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5 steps to thicker and longer looking lashes in seconds

If you're like me and weren't blessed with amazing lashes then chances are mascara is your 'must-have' makeup item and you're always looking for ways to make your lashes appear thicker and longer. Unless you go for lashes extensions or wear false lashes daily, making your natural lashes look thick and fluttery is not an easy task. But I have some tips for you which I've been following for some time and I'm much happier with how my lashes look on daily basis.
Products to thicker and longer looking lashes

I have very light, thin and quite short lashes which are almost invisible if I don't apply mascara so this is a makeup step I never skip, even if I want to go makeup free, I usually put some mascara on, otherwise I look like I have no lashes, LOL!
I've seen endless makeup tutorials on YouTube and these tips have been covered by many people so there's nothing new but it took me a long time to apply them to my lashes so I thought I will talk about them on my blog, together with showing you pictures of how much of a difference they make, and encourage you to try them if you haven't already.

5 steps to thicker and longer looking lashes
1. Line your lashes with black eyeshadow.
This is something I do every time I do my makeup and it makes such a difference! Can you see how much more defined my eye looks and lashes seem immediately thicker? Yes, I know, it's amazing!
I use Zoeva Wing Liner brush because it's very thin and precise, and good quality black eyeshadow, my favourite is Corrupt from Makeup Geek but any will do.
You want to line your lashes with a tiny bit of eyeshadow as close to their root as possible, I basically wriggle the brush inside my lashes, pressing it to the lid, then I flicked it lightly upwards, gently smoking the line so it's not very harsh.
2. Curl your lashes with lash curlers.
I can't believe it took me years to actually appreciate what lash curlers can do to our lashes!
I tried this before but I didn't see any difference so I gave up thinking my lashes are too stubborn. But it was actually fault of the lash curler, so bear in mind, not all of them will do a good job. I am currently using quite a cheap ones, by the Vintage Cosmetic Company (buy here) but they're actually work well on my lashes.
As you can see on the pic.2 curling my lashes make them appear longer and you can actually see them which is amazing. I always try to curl my lashes holding the lash curler as close to the lash root as possible without pinching my skin (by very careful!) for up to 10 seconds. Then I grab the lashes half way and curl for another few seconds.

5 steps to thicker and longer looking lashes
3. Apply lash primer.
This step is not something I do every day and it's not essential but it does help my lashes to look thicker and longer. Primer is essentially like a mascara but not as pigmented and it adds only a very thin layer of product defining the lashes and prepping them for proper mascara. I am currently using Estee Lauder Little Black Primer which I was lucky to win in Alina's blog giveaway (Beauty with Charm) but there is one from Benefit that I also had before and enjoyed using.
4. Line your upper water line with black eye pencil.
This is another step that makes all the difference!
You know when you apply your mascara, maybe even line your lashes with eye liner and there is still some skin peeking through the lashes which doesn't make them look as voluminous and thick as you'd like?
Yeah, that's why you should fill in those gaps with waterproof black eye liner. Can you see the massive difference on pic.4?
I've tried many eye pencils and they either smudge, transfer on my lower water line or disappear within minutes but Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil in Matte Black M-10 has been amazing, it really stays put but it's also soft enough to easily use it on such a delicate area. It's a  bit difficult to remove it but a good eye makeup remover should do the job.
I always try to wriggle in between my lashes so they look super dark at the roots make them appear thicker.

5 steps to thicker and longer looking lashes
5. Apply your favourite mascaras.
The last, final step, is the obvious one, apply your favourite mascara but not only that, apply at least two of them as no mascara is perfect and pairing them might make all the difference. Some mascaras add lots of volume but not enough length or get clumpy quickly, so why not apply one thin coat of it and then complement it with another one that does some other things very well.
My current favourite duo is the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara which is really good on its own but can get  a bit clumpy if I'm not careful so I follow it with another one of my favourites, the Benefit Roller Lash mascara which helps to lengthen my lashes and separates them.
I've been also loving the Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara as it does a bit of everything and never looks clumpy.

Best mascaras for thicker, longer lashes
I've been following all those steps almost every time I do my makeup, they take literally seconds but make a big difference to how my lashes and eyes look. I used to wear false lashes on special occasions or nights out but now, if I don't want to bother with them, I don't feel I have to as my lashes look good enough on their own.

If you want tips on how to apply false lashes check out my post :)

5 steps to thicker and longer looking lashes
Do you follow these steps in your eye makeup routine to achieve better looking lashes?



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