Monday, 13 February 2017

Sharing the blogging love

With Valentine's Day just around the corner I thought I will sprinkle a bit of love into the air with sharing some of my favourite blogs and Instagram accounts.
Blogging community is getting increasingly competitive with more and more bloggers turning their hobby into paid jobs so I think now it's even more important to support your favourite blogs/bloggers by spreading the word about them.


So next time you enjoy reading blogs through Bloglovin why not saving their latest posts on there or liking them?
This way they not only get a chance to be featured on the Beauty page but are also visible to wider audience as your followers can see what you've been saving/liking on their Bloglovin feed.
I always see an increased traffic and gain some followers when people save my posts which I'm very grateful for and appreciate the small gesture.
Did you get across great post on Twitter? Why not re-tweet the link so more people can see it?
Did you enjoy reading a great post? Why not leaving a meaningful comment? They make every blogger smile.
I know we're all busy with our personal lives but some of these things cost us absolutely nothing, takes seconds only, yet show the love and appreciation of the work bloggers put into their blogs.
Bloglovin and Instagram are definitely my favourite social platforms and the ones I'm most active at. I read blogs mostly through Bloglovin, I don't follow lots of them but those I do, are definitely the ones I can recommend to anyone loving beauty.
I will be sharing today 5 bloggers that I always look forward to their new posts and rarely miss them. There are definitely more blogs I love to read but didn't want to make this post super lengthy so that's just a beginning of this series :)

Anne has a fantastic knowledge of skincare and their ingredients and her reviews are always very detailed and supported by scientific researches. But don't dare to think they're boring! She has a great sense of humour which I thoroughly enjoy and there's always some little story in her posts that make me smile.
I also love her makeup series inspired by latest campaign ads where she tries to recreate makeup look with products she already owns, she always adds the final posing which is my favourite part and one Anne often likes to joke about.
Dorota at Beauty Drama Queen

Although I've not met Dorota in 'real life' I feel like we've been friends for years, we have a private chat group on Twitter and we chat to each other almost daily. She's a sweet, kind and very supportive lady who runs a great beauty blog where she talks in detail about skincare for women in their 30s, makeup from different price ranges and share beautiful makeup looks with step by step tutorials.
Jennifer at Barely There Beauty

I don't remember how and when exactly I discovered Jennifer's blog but I was instantly drawn by her stunning photography, her pictures are so dreamy I often just go through her blog to admire them. Apart from being a very talented blogging photographer she has a wide knowledge of skincare and her reviews are always very informative. She talks quite a lot about Korean products on her blog which I'm always excited to read about.
Leanne at LPage Beauty

Leanne is one of those bloggers that I can easily call my friends even though I've not met her apart from the online world. We chat almost daily and have lots of giggles during our Twitter conversations. She's your perfect beauty junkie who tries almost everything new on the beauty market and you can count on her honest reviews but also, be warned, she's just the biggest enabler. 
I always look forward to her posts and get excited by her new beauty discoveries.
Siobhán at Beautylymin

Siobhan has an enviable collection of luxurious skincare and she regularly shares very honest reviews on it. If you're looking to invest in high end products be sure to check out her blog to see what worked and didn't for her skin type. Apart from being an excellent beauty blogger she's a wonderful online friend, supportive, kind and funny and she shares my love for eyeshadow palettes :)

Instagram accounts
Apart from Bloglovin, Instagram is my second favourite social platform, I love creating images for my account but also enjoy looking at other people creative work which always inspire me to improve my images. I will be sharing with you 5 accounts of ladies who create beautiful photography and are my daily inspiration.  

Charlotte aka makeup_char_

Being a big makeup enthusiast I follow a few accounts of makeup artist or just talented people who create beautiful makeup looks without being too over done. I only recently discovered Charlotte's account but I have fallen in love with how talented she is, her makeup is always so beautifully done. She also has a YouTube channel and she sounds like a nice young lady. If you love being inspired by beautiful makeup looks you should definitely give her a follow.
Laura aka lauramillsmakeup

Another one of my latest discoveries is Laura's account, she takes absolutely dreamy, girly photos that I can scroll through for hours. Very inspiring account and she seems like a lovely person.
Lisa aka thebeauxdiaries

It doesn't matter how much I try I just can't take those minimalistic looking photos that are still absolutely beautiful and kind of busy without being too busy, if you know what I mean. If not, just scroll through Lisa's Instagram to fall in love with her images :)
Mika aka hellohimawarii

I'm really amazed how some people can just throw lots of skincare together, add some props and create an inspiring image. Mika's photos are beautifully executed, I can scroll through her feed for hours. But not only she takes very pretty images, she often adds lots of information on products in the pictures, almost like mini blog posts which is very interesting and engaging. And she's also a very sweet and kind young lady.
Sal aka ummbaby

I've been following Sal for quite a while and she's one of the loveliest people I 'met' through my blogging journey. She's sweet, kind and very funny, her InstaStories or image captions often make me giggle. She also create beautiful photos that are always inspiring.
So these is the first part of me sharing the blog and Instagram love series. I hope you'll find some new blogs and Instagram accounts to follow and you fall in love with them just like I did.
Happy Valentine's Day!



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