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Zoeva Blanc Fusion and Caramel Melange palettes, review, swatches and comparison with Cocoa Blend and Naturally Yours palettes

It's been a long while since I bought a pre-made eyeshadow palette, in fact the last palette that I got myself and reviewed on the blog was the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, back in April. That's a bit shocking considering how much I love eyeshadow palettes and how obsessed I was with buying new ones until a few months ago. But I reached a point when I know I have enough makeup to last me a lifetime and I actually want to enjoy and use up what I have instead of constantly adding new products to my collection. It doesn't mean I don't buy makeup anymore I'm just more selective.
Zoeva is one of my favourite brands when it comes to eyeshadows, affordable yet great quality and I have many of their palettes, so as soon as I saw they're releasing two new ones I knew I will add them to my collection.

Zoeva Blanc Fusion and Caramel Melange palettes

Zoeva Blanc Fusion and Caramel Melange palettes

The new palettes come in a thin, sleek, cardboard yet sturdy, packaging, just like the other older palettes from the brand. There are 10 eyeshadows in each of them that have names, not like in the previous Spectrum palettes where the shades were only numbered. I ordered my palettes directly from Zoeva website where they cost £17.50 each (shipping from Germany to UK only £2.50) and they arrived beautifully packed together with those cute chocolates, but they're also available on BeautyBay for £18 each.
I really like the design of the palettes, they have the same pattern as the older palette Cocoa Blend (released a year ago) and follow the chocolate theme with the colours and the eyeshadow names.

Zoeva Blanc Fusion and Caramel Melange palettes

The quality of eyeshadows, as expected, is really good, they're very pigmented, velvety soft but they don't kick up lots of powder resulting in very minimal, if any, fallout. What I love the most about Zoeva eyeshadows is how beautifully they blend together and stay on the eyes without creasing. Usually I find many eyeshadows crease slightly on my eyes after about 5-6 hours if I don't use a proper eyeshadow primer but the Zoeva ones stay perfectly well up to 10 hours with only a bit of concealer underneath. Some cheaper metallic/shimmery eyeshadows tend to accentuate lines on my eyelids which is not very attractive but I don't have that problem with Zoeva eyeshadows which look very smooth, no matter what finish they are.

Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette

This palette contains 5 matte shades ranging from very light creamy beige, through different tones of medium brown to deep cool brown and 5 metallic/shimmery shades. It's a neutral palette, perfect for everyday and contains everything you may need to create a complete eye look as it has highlighting shades, crease shades and also some darker tones to deepen the crease or outer corner. The stand out shade is definitely Visions Of Gold which is like nothing else I have in my extensive eyeshadow collection, I'm yet to use it on my eyes but I'm looking forward to creating eye look with it.
The swatches were done without any base and are single swipes of a finger.

Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette swatches

Noble - white pearl duo-chrome with light gold sheen.
Single Origin - very light, cool toned gold with shimmery finish.
Visions Of Gold - bright yellow gold with satin finish.
Late Bloomer - beautiful orange gold/light copper with metallic/foiled finish.
Sweetness Lingers - light bronze with taupe undertones.

Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette swatches

Travel Inspired - creamy beige with matte finish, excellent pigmentation for such a light shade.
Joy In A Box - matte cool toned light brown.
Conched - medium brown with matte finish.
Question Of Taste - caramel brown with matte finish.
Last Bite - matte cool toned dark brown, it's nicely pigmented and definitely buildable but I wish it was more intense.

Zoeva Caramel Melange palette
This palette is my favourite out of the two and follows current makeup trends with very warm tones of eyeshadows, red-ish browns and oranges. It contains 6 matte shades, all beautifully pigmented, soft and easy to blend and 4 shimmery/metallic shades. I love that this palette has a matte highlighting shade which is always a must for me, a few transitional/crease shades, beautiful lid shades and dark eyeshadow to deepen or smoke out the eye look. My only little complaint would be that the three matte shades in the bottom row are a bit similar, especially when dusted in the crease, but if you build them up a bit then the difference in tones is more visible.
The swatches were done without any base and are single swipes of a finger.
Zoeva Caramel Melange palette swatches
Wax Paper - matte cream shade.
Universal Delight - beige with peachy undertones, matte finish.
Aftertaste - vibrant red orange, matte finish.
182'C - copper with shimmery finish (sorry for the wrong sign, it suppose to be 182 degrees Celsius but don't have one on my computer)
Liquid Center - rose gold/copper with foiled finish, absolutely stunning all over the lid.
Zoeva Caramel Melange palette swatches
Alchemy - salmon brown with matte finish, love it as my crease shade.
Start Soft - warm toned medium brown, matte finish.
Finish Sensual - milk chocolate brown, matte finish.
Almost Burnt - gold with metallic finish.
Edible Gem - deep matte aubergine with golden micro-glitter which doesn't translate much on the lid.
Seeing both of these palettes for the first time it may seem like they're very similar to older Zoeva palettes, Cocoa Blend and Naturally Yours, so I thought I will give you a quick comparison.
Blanc Fusion palette vs Naturally Yours palette
Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette vs Naturally Yours palette
Blanc Fusion is much warmer in tone then Naturally Yours palette and also has one more matte shade. Naturally Yours palette has more neutral tones and it's slightly more versatile as you can easily create very subtle daytime looks but also smokey evening ones.
Caramel Melange palette vs Cocoa Blend palette
Zoeva Caramel Melange palette vs Cocoa Blend palette
Although it seemed like the Cocoa Blend palette was a warm eyeshadows heaven it looks overall much cooler then the Caramel Melange. The new Zoeva palette has more matte shades but I think is less versatile as it's really focused on reddish, orange tones and not everyone might be eager to wear those tones on everyday basis. Nonetheless both palettes are beautiful and complement each other very well.
What do you think of the new palettes from Zoeva? Are you tempted to add them to your collection?


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