Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Affordable stylish earrings from Happiness Boutique

I might not be the most fashionable person but even I know that great accessories can make a whole outfit look much better and even though on everyday basis you'll see me wearing only my wedding ring I like to make more effort on weekends or when going out. I've always loved wearing beautiful earrings so when I was offered to try something from Happiness Boutique collection I jumped straight to their earrings selection.
Happiness Boutique is a Berlin based jewellery brand, available online, with wide collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. All made of high quality materials, lead and nickel safe.
I've seen many of my favourite bloggers reviewing and loving their products so I was very excited to pick my pieces.

Happiness Boutique earrings

I spent a long time on the brand's website trying to choose my two pairs of earrings as there are so many to choose from, from very delicate to statement pieces, all beautiful and many of them very unique. At the end I settled on two pairs, one representing more of an evening glam and the other perfect for an everyday wear.

Can we, please, take a moment to appreciate how well packaged the earrings came?
I love all the little details, the sturdy little box with brand's logo, wrapping paper, little notes, everything look so pretty and it's clear that the brand cares well for their customers and puts lots of thought and heart in everything they do.

Happiness Boutique Pretty Marble Stud Earrings

Happiness Boutique Pretty Marble Stud Earrings

As soon as I saw these pretty marble stoned inspired studs I knew I need to get them. Half of the world got crazy about marble, me including, and although I'm not planning to re-decorate my house with marbled furniture I though the earrings were the perfect accessory for a daytime glam. They're subtle yet interesting and add nice touch to any outfit.
They're very well made of marble and sterling silver and are comfortable to wear.
I'm planning to order that marble ring as well :)

Happiness Boutique Angelic Feather Crystal Ear Crawlers

Happiness Boutique Angelic Feather Crystal Ear Crawlers

Happiness Boutique Angelic Feather Crystal Ear Crawlers

The second pair of earring I chose are these stunning crystal wings ear crawlers, very well made of zircon and white gold plated. They're definitely more of a statement accessory and make me feel immediately more glamorous.
My only issue with them is that the little hook which suppose to hold on to my upper ear lobe doesn't do the job that well and more often then not I end up with the earrings just hanging, which still look pretty but it's not what I was expecting. I wish there was kind of a clip securing the earring to the upper part of the ear.
Or maybe my ear is just weird and doesn't support the design, LOL! If you have any tips on how to make the ear crawler stay in the upper position on my ear, please, share in the comments. And yes, I tried to tighten the hook on my ear, it still doesn't do much.
Anyway, I love the earring so much and will wear them regardless if they hang off my ear.

Happiness Boutique offers free standard worldwide shipping which is fantastic and the package was with me in just over the week since the moment of placing the order.
The brand offers reward program which lets you earn points for every euro spent on your purchases, reviews you leave or even photos of you wearing their products which you share on your social media. Once you collect certain amount of points you're rewarded with some surprise gifts.

Happiness Boutique also kindly offered a 10% off code for purchases over 19Euros for all my readers until 7th October, just enter mummysbeautycorner at the checkout (not affiliated link).

Have you ordered from Happiness Boutique before? What do you think of the earrings I've chosen?

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