands for some time which I find it quite pleasant. There are other scents variation in this range of hand creams so I urge you to check them out when you're next shopping in Boots :)

MAC Fruity Juicy Pearlmatte Face Powder 'Oh My, Passion', sold out

MAC Fruity Juicy Pearlmatte Face Powder 'Oh My, Passion'

I shouldn't include a product that is not available to purchase anymore (apart from some eBay sellers having it at much higher price) but I've been really loving using this bronzer/blush/highlighter limited edition powder from MAC.
First of all, from the packaging to the embossing, the product is gorgeous but it also applies and looks beautiful on the skin. Because of the design of this powder is hard to pick only one shade to apply it on the skin so I just swirl my bronzing brush in all the shades which results in a pretty peachy nude shade with some glow to it. I use it as my blush or on top of my bronzer or on its own for those minimal makeup days when I still want some colour  and definition to my cheeks but without having to use three different products.
Swatch in the photo below was done using duo-fibre brush and you can see how subtle the colour and effect is but it can be built up to higher intensity.

MAC Fruity Juicy Pearlmatte Face Powder 'Oh My, Passion', NYX Suede Lip Liner in Soft Spoken
From left: No7 Stay Perfect Lipsticks in Blushing Tulip, Pomegranate, NYX Suede Lip Liner in Soft Spoken, MAC Fruity Juicy Pearlmatte Face Powder 'Oh My, Passion'
I have spoken about this powder in my recent post about my under eye setting powders so I won't go into too many details but, shortly, it's a fabulous setting powder which doesn't look dry or cakey on the skin, it has beautiful satin finish on the skin and it sets makeup perfectly. If your skin is very oily this might not be enough to control the shine all day but for dry/normal/combination skin types this is a fantastic powder which also lightly blurs large pores and fine lines.

I know, another No7 product but believe me, I'm not biased, I was just 'forced' to explore the range since starting working for the brand and I'm truly amazed how many fantastic products they have but no one talks about them. This range of lipsticks is my favourite from the brand, not only they look pretty and elegant in their gun metal packaging but the formula is really good. They're extremely pigmented, the swatches in above photo are one swipes only, very opaque on the lips, they last many hours before needing a touch up (it depends what you eat in the meantime) yet they're very comfortable on, they don't dry out my lips, neither bleed outside the lip line. I just wish they had more different colours in the range but other then that I have no complaints and I can't believe I had never heard about them until I've discovered them at work. Next time you get those No7 coupons while shopping in Boots I highly recommend you check out the brand's makeup selection, you might be as pleasantly surprised as I am :)

Recently I started using lip liners more often as I've noticed my lips are not as defined as they're used to be and they really need some help so the lipstick doesn't look wonky, I've been testing some new additions to my collection and the new range of lip liners from NYX is really fantastic, they're very pigmented, creamy enough to glide on the lips without dragging but still last a long time and give great base for any lipstick. Shade Soft Spoken is a gorgeous deep nude which not only look great on its own but it pairs beautifully with all the lighter nude shades that need something underneath to not look like a concealer on my lips.

Nip & Fab Makeup Eyshadow Palette
Nip & Fab Makeup Eyshadow Palette swatches
Not long ago Nip & Fab has launched their makeup range and I bought a few bits to try them out. I have to say that I wasn't very impressed with everything but this eyeshadow palette is definitely worth having in your collection, especially if you need some basic matte shades. The quality is good, the eyeshadows are well pigmented, soft and blend well. They are a little powdery but not chalky and overall I've been really enjoying this little palette, especially for my everyday, simple eye looks. Unfortunately the darkest eyeshadow got smashed in my palette, (you can see in my first photo), it's actually quite a mystery, I don't know how that happened but I have a suspicion that one of my boys had something to do with it, LOL!
The above photo was taken before I used the palette but I didn't take swatches at that time so the swatches photo is missing the darkest brown unfortunately.
Anyway, I think it's a good quality palette with a nice selection of everyday, neutral shades and the price is wallet friendly as well.
So these are all my recent 'loves', hope you enjoyed reading about them. Tell me what have you been loving lately?
*PR sample


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