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Trialling... Time Bomb skincare

It's not a secret that I love trying new skincare products, finding new formulas that work best for my skin and seeing it looking its best thanks to great quality and effective ingredients. But it usually takes some time to be able to see the effects of skincare products, that's why my favourite ones are face masks/treatments as the results of using them are almost immediate and you can see if they work for your skin straightaway.
So when I was asked if I want to try some Time Bomb products I excitedly picked some face masks and started testing them out as soon as they were delivered.
Time Bomb is a fairly new brand on UK market but it's a division of Federici Brands, a privately held company with a 25 years legacy of delivering high quality products.
Time Bomb skincare

Time Bomb Instawow Sparkling Face Mask
Time Bomb Instawow Sparkling Face Mask
Let's start with the face mask that got me instantly excited once I read its claims.
Instawow Sparkling Facial Mask is a self-foaming, deep cleansing and energizing instant treatment. Effervescent actives go deep down to bubble up makeup, dirt, and debris, clarifying pores and leaving skin remarkably tighter. Energising citrus extracts boost and brighten skin’s inner luminosity while humectant-rich glycerine delivers instant nourishment and moisturisation. The results…an inner glow and outer gleam.
The face mask has a texture of a gel that spreads easily on the skin and once is massaged it starts bubbling on the skin. It feels very bizarre when the products is fizzing and it tickles my skin, but it's not an unpleasant experience, just different and kind of funny. The bubbles starts to dissipate and after about 5 minutes they're gone completely and it's time to rinse the mask off. There's a light, fresh scent to it but not strong enough to linger for long.
After the first time I used this face mask I was impressed how glowy my skin looked afterwards and every time I use the mask I'm always left with tighter looking and glowier skin. But I have not noticed that the mask is very effective at decongesting my pores. I use it only every 4, 5 days so maybe I'll try reaching for it more often to see if it will work better that way.
Also, even though Glycerine is the second ingredient on the list, I didn't notice the mask to be very hydrating, especially if left only for 5 minutes like the instruction says. I did left it longer one time and my skin felt more moisturised afterwards so maybe I'll stick to that method for the future.
It's a nice mask, very different from anything else I've tried but it left me wanting more, I wasn't as wowed as I was hoping for. So, for the price, it's hard for me to recommend it to everyone.
But if your budget allows you to experiment with many different products then I'd say you can definitely try it if you're after glowing skin.
Time Bomb Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel + Reveal
Time Bomb Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel + Reveal
Chemical exfoliators are some of my favourite skincare products because of how effective they are and how much they've improved my skin's appearance since I started using them a few years ago.
This at home peel set contains: 
Peel AHA Serum, formulated with an optimal, highly effective blend of glycolic, lactic, citric and malic acids, gently works its magic all night. It dissolves the “glue” which hold the top layer of dry, dead, dull skin cells on the surface of the skin, making the complexion look dull and uneven.
Reveal Dermabrasion Cream buffs away the loosened layer of skin, formulated with dermatological grade alumina oxide fine-edged micro crystals, it lifts up and mechanically exfoliates clinging surface debris and dead cells that have been loosened overnight by the AHA Serum. 
Just, as instructed I use these products once a week, I apply the AHA Serum in the evening, it has quite runny consistency and kind of fresh medical scent which dissipates quickly. It tingles my skin slightly for  a few seconds but it's expected from a product with higher concentration of AHAs. I leave it on its own overnight, it's not drying and it doesn't make my skin feel uncomfortable.
In the morning I cleanse my skin using the Dermabrasion Cream which is a mechanical exfoliator but it doesn't feel super harsh just very effective. But you must remember to gently massage it into the skin otherwise you can cause some irritation and damage to your skin.
I am loving this duo and am impressed with how effective it is. After using it my skin is always super smooth, soft and glowing. If you're looking for a salon experience at home, exfoliating products that use both chemical and mechanical methods then this set is perfect. It's been working very well on my skin, it doesn't irritate it nor dry it out. Highly recommend it!

Have you tried any Time Bomb products? Let me know if you're tempted by any of these two products.
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