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Affordable makeup brushes, my everyday essential eye and face brushes

I have done already this kind of post a few months ago (check it out here) but I've decided to do an updated version of it, especially that I have some new brushes which have become my favourite. Despite having lots of makeup brushes I usually reach for just a few of them on daily basis and, truthfully, they're enough to do a full face of makeup. Also they're all very affordable so whether you're just starting completing your makeup brushes collection or just need something extra, none of them will break the bank.

everyday essential eye and face brushes

I've been occasionally doing makeup on other people and what I've learnt is that an average woman doesn't have many, if any, makeup brushes but once she has her makeup done by makeup artist or someone like me who's a beauty enthusiast and junkie, she wants to update her makeup bag and get some essential and good quality makeup brushes. But rarely she wants to spend a fortune on expensive ones, especially if she's not an expert.
So, hopefully this post will be useful for those of you who needs some brushes and don't know where to start but also for those of you who wants to update your existing collection.

Face brushes

Affordable face makeup brushes

Beauty Blender, £16 (buy here), ever since trying this famous sponge a few years ago I can't imagine not having one because it's just the best for applying most of my foundations and concealer. It gives the most flawless results and it works especially well with heavier, full coverage foundations as it sheers them out slightly making them look more natural on the skin. I also like to apply my setting powder with it as it just helps to melt it into the skin.
It comes in different colours, I use the black one at the moment, and it lasts about 6 months or so. Absolutely a 'must have' for me.
But if you can't justify £16 for a makeup sponge then the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is a great alternative and costs much less (buy here).

So Eco makeup brushes

So Eco makeup brushes (buy here), I've been kindly sent these three brushes from a brand that is 100% eco-friendly, their brushes are made using bamboo brush handles from sustainable sources, re-cycled aluminium ferrules and taklon, cruelty free,  bristles. All sets are housed in 100% recyclable, sustainable and responsibly sourced cotton, any prints are done using planet friendly vegetable inks. Biodegradable and compostable windows are made from corn starch and sttuck using solvent free water based adhesives.
It can't get more eco-friendly then these brushes.
And on top of that they're great quality, very soft and handle is custom made for weight and a comfortable grip. And how pretty they are?!
Unfortunately I can't find the rose gold edition online but you should be able to find some in your local Tesco or Sainsbury's stores.

Blush Brush*, the largest one, is absolutely perfect to use with setting powder, bronzer or blush. I've been loving to apply my bronzer with it, it picks up the product well and blends into the skin flawlessly. I also apply my blush with it and it works equally well.

Stippling Brush*, although I prefer applying my foundation with Beauty Blender there are some formulations that look better on the skin when applied with a brush. I like this stippling brush to apply very liquid foundations with, I just stipple the products into the skin and I'm left with almost airbrushed effect. The bristles of this brush have the perfect length and density to work great with foundations.
Multitasking Brush*, the small one, is an absolute gem and just like the name suggests can be used for different things. It's perfect to apply foundation and concealer with it as it's dense enough to blend the product flawlessly into the skin but it also can be used to apply powder with it. I like to use it for setting my under eye concealer but also for contouring as its shape fits under the cheek bones perfectly.

Morphe blush brush

Morphe M501 Pro Pointed Blender Brush, £6.95 (buy here), this little fluffy brush is great at applying highlighter to the cheekbones but I also love to use it for sweeping away the excess of powder when setting my under eye concealer.

Morphe S13 Blush Brush, £8.95 (similar here), absolutely perfect blush brush, the slanted shape means it requires minimal effort to apply the blush or even bronzer perfectly to my cheeks. I can't find the exact model online but anything similar should work as fine.  

ebay powder brush

Large powder brush from eBay, £1.95 (buy here), this is an absolute bargain, it comes from China so it takes a few weeks for the delivery but it's absolutely worth it. It's incredibly soft, very big and fluffy and it applies powder beautifully.

ebay fan makeup brush

Large Fan Makeup Brush from eBay, £2.89 (buy here), another amazing eBay find, the seller I'm linking to is from UK so the delivery is speedy. This is a fantastic brush, very soft and well made and can be used for different many things: applying highlighter, lightly powdering the face, sweeping away excess powder after using 'baking' technique or even for contouring. I love to use it with my Hourglass finishing powders to lightly dust them across my face.

Eye brushes

Affordable eye makeup brushes
I have lots of eye brushes but the truth is that on everyday basis I use only 2, 3 to do my eye makeup but even if I wanted to create something more complex these brushes from this post are perfectly capable to cover even the most intriguing eye look.
Zoeva eye makeup brushes
From left: Zoeva 231, Morphe E28, Zoeva 227
Zoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease, £9 (buy here), one of my most used brushes for deepening the crease and outer corner, it's small enough to define the are well but still enough fluffy to blend everything seamlessly. It's also great at blending the lower lash line or even highlighting the inner corner.

Morphe E28 Elite Round Blender Brush, £6.50 (buy here), another 'must have' for me, the perfect brush to apply crease colour with, it blends eyeshadows like a dream and it has the perfect size and fluffiness.

Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer (buy here), this is quite a multitasking brush, you can apply lid colour with it as it's not as fluffy as the other two but you can also blend eyeshadow in the crease with it. Basically you can do a whole eye look with only one brush if you're pressed for time. I like to use it for those quick 'one eyeshadow look' makeup looks.  

Zoeva eye makeup brushes

Zoeva 232 Luxe Classic Shader, £9 (buy here), absolutely perfect to apply colour to your lid or even smoking out the lower lash line or highlighting the brow bone. Definitely a 'must have' for everyone.

Zoeva 232 Classic Shader, £9 (buy here), basically the same kind of brush but made with synthetic bristles which is perfect for applying cream or metallic eyeshadows. Usually I apply highly shimmery shades with my finger as it helps to colour to stay vibrant and very metallic but if I wanted to use a brush this would be the one.

Essential eye makeup brushes
From left: eBay brush, Zoeva 317, Morphe M506, Seventeen Lip Brush
Large Eye Blending Brush from eBay, set £3.98 (buy here), this large, fluffy yet dense brush is from a cheap set I bought ages ago but I still like to use it to set my concealer/primer on the lids with it. It's perfect to dust some powder or creamy eyeshadow over the lid to help the eyeshadows stay creaseless and blend better.

Zoeva 317 Wing Liner, £8 (buy here), the best wing liner brush, it's ultra thin and absolutely perfect for lining lashes with it. I like to line my lashes with dark eyeshadow everyday for some definition nad this brush does the job extremely well, it's also great at helping you to create a wing liner because of the shape and how thin and precise it is.

Morphe M506 Tapered Mini Blender Brush, £5.50 (buy here), this small blending brush is perfect for applying and blending out eyeshadow on the lower lid, it's very soft and nicely fluffy to do an effortless job.

Seventeen Lip Brush, £2.49 (buy here), last but not least is this fabulous lip brush which is fantastic at applying a lipstick as it's firm and small enough to do it precisely but it's still flexible so it's easy to manoeuver. You can also use it to apply inner corner highlight.
So these are all my everyday essential makeup brushes, I hope some of you found this post helpful.
How many makeup brushes do you use on everyday basis? What are your 'must haves'?

*PR Sample



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