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New lip products from Zoeva

Zoeva is one of my favourite brands when it comes to eyeshadows and makeup brushes and I was also impressed by some other makeup products I've tried from them but always thought they should expand their range. So when I saw they released three new lines of lip products I was all over them. I tried to be sensible and decided to get one of each to try the formulas before spending too much money at once.
Zoeva released new Luxe Matte Lipsticks, Pure Velour Lips and Pure Lacquer Lips lines, I picked a shade from each range, tested it out fully and want to share with you my thoughts on them.

New lip products from Zoeva

Zoeva Luxe Matte Lipstick in Futuro Red, £9.50

Zoeva Luxe Matte Lipstick in Futuro Red

Let's start with the pretty gun metal matte packaging with magnetic closure, elegant and it makes the impression of a high end lipstick. Although it looks like metal it's made of sturdy plastic.
The bullet is slightly different from your classic lipstick, slanted on the sides making the application of the lipstick easier as it fits the lips shape better.
The formula is amazing, very pigmented, it feels creamy but not overly so, it applies without dragging the skin, just glides across the lips with ease. The finish is semi-matte/satin making the lipstick very comfortable on the lips yet it still lasts a long time without the need of touch-ups. I wore this lipstick for almost 9 hours one day and re-applied it only once after having a dinner which was a hearty soup. The lipstick doesn't feather outside the lip line and it wears off evenly, it feels very lightweight on the lips and it doesn't dry them out. But it's not smudge proof and it transfer onto cups etc.
There are only 6 shades available at the moment but I like the formula so much I will be getting some more colours for sure, especially considering the purse friendly price of these lipsticks.
Shade Futuro Red is a rusty, orange-y red, perfect for Autumn, it complements warm tones on the eyes perfectly.

Zoeva Luxe Matte Lipstick in Futuro Red swatch

Zoeva Pure Velour Lips in Faint Of Heart, £9.75

Zoeva Pure Velour Lips in Faint Of Heart

Pure Velour Lips are liquid lipstick which dry to a matte finish. They come in a plastic, simple tube but what makes them different from others is the applicator. It's tapered from both sides making it a perfect shape to precisely apply the lipstick. It pulls out just the right amount of product for a single application.
The formula of this liquid lipstick reminds me the Nyx Soft Matte Creams in terms of being slightly mousse-like and with velvety texture. But it's way better in my opinion. The lipstick is very pigmented and it applies smoothly without getting patchy or un-even. It dries to fully matte finish in about a minute or so, so there's plenty of time to perfect the pout before it gets smudge proofed. The formula feels super lightweight on the lips and it's not drying. It doesn't emphasise dry skin or fine lines but if you apply a thicker coat it might gather in fine lines making the lips look not very attractive, so 'less is more' approach is definitely recommended. 
The lipstick lasts very well on the lips, even throughout eating and drinking, I had it on when eating BBQ ribs with chips and was sure that I will be left with no lipstick on afterwards but, to my surprise, it wore of very lightly. The formula is almost smudge free, once completely dry it transfer very minimally yet it's easy to remove with a simple cleanser.
Re-applying the lipstick is easy but it might start looking a bit dry if you apply too thick layer. Although the lipstick is not drying initially, after a few hours I felt my lips needing a bit of moisture but that seems to be a normal thing for me, even with the most comfortable matte lipsticks.
Faint Of Heart is a beautiful mauve pink shade, colour I'm always drawn to, great for everyday or to complement smokey eyes. There are total of 8 shades in the range.  

Zoeva Pure Velour Lips in Faint Of Heart swatch

Zoeva Pure Lacquer Lips in Crushed Bloom, £9.75

Zoeva Pure Lacquer Lips in Crushed Bloom

Pure Lacquer Lips are also liquid lipsticks but with glossy finish. The tube is exactly the same like Pure Velour Lips but the applicator is different. It's curved on one side and hugs the lips perfectly when applying the lipstick. I really like it and it's good enough for precisely lining the lips.
The formula of these lipsticks reminds me Too Faced Melted Lipstick but it's slightly thicker and creamier. It's super pigmented and the amount of product pulled out on the applicator is more then enough to fully cover the lips.
The lipstick feels very luxurious on the lips, hydrating and creamy and because of the glossy finish it gives a juicy, plumped effect to the lips. It doesn't feel sticky but it stays slightly tacky. It's not transfer proof and it smudges quite easily, it also requires a lip liner to avoid 'bleeding', especially with those darker colours. It lasts quite well on the lips though, for such a glossy and creamy lipstick, especially if you blot down the first layer and apply a second one on the top, a technique I usually use with any creamy lipsticks.
I really like the formula of this liquid lipsticks and will certainly get another shade but will stick to something more nude as it's easier to maintain it looking tidy with this kind of finish.
Crushed Bloom is a gorgeous deep rose with berry undertones, there are 8 shades in the range to choose from.

Zoeva Pure Lacquer Lips in Crushed Bloom swatch
I am quite impressed with all three lipsticks, with the Luxe Matte and Pure Velour Lips being my favourites. As I've tried only one shade from each range I can't comment of how consistent the quality is across but judging by other Zoeva products I think it should be.

Zoeva Pure Lacquer Lips in Crushed Bloom, Pure Velour Lips in Faint Of Heart, Luxe Matte Lipstick in Futuro Red, swatches

Have you tried new lipsticks from Zoeva? Which one is your favourite?



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