Monday, 13 March 2017

Three fabulous overnight face masks

 I have well established morning and evening skincare routine and while I enjoy getting my skin ready in the morning for makeup and all the daily challenges that come with the radiation, pollution and dehydration, the night time is the perfect opportunity for a proper pamper. We don't need to worry about how shiny our skin looks or if the makeup will slide off in a matter of minutes, when we sleep our skin will benefit from all the goodness in the forms of overnight treatments which will help to restore and replenish it making it look plump, nourished and glowing in the morning.
Caudalie Moisturising Mask, Emma Hardie Instant Radiance Mask, DrBotanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Mask

I use lots of products and constantly introduce some new ones in my skincare routine, from cleansers to serums and facial oils. But my favourite products of all are face masks because they give a real boost to my skin and almost immediate results.
Today I want to share with you three face masks which I like to use as an overnight treatment, they all leave my skin very hydrated, plumped and glowing, perfectly ready to take on the day.

I've had this face mask for a long time (and talked about it a few times, check my post) and it's still one of my favourites for when my skin needs to be soothed and deeply hydrated. You can use it as your traditional mask, left on for 15-20 minutes or overnight, which I usually do as I like to make the most of all the good ingredients in any skincare product. The mask has never broken me out or clogged my pores. Every time I use it my skin feels very soft and hydrated in the morning, any fine lines are less visible and my makeup applies much better.
The mask is enriched with powerful, antioxidant-rich grape extracts – Vinolevure to soothe and strengthen the skin and Grape Seed Oil to nourish but also Hyaluronic Acid to attract and retain much needed moisture in the skin. The texture of the mask is of a lightweight moisturiser, I apply a thin layer all over my face and let it sink in.

Caudalie Moisturising Mask, Emma Hardie Instant Radiance Mask, DrBotanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Mask
From left: Caudalie, Emma Hardie, Dr Botanicals

This is an amazing face mask that can be used as a quick fix/boost to the skin or as an more intensive treatment left for a few hours or overnight. It's a rich, hydrating mask, that helps the skin to look more radiant and firm. It contains Peppermint Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Persea Fruit Extract which help to firm, nourish and tone the skin and luxurious Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, that makes the skin more radiant and plump. The texture of the mask is of a thicker moisturiser, it has the characteristic scent of the Moringa Claensing Balm if you've tried it, just less intense.
I love how the mask leave my skin feeling a bit tighter, but not in an uncomfortable way, my pores appear smaller and I have a glowing complexion. Fantastic treat for the skin before a big day, special occasion or any other time that I want my skin look its best.

DrBotanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Mask
Dr Botanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Mask*, RRP £67, use code CORNERBLOG at the checkout to buy it for only £19.99! (valid till the end of March)
Last but not least is this mask, in a pretty looking glass jar, although I do prefer tubes for hygienic reasons, which is the latest addition to my skincare stash but it has quickly become one of my favourites. I have tried the Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil (review) from this brand before and really enjoyed so I had high expectations of the Overnight Mask which were definitely met.
The key ingredients in this face mask are:
- Papaya, rich in minerals as well as Vitamin C, which regenerates skin cells and boosts skin radiance, it also contains an enzyme called papain that is responsible for skin whitening, exfoliating dead skin and repairing ageing skin.
- Jojoba Oil enhances skin's natural suppleness and elasticity,  it closely resembles sebum, a waxy substance produced by our skin glands, so it can act as a natural skin conditioner.
- Sweet Almond Oil is renowned for its soothing, softening and moisturising properties, containing essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, all essential for healthy skin.
The texture of this face mask is quite thin, a little goes a long way, it has subtle, pleasant scent which dissipates quickly. I've been using it 2, 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks and it hasn't caused me any breakouts or clogged my pores.
I apply a thin layer all over my face and leave it overnight, I wake up to nourished, plumped and soft skin. I also noticed that any blemishes get diminished and redness is gone. Brilliant overnight treatment and at great price at the moment (be sure to use CORNERBLOG** code at the checkout to get the advantage of the special offer).
Dr Botanicals products are vegan certified and are made of natural ingredients, all paraben and harmful preservatives free.
Do you use overnight face masks? Which ones are your favourite?
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