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My collection of Zoeva eyeshadow palettes with swatches, including the new Matte palette

I have documented my love for Zoeva eyeshadows very well on this blog with numerous reviews of their palettes. I've been also enjoying other products from the brand and genuinely think they bring out great quality makeup and makeup brushes at reasonable prices.
Since adding their latest Matte palette to my collection I thought it would be  a good idea to put together post showing you all of their smaller palettes (10-pans, I don't have the Spectrum, 15pans palettes) with swatches so it might be helpful for those of you who want to try Zoeva eyeshadows but don't know where to start.

Zoeva eyeshadow palettes

I consider Zoeva eyeshadows one of the best in my collection, alongside Makeup Geek, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced. They're very pigmented, finely milled, smooth and soft, they produce very little, if any, fallout and what's more important they're a dream to work with, they blend beautifully, don't get muddy on the eyes and last all day without fading or creasing.
Their matte eyeshadows are not chalky and fantastic quality.
Some palettes have one or two eyeshadows that might be  bit sheerer or swatch patchy but I've found them all to perform really well on the eyes since we're working with brushes and much smaller area.
I also think that the overall quality of Zoeva eyeshadows have been improving and the newer palettes are even better then the first ones.
I love the sleek, cardboard yet sturdy, packaging of Zoeva palettes and the fact that every palette has a theme going on which corresponds with the eyeshadows' names, the little things, you know? ;)
I won't be reviewing every single palette as we would be here till tomorrow but I will link any relevant reviews I did in the past and just shortly tell you my thoughts on each of them.
All the swatches are done without any base on my arm and are just a single swirl of my finger in the pan.
All the smaller Zoeva palettes are £18 in UK which is a really good price for such good quality eyeshadows and you can buy them online from Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty, Love Makeup or Selfridges. You can also order them directly from Zoeva website, they're based in Germany but they ship internationally and the shipping is only £2.50 and takes about a week for the parcel to be delivered.
The newest Zoeva eyeshadow palette which consists of 10 matte eyeshadows, mostly very warm toned with few cooler tones added to balance things out a bit. The quality as usual is amazing although the two darkest shades are not as intense as I wish they would be, they swatch quite sheerly but they're easily buildable. The lightest, white shade has the slightest sheen to it making it absolutely perfect as a highlighting shade. It's not as pigmented as I'm used to those light shades in Zoeva palettes so that was  a bit disappointing for me but it's still very usable regardless.
The other lighter shade is much more pigmented although you can hardly see it on my arm as it's almost the tone of my skin.
The rest of eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented and they blend like  a dream, even the brick red shade which is gorgeous and very unique in my extensive eyeshadow collection.
Zoeva Matte palette

Zoeva Matte palette swatches
One of the first Zoeva palettes and one of the first in my collection but I still keep reaching for it very often as it's the perfect everyday palette with neutral shades. You can easily create an eye look with only this palette since it has highlighting shades, lid shades, crease shades and some darker ones to line your lashes or deepen and eye look.

Zoeva Naturally Yours palette

Zoeva Naturally Yours palette swatches

My first Zoeva palette, definitely one with some fun colours but also some beautiful neutrals which make possible to create a complete eye look with just this palette.
The turquoise shade is quite unique and despite being matte it's fantastic quality.

Zoeva Love Is A Story palette

Zoeva Love Is A Story palette swatches
Another fun palette from Zoeva and one you need if you like playing with colourful eyeshadows, the vibrant blue, lilac, intensive white and the most beautiful peachy gold are what make this palette stand out for me.
Zoeva Retro Future palette

Zoeva Retro Future palette swatches

Great palette if you like to experiment with colourful eyeshadows, the red is metallic and intense and the sea blue has beautiful golden shift to it. I've not played a lot with this palette but it's only because I have way too many.

Zoeva Rodeo Belle palette

Zoeva Rodeo Belle palette swatches

The palette for all the dark, smouldering, sexy eye looks :) It consists of mostly matte eyeshadows which are amazing quality, they may not look like it in the single swatch but they're intense on the eyes.

Zoeva Smokey palette

Zoeva Smokey palette swatches

One of my favourite Zoeva palettes for sure because of all the beautiful rosy metallic shades which look stunning all over the lid. This palette has only 3 matte shades so I usually reach for something else to complete the eye look but you can still create one with only these eyeshadows.

Zoeva Rose Golden palette

Zoeva Rose Golden palette swatches

Another palette full of beautiful, unique metallic shades, like Platinum or Neo Brass which I've not seen anywhere else. They're intensely pigmented and look stunning on the eyes.

Zoeva Mixed Metals palette

Zoeva Mixed Metals palette swatches

This is the palette that made Zoeva well known as a brand. I feel like most beauty bloggers own and love this palette. And for a reason because it's a beautiful mix of gorgeous shades with amazing quality. They've also introduced here a foiled finish eyeshadow, Pure Ganache, which is absolutely stunning gold with highly reflective metallic finish.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette

Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette swatches

One of the coolest toned eyeshadow palette from Zoeva, full of greys, taupes and silvers. Not many people rate highly this palette but I still think it's a beautiful selection of shades for those of us who like to play with cool tones.

Zoeva En Taupe palette

Zoeva En Taupe palette swatches

One of the latest Zoeva palettes, full of warm, on trend, red toned shades. The quality is amazing and I am currently obsessed with this palette. Shade Liquid Centre is out of this world in terms of pigmentation and smoothness and it's the most beautiful copper.  

Zoeva Caramel Melange palette

Zoeva Caramel Melange palette swatches

One of the most unique palettes on the market with an incredible golden shades and beautiful neutrals. Even though it might look like a bold palette it's actually very versatile and wearable and I used it many times for a soft daytime looks.

Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette

Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette swatches
Phew, that was a lot of swatches, lol!
12 palettes, every one brings something unique, each of them offer selection of shades that will allow you to create a complete eye look if you didn't have other palettes. The quality is great and the price reasonable.
Now the question is, which one would you choose? :)
I, obviously, have all of them and if I had to get rid of all my other palettes I would be able to happily create endless eye looks for many years to come with only Zoeva palettes.
Are you a fan of Zoeva? Do you own any of their eyeshadow palettes?



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