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Getting the perfect base with Bourjois?

I remember really enjoying the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation a few years back and I had been tempted to try it again now that my skin has changed a lot, so when I saw the brand released improved formula of the old foundation I didn't hesitate to buy it. I decided to get the new matching concealer and also, finally, after debating for what seems like months, the Happy Light Matte Serum Primer which is not new to the market but I never got around to try it.
I've been testing all products for a few weeks and I'm ready to share my thoughts on them.
So, can you achieve the perfect base with Bourjois products?

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, Healthy Mix concealer, Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer

This primer comes in a sleek, glass bottle with a pump which looks more high end then drugstore but, in general, Bourjois have nice packaging of their products which are a tad on the more expensive side. There's only 15ml of products, so the value for money is not very good but if you're looking for a primer that helps to keep the shine at bay and smoothes out the skin without feeling heavy and greasy then this one is a good option.

The primer has a lightweight cream/gel texture which feels definitely more like a serum then a primer. It has pink tint to it which doesn't translate to the skin but, in my opinion, evens out the skin tone ever so slightly. It lightly blur imperfections, like enlarged pores and fine lines, but it's not a pore filling primer. It leaves a velvety finish to the skin. I've noticed that the foundation applies nicely over it and the primer helps to keep my skin matte for a bit longer and extends the wear time of the foundation.

It's not the best primer I've tried, if you have very oily skin I don't think this would be effective enough, but for those with normal/combination skin it's a nice alternative to all those heavy in silicon primers.

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, Healthy Mix concealer, Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, Healthy Mix concealer, Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer

The newly reformulated foundation comes in a square, glass bottle, as opposed to round one, with red cap and pump. There's 30 ml of product and 9 shades available from Light Vanilla to Caramel, which seems like a little improvement but very pale and dark complexions won't be able to get a matching shade. From what I've seen, this foundation range has quite strong yellow undertones which is great for me but won't be suitable for cooler skin tones. Although I didn't swatch every single shade so I might be mistaken (my local Boots never carries the whole range of shades, why??).

I picked shade 53 Light Beige which seemed like the perfect match for me and it would be if the foundation didn't oxidise. Be warned that the foundation gets darker up to one shade once applied to the skin. I still make it work with adding lighter concealer and powder but ideally I should get it in one shade lighter.

The foundation has quite liquidy consistency and blends beautifully into the skin providing light to medium coverage. You can build it up to higher coverage but, depending on your skin needs, it might be not enough to fully cover some imperfections. The foundation gives a beautiful satin finish to the skin which looks healthy and luminous without being shiny. It doesn't cling to dry skin or accentuate large pores but, in my case, it gathers slightly in my smile lines and wrinkle on my forehead so I have to be very careful to apply very minimal amount of foundation in those places. The foundation feels very comfortable, almost hydrating on the skin.

As far as the longevity goes that's where I'm disappointed with this foundation. After about 4 hours I need to blot my skin as it looks a bit too shiny in my T-Zone and at 6 hours mark it's half gone from my nose and chin. It's also easily transferable so if you touch your skin or blow your nose (glamorous, I know) you can be sure the foundation will rub off. It looks really good up to 8, 9 hours on the sides of my face so I'm assuming it would be great for those with normal to dry skin.

I've tried it with a few different primers and while some of them improved the longevity of the foundation, non of them managed to make it last well on my skin past the 6, 7 hour mark.
So as much as I love the finish of this foundation and how easily it blends I won't be reaching for it when I want my base to look good all day.

I believe the Healthy Mix range used to have a concealer in a tube but the brand also reformulated it and brought it back with a new, square packaging with doe foot applicator. There are only 3 shades available with Light being the lightest in the range and as you can see on my swatch is not very pale and quite yellow based. It works nicely brightening for me but it won't be good for paler complexions.
Apart from the shades issue I think this is a very nice concealer, it provides medium coverage, has quite fluid consistency, feels lightweight on the skin and it lasts all day without creasing or fading, note that I always set my concealer with powder which, I'm sure, helps with its longevity.
I'm in my late 30s and I have some fine lines under my eyes but this concealer doesn't accentuate them and it doesn't dry out the skin. If you have very dark under eye circles then this won't be probably enough on its own to cover them up. But it would pair nicely with under eye corrector for brightening effect, if you can get a matching shade that is.
I've been a fan of the Bourjois powder for a long time and have gone through a few of them already. It's a beautiful, super finely milled, silky powder that sets makeup in place, takes away the sine but without making my skin looking like a matte mask. It's undetectable on the skin and you can reapply it multiple times a day without it looking cakey.
If you have very oily skin then this won't be giving you the matte effect for too long but for any other skin types this is great setting powder.

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, Healthy Mix concealer, Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer, before and after photos
1 - my bare face with only some eye makeup on.
2 - after applying one layer of foundation.
3 - concealer applied under my eyes before setting it with powder.
4 - foundation and concealer set with powder and the rest of my makeup applied.
As you can see on the photos above, I can achieve quite beautifully looking skin with all these Bourjois base products. I just wish the foundation wouldn't oxidise as much as it does and it would last longer.
If your skin is more on the normal/dry side then I think you'd love the foundation and if you're looking for good face makeup at drugstore then the Healthy Mix range is definitely worth checking out if you can get matching shades.
Have you tried any of these products?



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