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Tarte Maneater Makeup Collection from QVC, the set you don't want to miss

Tarte is a brand that all the beauty junkies from this side of The Atlantic had to admire from afar for the longest time. But finally we're able to get our hands on most of their products because not only Tarte website ships internationally but also QVC website stocks a wide selection of their products.
I've tried a few bits from the brand over the last couple of years but of course I've been tempted to try more, not that I actually need any new piece of makeup, LOL!
When QVC had the TSV offer (Today's Special Value) on the Tarte Maneater Makeup Collection a  few weeks ago I just couldn't resist a little treat to myself.
I wasn't planning on reviewing the set on my blog, mostly because it sold out within a few days but recently I noticed that it went back in stock on the website and I just needed to tell you about it because, in my opinion, it's brilliant.
(Update: unfortunately on the day of publishing the post most of the available shades of the foundations are out of stock again, but keep an eyes on the website as they should be restocking the set).
Tarte Maneater Makeup Collection from QVC

The Maneater Makeup Collection includes 7 full size products and a high quality makeup bag and comes in a decorative purple box. If you would have bought all the items separately from the Tarte website, excluding the eyeshadow brush and the bag, the total cost would come to almost £140! Yet the set costs only £60 + p&p on QVC website. If that's not a good deal then I don't know what is :) If you're tempted to try all the products, that is!
I know that the gold and purple leopard pattern might not be to everybody's taste but I like it, it's fun and it looks pretty on my vanity.
Maneater Eyshadow Palette
Tarte Maneater palette

Tarte Maneater palette
One of the reason to get the set is this beautiful eyeshade palette which was a limited edition and it's not available separately anymore. It contains 7 eyeshadows, 4 mattes, 1 satin and 2 shimmery and face highlighter which, of course can be used on the eyes as well. The formula of these eyeshadows is really good, they're all very nicely pigmented, the mattes are fantastic, they blend like a dream and stay without creasing all day, bear in mind that I always use some sort of base/primer underneath my eyeshadows, even if it's just a bit of foundation/concealer set with dusting of a powder. The face highlighter has some specks of glitter so it's not my favourite formula but once well blended into the skin it looks pretty. It's perfect for the eyes though.
I can't stop using this palette, it's my perfect everyday choice as it has all the essential shades I usually reach for when creating daytime eye look, it's nice and small, perfect for travelling and even it has a mirror if you need one to do your makeup.
Purr is that perfect shade to apply in the crease or dust all over the eye lids for a very quick eye look. Passion is a gorgeous very light peach shade with beautiful sheen that looks elegant on the eyes without being too shimmery or flat matte.
I'm totally in love with this palette and it's my favourite item out of this whole set! And the eyeshadows have a delicious subtle scent of vanilla chocolate! Yumm!
The palette comes with duo-ended eyeshadow brush which might not be my first choice when applying my eyeshadows but it's a good quality brush and you can definitely use it and still achieve perfectly blended eye look.
Tarte Lip Sculptor Lipstick, shade Kind
My second favourite product from the Maneater set is this beautiful duo ended lipstick with lipgloss. I don't care much about the lipgloss as I just don't like them in general, and although this Tarte offering is not too bad, well pigmented and not overly sticky I rarely reach for it.
But the lipstick is fantastic! Amazingly creamy and hydrating yet it lasts easily 4 hours, even with some drinking and light eating in the meantime. The formula is very pigmented and opaque in one swipe, it doesn't bleed outside the lip line, it wears off very evenly and it smells like vanilla cupcake :) The shade Kind is a gorgeous deep rosy nude, my kind of everyday shade that goes with pretty much any makeup look and complements the shades in the eyeshadow palette really well.
Just like the palette, I can't seem to stop using this lipstick!
Tarte Maneater mascara
The mascara promises intense pigment for 23x more volume powered by lash-strengthening jojoba and carnauba wax. It doesn't give me as much volume but it definitely adds some and makes my lashes look thicker and more defined, it doesn't make them look significantly longer though. The formula is neither too wet or dry and it doesn't smudge or flake on my eyes. The brush, quite thick with short bristles, coats evenly lashes and doesn't clump them together, it's also easy to get right to the roots of the lashes with it.
I really like this mascara, it's not something I would repurchase in a heartbeat but, in general, I stick to drugstore mascaras because they're good enough for me.
Tarte Maneater eye pencil
I love how every time I take the lid off the pencil there's freshly sharpened tip, how cool!
The eye liner itself has a very creamy, gel-like formula that glides across the lid without tugging or dragging and it's pretty long lasting. On my lash line it lasts all day, if I use it on my water line I need to reapply it throughout the day but rarely any eye pencil lasts all day on my water line. The tip of the pencil is not precise enough to create a winged liner, in my opinion, but it's perfect to line your lash line. Even though Tarte claims it contains triple black pigment I don't find it extremely black which doesn't bother me but it's worth mentioning if you love your eye liner to be super dark.
Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

Tarte Maneater Makeup Collection from QVC swatches
From left: Lip Sculptor Lipgloss and Lipstick in shade Kind, Maneater Eye Pencil, Amazonian Clay Foundation in shade Light Sand
I had wanted to try the Amazonian Clay foundation for a long time so the fact that the set included it was just perfect.
The texture of it is quite thick and mousse-y but, surprisingly very lightweight on the skin once blended in. The coverage is medium, buildable to full and the finish semi-matte, looking quite natural on the skin, especially once the natural skin's oils come through.
My skin is quite normal with slightly oilier T-Zone and I find the foundation controls the oils really well throughout the day, if I'm pushed for time I can go all day without blotting my skin but ideally I do so to avoid the 'too dewy look' at some point.
The foundation claims to last 12 hours and I think it's pretty long lasting but it wears off around my nose and on the chin after about 6 hours so I do need to wear primer and set it with a powder to ensure it lasts better then that.
The formula of this foundation is more suited towards people with normal to oily skin types, I think, and even though the foundation is not drying at all it does accentuate dry patches so people with very dry skin might struggle to make it look flawless on them.
I find the best method of applying this foundation is with a dense, large buffing brush, like the one included in set (the buffer brush), which does an amazing job at blending out the foundation all over the face in seconds. The brush is really fantastic at buffing the foundation in so it looks seamless and the skin almost like airbrushed.
I like the foundation, especially as it's enriched with Amazonian Clay, like most Tarte products, so it has some skincare benefits for the skin as well but it's not my favourite out of all the foundations I've tried (the Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation is still winning).
What do you think of this Tarte Maneater Makeup Collection set? Would you be tempted to get it?
Have you tried any of these Tarte products?


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