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Zoeva Basic Moment Collection

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you know that I am a big fan of Zoeva eyeshadow palettes and even though I resisted buying one of their latest palette Sweet Glamour because I knew I wouldn't use the pastel shades often enough to justify adding another palette to my ridiculously big collection, I couldn't resist getting the newest Zoeva Basic Moment palettes.
Both of them look just beautiful with neutral shades, perfect for everyday and the aesthetic packaging definitely sucked me in. So one day casually browsing Beauty Bay website, as you do when you're a beauty junkie, these palettes fell into my online basket and with a blink of my eye the checkout was completed, haha!
And here I am today to share with you my thoughts on these palettes.
Zoeva Basic Moment Collection

 Zoeva Basic Moment Blush Palette

Zoeva Basic Moment Blush Palette swatches
The palette consists of blush 'Yet To Come' - pretty light peachy coral with matte finish, highlighter 'Liquid Clock' - yellow gold with metallic sheen and bronzer 'Unfinished' - matte medium brown shade with warm undertones.
All the powders are smooth and soft but not powdery, they blend effortlessly on the skin and last without fading or getting patchy up to 10 hours on my cheeks.
I really love the bronzer as it has the perfect shade for my skin tone that I can add a bit of contour and definition with but it works equally well to bronze up my face.
The highlighter adds a lovely sheen to the skin and it's not as yellow when you blend it out as it looks in the pan. It can be built up to a higher intensity and it looks smooth without having any chunky bits.
The blush is very subtle so it would suit even very fair skin tones, I need to built it up quite a bit if I want it to be more visible on my cheeks.
Overall it's a pretty and very usable cheek palette with all three shades looking well together.

Zoeva Basic Moment Eyeshadow Palette
The eyeshadow palette consists of 10 shades, 5 matte and 5 satin/shimmers grouped in 2 columns/rows which look very pleasing to the eye as the pairs in both columns go together in terms of colour. The palette looks beautiful when you look at it, with plenty of matte shades to complement the shimmers and create a complete eye look. There are lighter shades for highlighting the inner corner or brow bone and darker shades to add more definition.
When I first swatched all the shades I absolutely loved them but once I used brushes to create my eye looks I felt a bit underwhelmed. There's nothing wrong with the formula of these eyeshadows, they're silky smooth and very well pigmented, they blend without effort and last all day on my eyes. But the matte shades are quite light and when used with fluffy brush they need lots of building to show up on my skin tone. Anyone with darker skin tone then mine will probably struggle to make them work for them. The darkest shade in the palette is very cool toned and it looks practically grey on the eyes. The whole palette leans towards cool tones even though it might not look like this at first. The two light satin shades in the right side column are beautiful but on my skin tone they just look the same on the eyes, it's hard to distinguish the subtle yellow or pink tones to them.
Below swatches were done without any base product, on bare skin and are double swipes. If you want to see how the shades perform over an eyeshadow primer take a look at the photo on my Instagram.
Zoeva Basic Moment Eyeshadow Palette swatches
From left (all these shades are matte):
Make It Last - off white, fantastic pigmentation,
Here To Stay - very light peachy beige, almost invisible on my skin tone when used with fluffy brush,
Never Ending - cool toned beige, it works really well for contouring the eye socket,
New Era - light caramel shade, my favourite from the mattes, adds subtle warmth to the eye,
Ever - very cool toned ashy brown, adds good definition to the eye, can be used to fill in the brows.
Zoeva Basic Moment Eyeshadow Palette swatches
From left:
Yet To Come - pale yellow cream with subtle satin sheen to it,
Liquid Clock - very pale pink pearl with satin finish,
Unfinished - true gold with metallic finish,
Waiting - deep bronze with metallic finish,
Nostalgic - taupe grey with metallic finish.
I've created only 4 eye looks with this palette and almost all turned out quite cool toned so that is something to bear in mind if you prefer warmer tones in your makeup.
The quality of this palette is very good, just like other Zoeva palettes, but I'm not in love with the shades selection, I'm already bored with it even though I only used it a handful of times.
If you love very subtle eye makeup, like cool tones and delicate shimmers then you would probably enjoy this palette. But if you are like me and like to experiment more with your eye looks then I think this palette is not exciting enough to do that.
Below I compared three Zoeva palettes with neutral selection of shades to give you some other options if you're looking for a nice everyday palette.

Zoeva neutral eyeshadow palettes
Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette, (review), upper left side of the photo, is a perfect example of a neutral palette with some fun shades in it. Also it's definitely more warm toned then the Basic Moment palette and the matte shades are more intense on the eyes.
Zoeva Naturally Yours palette, right side of the photo, is one of my favourite everyday palettes with the perfect shade selection from matte cream to black, with some deep matte brown shades and a few shimmery lid colours.
What are your thoughts on the new Zoeva Basic Moment collection? Do you find it slightly less exciting then some other palettes or does it appeal to you with those cooler toned subtle shades?



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