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My current night time skincare routine

Even though I consider myself a skincare enthusiast and someone who loves trying new products I don't talk very often about it on my blog. Reason being I like to stick to certain routines for at least 4, 5 weeks before changing something up or swapping to new products, as this way I know exactly how my skin reacts to everything and if the products are working well for me. I also don't like to use too many products at once for the same reason.
For over a month I tested Perricone MD H2 Elemental Energy range which I used morning and evening, after that time I decided to use these products only in the morning as they're absolutely perfect for that thanks to their lightweight formulas and have introduced some new products into my evening skincare routine. I started slowly testing new products just to be sure I don't have any bad reaction to any of them and at this moment I have completely swapped to these ones for my evening regime.
Night time skincare routine fo rmature skin

Some of these products are old favourites but a few are completely new to me so because I've not used them long enough to review them in a comprehensive way I will share with you only my first impressions and just want to show you what I've been using on my face at night time.
I also use some face treatments and face masks alongside these products as my weekly pamper sessions but that's a subject for another blog post :)

Eye makeup remover: Garnier Micellar Water, £3.29
I always start my evening skincare routine with removing my eye makeup and the Garnier Micellar Water has been probably my most repurchased skincare product, it just works perfectly well for me, especially on days that I don't wear very heavy waterproof makeup which is most days. It's effective and very affordable. It doesn't irritate my eyes in the slightest nor make them blurry like some other eye makeup removers, especially those containing oils. If there's any stubborn eye liner left between my lashes then I just follow with a tiny bit of my cleansing oil which will melt off any makeup residue.

Makeup remover: Palmer's Facial Cleansing Oil, £7.99 (192ml)
To remove the rest of my face makeup I adore using cleansing oils, at the moment I'm loving the Palmer's offering which not only it's very gentle yet effective, smells absolutely delicious like some chocolate-y goodness but it also contains Argan Oil, Apricot Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Soybean Oil and Grape Seed Oil to nourish and hydrate the skin.
The Cleansing Oil is free of parabens, phthalates and dyes, it's very affordable and it comes with a pump! I massage one pump of the oil onto my face and neck and then remove it with wet (not soaking wet though) face cloth/muslin and I'm left with makeup free and soft skin.

Night time cleansers, Palmer's Cleansing Facial Oil, Merumaya Melting Cleansing Blam

2nd cleanse: Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm, £17.50 for 100ml
Obviously there has to be a second cleanse to be sure not only my makeup was removed but also my skin is thoroughly cleansed. I do changed my cleansers quite frequently, more so then my serums or moisturisers and alternate between a few an daily basis but for the last couple of weeks I've been using up my Merumaya Cleansing Balm samples and I absolutely adore this cleanser. It has a rich consistency of a balm/gel which transforms into oil once massaged onto the skin. It smells heavenly, so relaxing and comforting and it's just a pleasure to use and also much more affordable then some other cleansing balms I've tried and loved.
It contains Sweet Almond Oil, Echium Oil and Mangosteen Fruit Extract which not only help to remove makeup, dirt and grime from the skin but also nourish and hydrate it. And I really love that the Cleansing Balm comes in a tube so it's more hygienic and convenient to use it. I squeeze about a large pea size of the balm on my fingers and massage it onto my dry skin, then add a bit of water so the balm turns into a milk and I remove it with a dampened face cloth for the ultimate pleasure but you could also rinse it with a water. The Balm leaves my skin feeling very clean but also super soft and hydrated and without any greasy or waxy residue.

Acid tonner: Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads, £7.45 (60 pads)
For years I've been using acid tonners in my evening skincare routine to gently exfoliate my skin on daily basis and for the last month I've been reaching for the Nib + Fab Pads which are very convenient to use and good enough to keep my skin smooth and glowing between deeper exfoliation treatments which I do 1-2 times a week. I prefer the Night version of the pads as they're a bit stronger (they're not extremely strong by any means though) then the regular ones and that's what I need for my, well accustomed to acid peels, skin. They contain 5% Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid alongside Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid.

Serum: Facetheory Regenacalm Serum, £34.99, currently on offer for £18.99
Facethory is a brand I came across couple of years ago when they first launched their products but hardly ever hear about them now, yet they keep bringing out good skincare products created without parabens or any other possibly toxic ingredients, don't test on animals and are very affordable.
I bought the Regenacalm Serum at least 6 months ago but only now I'm getting around to trying it (beauty junkie and blogger problems).

Aqua, glycerin, glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice) extract, dillweed peucedanum graveolens, l-ascorbic acid, sodium hyaluronate, tocopherol, ferulic acid, retinol (retinyl palmitate), aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf juice, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin.

The ingredients list is very impressive, in my opinion, and there are only just a few which is perfect for those of us who likes our skincare to be natural and simple yet effective.
The serum contains:
- 2% retinol to regenerate and repair, it's a fabulous anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredient,
- Dill extract to regenerate elastin and liquorice extract to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation,
- Vitamin C - nature's best anti-oxidant to fight blemishes, scars and free radicals. Ferulic acid and Vitamin E help to keep it stable which also happen to be powerful anti-oxidants,
- Aloe Vera to soothe the skin with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
- Hyaluronic Acid, it draws water to the surface of the skin, keeping it soft, supple, and hydrated. It’s also a helpful way to make sure other ingredients penetrate deep into the epidermis.

The texture of the serum is very liquid-y, it has very faint yellow colours and subtle herbal scent, It absorbs into the skin very quickly without leaving any residue behind.
I have been using the serum for the last 3 weeks and I've already noticed my skin looking smoother and brighter but will hold my final thoughts on it till a later date.

MOKOSH Skincare, Facetheory Regenacalm serum
My good friend Dorota and fellow beauty blogger (Beauty Drama Queen) has recently took over the management of an online shop selling natural skincare products The Natural Skincare and she kindly sent me some products to try. I haven't got around to testing everything out yet but I have started using some products from MOKOSH brand which creates products that are 100% certified organic, strictly free of preservatives and other synthetic ingredients, and made using pure, ethically sourced botanicals.
Eye Cream: MOKOSH Green Tea Corrective Eye Cream*, £34 for 30ml
It contains active extract of marine algae which prevents dilating of the blood vessels in the eye area, and caffeine which stimulates micro-circulation in the skin. Therefore, if used systematically, it reduces dark circles and puffs under the eyes. It also contains green tea extract which has strong anti-oxidant properties and delays the skin aging processes triggered by UV radiation. Sesame, argan and coconut oils regenerate and rebuild the damaged skin and give it long-lasting moisture.
Active ingredients: Green tea extract, Brown alga extract, Red alga extract, Caffeine, Argan oil, Sesame oil, Coconut oil, Hyaluronic acid.
The texture of the eye cream is quite rich but at the same time not heavy and it absorbs into the skin very quickly. It leaves my skin soft, supple and nourished. It has a very subtle herbal scent that dissipates quickly. I don't suffer with bad dark circles or under eye bags so can't comment on how effective it is with these issues but it certainly delivers in the hydrating department. I am using a 5ml sample which may seem like tiny but for an eye cream it's actually very decent size and I've noticed that there's only 3 months shelf life for this eye cream and with the 30ml of the full size I'm not sure you can use that up in such a short time.

Moisturiser: MOKOSH Smoothing Facial Cream*, £38.50 for 60ml

Some of ingredients are: exotic baobab oil that rejuvenates the top layers of your skin, and jojoba oil that softens the skin and rebuilds it’s hydrolipid layer. Additionally, active extracts from fig, flax and AQUAXYL™ with natural xylitol, will brighten, nourish and protect your skin from the unfavourable external factors.
Active ingredients: Fig extract, Flax extract, Cotton extract, AQUAXYL™ complex, Argan oil, Baobab oil, Jojoba oil, Macadamia oil, Sweet almond oil.
Similarly to the eye cream this face moisturiser feels rich yet it's not heavy or greasy on the skin. I absolutely love using it at night as it's like a nourishing protective layer for my skin. It leaves my skin very supple and hydrated, any dry patches disappear within couple of days and even though the texture is quite rich the cream doesn't clog my skin, neither makes my skin oily. It has a very subtle scent of figs and it's a pleasure to use it in the evening.

Facial Oil: MOKOSH Orange Firming Face and Body Elixir*, £22 for 100ml
Argan oil moisturises, nourishes, regenerates and detoxicates the skin. It is exceptionally rich in natural antioxidants that protect the skin against free radicals. Squalene content influences the skin lipid coat positively. ‚Macadamia oil contains oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, lecithin, group B vitamins, vitamin A and E, which are recognized as a œyouth complex. This oil soothes inflammation, regenerates cells and protects the skin against free radicals. It seals hydrolipid coat which enhances skin hydration and makes it velvety soft totouch. ‚· Essential orange oil fortifies connective tissue,regenerates and firms the skin.
To start with the scent of this elixir/facial oil is absolutely amazing, it smells like fresh oranges!  Some nights I use it on its own, some days mix a few drops with the moisturiser, depending if my skin feels like it needs extra nourishment. I especially love to use it after my weekly treatment of deep acid exfoliation as it really soothes my skin, hydrates it and leaves it plump and soft.

I have been sent this lash serum  a few months ago when I became a member of #lashgang and I've been using it ever since. It was especially helpful to maintain healthy lashes after my LVL lash treatment . I've not noticed my lashes being longer or thicker after using it daily for over 3 months but they're definitely stronger so I'm happy to have this serum in my routine.
Have you used any of these products? Do you stick to a certain skincare routine for some time or do you tend to mix and match your products on daily basis?

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