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Let's get intimate! In2Mate Complete Care range review and giveaway

Cheeky post to start the December with a bang? Why not?!
OK, so the title is rather misleading as I'm not exactly planning to get intimate with you all, LOL!, but will have a quick chat about our intimate beauty routine and introduce you to a new range of natural products created for that: In2Mate Complete Care* (£14.95) including Natural Wash, Moisturiser and Lubricant which you can also buy separately. We are used to talking openly about makeup, skincare or body care but not often we can read or hear someone talking about how they look after their intimate area. We, women, are very vulnerable in this matter, from monthly periods, sex, to child births, our vaginas (yes, I totally used the V word on my blog, LOL!) go through a lot so it should be only natural we look after them as much as for any other part of our body.

In2Mate Complete Care range

The vagina is a delicate area of the body that relies of a fine balance of two crucial factors: bacteria and acidity to remain healthy. Any interference with this delicate balance can result in the growth of bad bacteria that can lead to irritation and inflammation.
Many women’s daily habits can disturb the vagina’s production of good bacteria. These include: unprotected sex or rough sex, feminine hygiene sprays, perfumed or chemical washes or soaps used on the vaginal area, regular use of sanitary towels & tampons, non breathable and synthetic clothes and underwear, harsh fabric softener used for underwear, antibiotic treatments, stress, alcohol, birth control medication.

The vagina is more acidic than other areas of the skin to make it even more protected from bad bacteria. A healthy vagina has a pH of between 3.5 and 4. If the pH rises above 4.5 it can upset the delicate balance of the vagina and lead to infection. Blood from menstruation and sperm both have a pH above 7 and will push up the pH, which is why women can experience more vaginal health problems during their periods or when having regular sex.

Vaginal infections are usually caused either by too much bad bacteria or fungus. Many women simply don’t talk about their vaginal discomfort as they are too embarrassed. But there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Vaginal infections are an unfortunate but very common part of many women’s lives, I personally had them a few times and many of my close friends admitted to having them as well. Often they have nothing to do with inadequate vaginal hygiene and can be caused by hormonal disruptions, reactions to vaginal washing products, sexual intercourse, sport, stress or a number of other factors.
The key to reducing your risk of getting vaginal infections is to be aware of how common they are and take daily steps to avoid getting them.

How to prevent vaginal infections:
- keep soaps or perfumed products away from your vagina,
- steer clear of vaginal wipes as they literally ‘wipe’ out the vagina’s good bacteria, upsetting the natural balance and letting bad bacteria multiply,
- be careful when using lubricants as many for ‘sex play' are often flavoured or scented and are not healthy for the vagina.

Increase your vagina’s good bacteria and keep your vagina at a healthy pH by using products which help to build up the levels of good bacteria in the vagina and have the correct pH balance for vaginal skin, which should be no more than 4.5pH.

In2Mate Complete Care range

For many years I've been using special products for my intimate care and it just feels wrong to me to use a normal body shower gel or soap. Using the right products is the easiest way to help to keep the infections and irritations at bay. Having been through two child births and a handful of vaginal infections I think it's very important to try to maintain the intimate areas of my body as healthy as possible.

I've been sent In2Mate products which contain vital ingredients to help improve female intimate hygiene, rejuvenate vaginal skin and provide lubrication that is as close to the body’s natural lubricant as possible. They're very gentle, non perfumed and made in 98% of natural ingredients. I haven't experienced any irritation while using them. I love how conveniently small the bottles are, each contains 75ml of product, so they're easy to travel with or to have them in your handbag for any 'emergencies'. The pump applicator makes them very sanitary and easy to dispense the right amount of product.
SkinShop, official stockist of In2Mate range has kindly offer to give away one set to one of my readers, so enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter to be in a chance to win the In2Mate Complete Care set.
Rules of the giveaway:
- this giveaway is open only for UK residents,
- you must be over 16 years old to enter it or need a parent permission to provide your address should you win the giveaway,
- there are 3 mandatory entries, but you can enter the rest if you wish to get a bigger chance of winning the giveaway,
- there will be one winner who will get an In2Mate Complete Care set,
- the prize is provided by SkinShop and will be sent to the winner via RoyalMail by them, not me,
- the giveaway will run until midnight December 13th 2016,
- I will email the winner who will need to get back to me within 48 hrs or another winner will be chosen.

Good luck all!

*PR sample


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