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Splurge or save? Too Faced Sweet Peach palette vs I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette

We all know that Makeup Revolution brings lots of cheaper alternatives to high end makeup. Most of their products are good quality, especially considering the price point, often comparable with the expensive offerings. So when they recently released Chocolate And Peaches palette by their sister brand I Heart Makeup, clearly "inspired" by the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette (review) I decided to buy it and compare them to each other for those of you who wonder how similar they are (check my post on Semi-Sweet palette vs Salted Caramel palette).
The Too Faced palette was very hyped when it was released in Spring 2016, it was limited edition but I've heard that the brand is bringing it back for Christmas this year.
So whether you're missed out on the Sweet Peach palette a few months ago or think about purchasing it when it's back in stock but not sure if you want to spend nearly £40 on it I have a much cheaper alternative for you.

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette vs I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette - £38, not available at the moment, it will be back in stock in December in Debenhams (UK readers, Sephora and Too Faced website for US).
I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches palette - £7.99, easily available on TamBeauty website or in Superdrug.


Too Faced Sweet Peach palette vs I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette vs I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette

When it comes to the outer box then Too Faced palette wins without a doubt as it's just so pretty, but it's not something that is really important unless you're like me and like to keep all the adorable boxes.
The actual packaging differs between palettes, I Heart Makeup continues with their half-melted
chocolate bar design and the Too Faced has cute embossed peaches and ombre effect, but both palettes have peachy colours. Also both palettes are sturdy with the 'dupe' being made of plastic and the 'original' is a metal tin, both of them have mirrors inside.

The Chocolate and Peaches palette comes with a  sponge applicator and plastic sheet with names of eyeshadows printed on it. Sweet Peach palette has names written on the actual palette and a little guide with a few ideas on different eye looks created with the palette.

Formula of eyeshadows

I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette

There are 18 eyeshadows in Too Faced palette, with great pigmentation and smooth, blend-able formula, not all of them are impressive but, in general, I love working with them and the shimmers look smooth on my, not so young anymore, eye lids.
I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches palette has 2 eyeshadows less then the Sweet Peach palette and they're not in exactly the same order. Most of them are well pigmented, the mattes, just like in any other I Heart Makeup or Makeup Revolution palette, are semi-matte, they're not chalky and easy to work with. I've noticed that their shimmer shades don't look very smooth on my lids hence I don't reach for their palettes as often anymore but if you have very smooth skin on your eyes and/or are younger then me then I'm sure you won't have that problem.
You can create almost identical eye looks using either palette but the I Heart Makeup one requires a bit more work as you need to build up the shades slightly more. Also they're a bit more difficult to blend but only in comparison with the Too Faced eyeshadows because I wouldn't consider them hard to blend at all, just the opposite, for the price they're excellent.

The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette smells of sweet peach candies while the I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches has a faint scent of chocolate but it's quite 'plastic-y' in my opinion.


All swatches were done without a primer  but every shade was swatched twice to get better intensity. On the left side are swatches from Too Faced palette, on the right corresponding ones from I Heart Makeup palette (I called them MUR for Makeup Revolution, sorry for the mistake).

I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette swatches
Too Faced White Peach is actually less pigmented then I Heart Makeup Delicious but it has very subtle sheen making it a really beautiful highlighting shade.
Luscious and Fruit are very similar although the first one looks more of a rose gold in person.
Soft is a very weak comparing it to Just Peachy, it needs to be built up quite a bit as it's not very pigmented.
I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette swatches
Too Faced Bless Her Heart is a beautiful olive green with soft golden metallic sheen, I Heart Makeup Choc is much more metallic. The other shades are very similar to each other.
I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette swatches
The biggest difference amongst these eyeshadows is between Nectar and Sweet which has pearly finish and is more of a white gold then yellow.
Candid Peach is more of a coral shade and Peach leans more towards pink.
I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette swatches
This is the row where there are shades that are missing in Chocolate and Peaches palette, but Peach Pit and Taste are very alike.
I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette swatches
Peaches 'N Cream is the perfect for me natural highlight as it's almost my skin tone, it has pink undertones while Satisfy is more on the beige side.
Georgia is a beautiful pale dusty peach shade that can be easily built up and Lush, unfortunately, isn't as pigmented and it's more pink then peachy.
Caramelized and Rich are equally beautiful.
I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette swatches
The two gorgeous matte shades, Puree and Summer yum, are exceptionally good, extremely pigmented, very soft and so easy to work with, Fine and Lucious are very nice too but not as highly pigmented and needs a bit more work on the eyes.
Talk Derby To Me is a poor eyeshadows with lots of fallout and while Nice is not the best either I think it preforms actually better then the Too Faced option.
Splurge or Save?
It's always hard for me to answer this kind of question with a simple answer because there are many factors to count in, like: what's your budget, are you a makeup collector, do you own many other palettes, what's your age?
If your budget allows you to splurge, then I'd say go for the Too Faced palette because the overall quality is just better, the eyeshadows are a bit easier to work with and look nicer on the eyes, at any age, in my opinion.
But if you can't afford the Sweet Peach palette, or you don't want to spend that much money on it, but still like the selection of shades, then the I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches palette is a great alternative. The eyeshadows are good quality and they work well on the eyes. And you certainly can create looks that would be almost the same as if you had the Too Faced palette.
So would you splurge or save in this case? What do you think of the Chocolate and Peaches palette?



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