Monday, 27 March 2017

Perfect pairings, how to make any lipstick last longer and look prettier

Pairing a lip liner with a lipstick is nothing new but it seems like with all the lip kits coming to the market lately everyone seems to be using them more, including me. I've only ever used to reach for lip liner when wearing very bold lipstick to help it stay in place and although I've been buying some lip liners along the way I rarely used them. Until recently. One day I was just playing with makeup, as you do if you're beauty junkie, and have discovered a beautiful lip combo by pairing one of my favourite lip liners with a lipstick that I don't actually like on its own on me. And that encouraged me to experiment more with all the lipsticks that I've hardly been wearing because I'm just not a fan of them and start pairing them with different lip liners to create pretty combos.
Perfect pairs, lip liners plus lipsticks

Using a lip liner, especially with a creamy lipstick has many benefits:
- you can get crisper lip line by precisely lining your lips before applying lipstick,
- if you fill in your lips with lip liner your lipstick will last longer as it adheres better to it then to your bare lips, also blot your lips with tissue once the lipstick is on and then re-apply it to increase its longevity even further,
- you can add more colour and dimension to sheer lipsticks,
- and you can alter the shade of your lipstick by pairing it with different colour of lip liner.
Today I'm sharing with you 3 of my favourite lip liner + lipstick combos which I've been loving lately and thanks to this 'trick' I've been using lipsticks I didn't like much on their own.

Rimmel Eastend Snob plus Loreal Eva's Nude

Rimmel Eastend Snob plus Loreal Eva's Nude
If your beauty enthusiast I'm sure the Rimmel Lip Liner doesn't need introduction, gorgeous pink shade and nice, creamy, long lasting formula. I bought this L'Oreal lipstick a while ago but I really didn't like it on its own on me, too pale nude and too sheer. But paired with Eastend Snob it comes to life as a beautiful pink-y nude with a soft creamy finish and this combo lasts really well on the lips.
2. NYX Lip Liner Rosey Sunset + Laura Geller Pink Mink Lipstick in Pink Mink

NYX Lip Liner Rosey Sunset + Laura Geller Pink Mink Lipstick

NYX Lip Liner Rosey Sunset + Laura Geller Pink Mink Lipstick
If you haven't tried NYX lip liners you really should as they're great, very pigmented, stay on the lips for  along time but aren't very drying. Rosey Sunset is a beautiful coral shade which I decided to pair with the Laura Geller lipstick I got as a part of a set for Christmas, it's a soft coral, quite pretty on its own but sheerer then I'd like and it doesn't last well on the lips. Paired with the lip liner it reaches another lever as it looks more vibrant and it doesn't wear off as quickly while still providing hydration to the lips.

Essence lip liner Satin Mauve plus Maybelline lipstick Pink Fling

Essence lip liner Satin Mauve plus Maybelline lipstick Pink Fling
Essence make one of the best lip liners at the budget price, very creamy, almost hydrating and they cost only £1! They can be easily worn all over the lips on their own as they don't look nor feel very dry on the lips. I paired it with the Maybelline lipstick which I received as a PR sample some time ago but it's too pale pink for my liking but combined with the lip liner it gets the mauve undertones I like so much and of course it lasts much better with it too while still keeping lips soft and hydrated.
Do you usually pair your lipsticks with lip liners? What are your favourite combos?


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