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Introducing new makeup products from Maison Jacynthe and Bourjois

Isn't trying out new products super exciting? There might be some gems which becomes my favourites or maybe they'll be some things totally unsuitable for me but the moment of trying something for the first time is definitely fun. I've been recently sent some natural makeup products by Canadian brand Maison Jacynthe and also got couple of new things from Bourjois so after playing with them for a few days I thought I would share with you my thoughts on them.

new makeup products from Maison Jacynthe and Bourjois

Maison Jacynthe is 100% natural skincare line, founded by Jacynthe Rene, an actress, producer and author of a few books and many articles on health, detox diet and natural beauty. Recently the brand extended their range by makeup products and I was kindly sent a few of them to try.

  new makeup products from Maison Jacynthe

new makeup products from Maison Jacynthe

Lipstick in shade 02 Bordeaux, CAD33 (about £20) - although marked as matte on the website this is a creamy lipstick with satin finish, it's super pigmented, applies smoothly and it feels almost hydrating on the lips. It doesn't feather outside the lip line and it lasts very well, for up to 4 hours, depending on how much I eat and drink in the meantime. It does transfer onto the glass etc. but the pigment is so strong that I need a full meal or burger-type of food to eat for the lipstick to partially disappear from my lips. It has a very subtle sweet scent which doesn't linger. Shade Bordeaux is a stunning terracotta red, absolutely perfect for this time of year. I also love the packaging, matte metal mixed with wood-like material. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this lipstick.

Bronzer in shade 01 Mattina, CAD32 (about £20) - beautiful neutral matte brown, perfect to add definition and a bit of colour to the face. The formula is excellent, super finely milled, silky soft and nicely pigmented. The bronzer blends easily and it lasted on my skin for about 10 hours without disappearing or getting patchy. The pan contains 16g of product which is a lot! It contains coffee extracts, Babassu and Shea-tree butters, apricot and avocado oils to help the skin stay hydrated. It comes as a refill pan which you can put in any kind of Z-palette or you can buy separately a beautiful wooden compact which the brand has on sale in three different sizes to match different products.

Blush in shade 01 Romeo, CAD26 (about £16) - when I first saw the shade I got scared a bit by it, LOL! But my fear didn't last too long as applying it with light hand it gave me a beautiful flush to the cheeks and I'm really loving it. It also makes a stunning crease shade for the eyes. Just like the bronzer, the formula is amazing, silky soft and easy to blend out. The shade Romeo is very pigmented so you need only a touch of your brush to have enough pigment for your cheeks. I wore it for a full 10 hours and it looked as pretty at the end of the day as it was freshly applied. It's also formulated with coffee extracts, corn, macadamia and apricot oils to keep the skin soft and hydrated.

If you're a natural makeup enthusiast then I think the Maison Jacynthe line has some gorgeous products to try. I just need to make you aware, if you live outside Canada, your order might be subject to international custom charges.

I finished recently two of my favourite concealers and my mascara is on its last leg so I needed to get some new products and while I was browsing the aisles of my local Boots I spotted some new products from Bourjois and decided to give them a go.

Bourjois blur the lines concealer and volume reveal mascara

Bourjois Blur The Lines concealer in Ivory, £7.99 - in a stick form, it comes in only 3 shades with Ivory being the lightest. It claims to conceal and correct dark circles, redness and blur any imperfections leaving a flawless looking complexion.

I was never a fan of stick concealers, especially under the eyes but the curiosity took better of me and I have to say that I like it. It's not the best concealer I've tried but it has nice creamy consistency yet it feels very lightweight on the skin and it's very easy to blend. The coverage is light to medium, I don't have really dark under eye circles so it's hard for me to say how well it would conceal more problematic areas. But it's definitely nicely brightening.

Now onto the blurring part, I don't think it works any better then other concealers in terms of blurring lines, I'd say the formula is prone to creasing so it actually accentuates any lines if not set with powder.

One thing worth noting is that if you have very dry skin under your eyes this concealer would accentuate that, I've been having quite dehydrated skin in the last few days, (too much wine and coffee, not enough water, LOL!) and the concealer definitely doesn't look as good as it does on days when my skin is plumper.

Bourjois Blur the lines concealer

Bourjois Blur the lines concealer, before and after photo

Bourjois Volume Reveal mascara, £9.99 - fancy looking triangular shaped tube with a small mirror on the side is not practical or useful for me but let's not focus on the least important :)
The mascara comes with plastic brush which I really like, the bristles catch and separate all the lashes beautifully but what I don't really see is the promised 3 x volume. Also the shade Blackest Black is as black as any other black mascara so I'm not sure what's really special about it.

But even though the mascara doesn't volumise my lashes as much as I hoped for I quite like the formula because it's not too dry or very wet that it clumps my lashes. It's easily buildable and I can quickly achieve the perfect everyday lashes without ending up with clumps or other issues. It also stays on my eyes all day without smudging, holds the curl well and it's super easy to remove, I usually use micellar water for that.

So if you're looking for a nice everyday mascara that it has the perfect formula to use it straight after buying it, without having to wait for it to dry out a bit, want your lashes nicely separated and defined, then the Volume Reveal is a good option.

Bourjois Volume Reveal mascara

Bourjois Volume Reveal mascara, before and after photo

In the picture below I'm wearing all the mentioned products. The lipstick looks really beautiful and it goes with the blush perfectly.
By the way this is kind of makeup you'll see me wearing on weekday basis, super simple eyes, perfected skin and the only thing that changes almost every day is the blush and lipstick :)

Makeup created with Maison Jacynthe products

Have you tried any of these products?



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