Monday, 19 September 2016

Metallic lips trend: Yay or Nay?

Isn't it fascinating how the trends in beauty world are changing? One year we absolutely adore wearing one thing, the next one we're embracing something else we never thought we would.
Over the last few years beauty enthusiasts became madly in love with matte lipsticks, every well respected brand brought them out within their ranges and when I finally jumped on the bandwagon and started enjoying them (always a bit late to the party, LOL!) it seems like the world is already getting crazy about metallic lips.
So this time I decided to attend the party while it's still fresh and hot and bought a few metallic lipsticks to try out the new trend.
And today I want to share with you my thoughts on them and if I'm sold on the new lip fashion.

metallic lipsticks

First of all, the metallic lipsticks trend reminds me of the colourful and crazy 80s when frosted lips were so popular but, of course, our current style is more sophisticated, lipsticks more refined, formulas much better, shades more interesting.

Second, metallic lips are definitely a statement. I'm not thinking of rocking one of my new metallic lipsticks on a Monday morning school run or to work but they're fun and great for a night out, meeting with friends, etc.

I've had a few lipsticks with metallic finish since last year when they weren't a big thing yet but recently I bought some more as I really wanted to experiment with them.
So if you fancy trying out the new trend or think of expanding your collection I have for you a few recommendations.

metallic lipsticks swatches

Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick in Always Chic

I've had this lipstick for a while and although I've not been wearing it a lot I really like it because the red shade is different from anything else in my collection, it has this subtle metallic sheen which looks very pretty on the lips. The longevity of this lipstick is about 3 hours and it definitely needs a lip liner as it feathers outside the lip line a bit but if you want to try the metallic lip trend without going all out then this is a good option.

Too Faced Melted Metallic Peony

Too Faced brought out the Melted Metallic Liquid Lipsticks more then a year ago and I got a couple of shades in the Holidays set. Melted Peony is a beautiful soft pink with subtle golden sheen, it looks pretty on its own but I prefer to apply it over a deeper lip liner like the Rimmel East End Snob for example. This lipstick doesn't dry matte but it still lasts about 4 hours even with light snacking and drinking and reapplication is very easy.

Milani Amore Mattalics Lip Crème in Matte About You

I wanted to try the metallic liquid lipsticks from Milani ever since I saw Tati (on YouTube) talking about them and saying how great they are. I wanted to get another shade, the red one, but confused the names and ended up ordering this bright neon coral, which is pretty but definitely a Summer shade. The formula dries matte and the lipstick is very long lasting but it does feel drying after a while and it looks a bit crumbly, also touching it up is not recommended as it doesn't look good when layering it up. This shade applies slightly patchy so I prefer to use an actual lip brush to do it as the applicator is too long in my opinion. Also the lipstick has a very sweet fake vanilla scent which actually bothers me a bit, fortunately doesn't linger for long.

Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in Man Eater

I recently ordered some products from ColourPop, as usual I used the package forwarding company MyMallBox as the shipping is a bit cheaper then ordering directly from ColourPop and the customer service is fantastic (I explained it in more details in this post).
I got couple of Ultra Metallic Lips which looked absolutely stunning on the website, they don't look as impressive on my lips though but I'm sure layering the colour up or applying it over a lip liner in similar shade would intensify the colour.
Anyway I absolutely love the formula of these lipsticks, they dry matte and are very long lasting but feel comfortable on the lips, they stay ever so slightly tacky but don't transfer much.
I also don't have any issues with touching up the lipstick, having said that I do prefer to apply a very thin layer instead of layering it up as it might start looking a bit crumbly.
Man Eater is a beautiful brown-ish nude with golden metallic sheen making it look almost like rose gold.

Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in Kween

Kween is a gorgeous rusty red with gold sparkles, a bit sheerer then what I was expecting looking at the swatch on the website but beautiful nonetheless. The same great formula as with Man Eater. I haven't experimented with this shade much yet but I can imagine looking it gorgeous applied over deep red or berry lip liner. I'm sure I will be rocking this lipstick a lot during the Holidays season.

Jouer Lip Crème in Snap Dragon

I wanted to try the liquid lipsticks from Jouer for a while now but as soon as I saw the Fall'16 collection I knew I had to get Snap Dragon, gorgeous metallic mauve-y purple. The formula dries completely matte, it doesn't transfer much once dry and it's very long lasting, even when eating and drinking, while feeling quite comfortable on the lips. My issue with this shade is that it applies a bit patchy, as you can see on my top lip, and when layering it up it starts looking a bit crumbly. So, once again, the best method of application is applying a thin layer with a lip brush which makes a better job then the wand.

Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Paint in Mary

This was a bit of an impulse buy as one day BeautyBay was running an offer on Coloured Raine lipsticks so, out of curiosity, I started looking at them and the shade Mary caught my attention, gorgeous burgundy with a subtle purple sheen, so off it went to basket.
The formula is thinner then any of the others but it applies easily and dries completely matte. It's transfer proof and very long lasting, it survives easily a full meal, of course any greasy food will remove it slightly but you need a proper cleansing session to remove this bad boy from your lips. And on top of that is not super drying and feels very lightweight on the lips.
My only issue with this is that I definitely need to apply it with lip brush as the thin formula and bold colour are not forgiving as you can clearly see on the wonky lips swatch, LOL!  

After trying out those few lipsticks I have to say that I'm won over and enjoy the metallic lips trend. It won't be my everyday lipstick choice for sure but I will have fun playing with them on weekends.

What do you think of metallic lips? Yay or nay?



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