Thursday, 2 March 2017

A few new products from Makeup Revolution

I haven't talked about any Makeup Revolution products on my blog for a long time so when I was kindly sent some new releases I thought I will share my thoughts on them with you.
Makeup Revolution, alongside their sister brands all gathered under TamBeauty umbrella, is well known for their very affordable yet, usually, good quality products and a hell of a lot of 'dupes' (check the Sweet Peach palette comparison post).
I've been a fan of the brand since they launched their first products almost 3 years ago and have bought and reviewed many of them. After a while though I couldn't keep up with their constant new launches and got a bit bored with the whole 'dupes' situation.
However I still think they have some awesome products in their range and you can't argue with their prices.
new products from Makeup Revolution, Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting palette, Makeup Revolution Silicone Eye Set, Makeup Revolution Fixing Spray

Pro Fix Illuminating Fixing Spray, £5*  
This is a new setting spray from the brand which will be released in a few days so keep an eye on the TamBeauty website :)  
The mist is very fine with very subtle scent that dissipates quickly, doesn't leave my face dripping wet, even though I'm quite generous with my setting sprays. It takes away the powdery look after all the makeup is applied and it certainly makes it last a bit longer looking fresh. As for the illuminating properties I don't think it's that much different from the other Makeup Revolution fixing sprays, it adds a natural dewiness to the skin but I find this happens with any face mist. It doesn't feel hydrating on the skin but it hasn't dried out my skin neither and I've been using it almost daily for the last 2 weeks. It's a really good setting spray so there's no need to spend three times the price on some other brands, in my opinion.
Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting palette
One thing Makeup Revolution does really well it's highlighters, they're smooth and reflective without being shimmery or glittery. And the new Strobe Lighting Palette is not exception. The embossing on the powders is reminiscent of Laura Mercier highlighters but I've never tried or swatched them so I can't comment if these are 'dupes'. Nevertheless this palette of strobing powders is beautiful. From the rose gold, sturdy packaging with large, good quality mirror to the quality of the products inside. The consistency of all the powders is a bit on the drier side but they're not chalky and blend to the skin really well.
Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting palette swatches

Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting palette swatches
There are three shades in the palette:
- frosty white which has the most beautiful and unique golden-y lime shift to it, I tried very hard to capture it in the swatch but failed miserably,  
- golden beige with very subtle glow to it, it can be used all over the face to add luminosity to the skin, there's no visible shimmer in it, just beautiful sheen,
- pearly pink, my favourite out of the three, again quite subtle but it adds beautiful glow to the skin without being shimmery, it can be built up for more intensity. 
I love those kind of strobing/highlighting powders which add glow to my skin without being too obvious so this palette is right up my street. If you love Hourglass powders then I think you'd like these too.

Makeup Revolution Silicone Eye Set
I was very surprised to see this set as it's not something I was dreaming of being produced, classic makeup brushes do an excellent job. But I'm all about experimenting with makeup so if course I've given these applicators a go.
Unfortunately I didn't enjoy working with them and completely don't see how they can be better then makeup brushes. I applied my gel eye liner with one of them and it did a fine job but because the silicone doesn't soak up any product I had to dip it in the eyeliner pot multiple times before I could complete my wing. The only thing I can see the tiny silicone applicator good at is perfecting the wing and adding the inner corner  wing as it's very precise.
The larger silicone applicators were rather useless, to be honest, they did not applied my eyeshadow well and definitely didn't out-perform brushes. They may work better with cream products but I rarely use them on my eyes so for me they're just a gimmick not worth the money.
But if you have used these kind of silicone applicators and were happy with the results, please, let me know as it would be interesting to make them work.
Have you tried any new releases from Makeup Revolution?
*PR Sample



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