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Bodymonth - new body care subscription beauty box

Beauty market in UK is saturated with subscription beauty boxes, you can choose between those that surprise you with different samples every month or those that let you pick the ones you want from a selection. So when I was contacted by Kingsley Okafor, Bodymonth founder, with the question if I'm interested in trying their beauty box I was a bit hesitant as I'm, in general, not such a big fan of subscription boxes. But seeing as it's a box focused on body care, your daily essentials, promising full size products I decided it was worth a shot as it seemed different to what already is on the market.

Bodymonth - body care subscription beauty box

Bodymonth was created to save subscribers both time and money. With each month comes a new collection of the latest and most popular beauty and body care products, including items such as body-puffs, body wash, face wash, deodorants, shaver/hair removal creams, shampoos, electric face brushes and facial masks. Basically everything you need on daily basis.
I don't tend to splurge on body and hair care, I'm not fussy about them and usually buy them while grocery shopping so seeing well known brands included in the box was a good first impression.

For £20 a month you get 8-9 full size products, tailored to your preferences (you fill in a short questionnaire when signing up) and delivered straight to your door. So no more panicking in the morning that you forgot to buy new shower gel/shampoo/deodorant because you'll have a regular monthly supply of products that you use every day. There are also male and female options of the box so you can be sure you get what it's suitable for you.

Bodymonth - body care subscription beauty box

Bodymonth - body care subscription beauty box

My October Bodymonth box* included:

Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo with Argan & Camellia Oils, £2.79 which I really like as it's nicely nourishing and leaves my hair looking shiny.

I love... Minty Choc Chip Shower Gel, £2.99 which smells just delicious!

Original Source Sweet Apple And Vanilla Milk Shower Gel, £2.29, another beautifully smelling product, I love this range of shower gels as they all smell so nice and are hydrating.

Nivea Lotion for Normal Skin, £2,49, I really like Nivea body lotions and have been buying them for years so it was good to see this one on the box.

Nivea Cleansing Cream Face Wash, £3.59, while I love my cleansing balms and oils for the night time I usually use some gentle cleansing gels/creams in the morning so this is just perfect for me and I've been fan of Nivea skincare for years and the memory of round blue jar of thick Nivea cream has been with me since early childhood :)

Nivea Deodorant Pear & Beauty, £1.50, I usually reach for roll-on deodorants but also use sprays so this is just perfect to have in a handbag for any emergencies :)

Wilkinson Sword Disposable Razors, £3.99 - definitely an essential I buy regularly.

Washing puff, £1.50, no need to talk about it, everyone needs some sort of sponge/puff to wash their body and it needs to be changed frequently :)

7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel Off Face Mask, £1, face masks are always welcomed as I love trying new ones.

5-in1 Beauty Care Massager, £6.99 - this little device reminds me a bit of the Clarisonic-type of cleansing/exfoliating brushes but it's not as sophisticated yet super gentle. I've used it with my cleansing gel to cleanse and gently exfoliate my skin and I was left with a super clean skin without any irritations.

And lastly, the box contained some chocolates (always welcomed in this household) and perfume samples.  

Overall, Bodymonth, while not revolutionary, it's a good idea for a beauty box, in my opinion, especially for people who wants to save some money or are very busy and tend to forget to stock up on daily body care essentials.
I wish they would add at least one higher end product though, to keep the customer more excited about the box and make it a higher value for money.

If you're tempted to get your box use code BODYMONTH10 at the checkout for 10% off of your first box (not affiliate link).  

What do you think of this beauty box? Is it something you would sign up for?

*PR Sample



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